SCRIPTURE –                                                                                                                                                        January, 2008

This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.


Think about this for a moment.

Here you are, reading this message. I don't know what time of the day you are reading it, or even if you will continue to read beyond this point. That decision, rests entirely with you.

What was it that drew you to even pick this message up??

Was it the title?? Did someone give it to you, and suggest that you read it?? Maybe you saw it laying on the floor, or on a table, and you thought you would pick it up, and put it in the trash?? Maybe it was mailed to you.

Anyway, whatever the circumstance, you have it in your possession. What are you going to do now??

The title of this message, asks the question in the present tense, about what your intentions are, for the rest of the day?? Not tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, but now, this day.

The reason I ask you this, is simple. I want you to consider the subject scripture, and consider this.

Your having this message in your grasp, despite what you might reason in your mind, is actually by divine design. God set it up, that you would get this message, but left it up to you, whether you read it or not.

When I mention divine design, you might think that is all hogwash. But is it??

Everything we do, has some divine plan, behind it.

It has been a habit of mine, to tell people, when I get the chance to talk to them, that they are blessed, because, if they think about it, the mere fact that they are alive, means that God has some plan for their lives, that He wants them to fulfill. If He didn't, have any plans for them, then, they would not have awakened for the day.

Nothing that happens to us, happens, in a so-called vacuum. There is some divine purpose, that may not be visible, at the present, but God knows that if we continue down the path He has set for us, we will be better off for it.

For the unsaved, God wants you to get saved.

Time and again, God has given us opportunities to get saved, because the alternative is something that no one, in their right minds wants.

Yet time and again, we all found some excuse to put it off, if we ever gave it serious thought. And time and again, God saw fit to wake us up one more time, to give us the chance to get it right.

How many times have you rejected Christ's invitation to you. How many times have you threatened someone that was trying to witness to you, that you need to get saved, with physical harm??

What would you do, if you tried to help someone, and they kept rejecting you?? How long would you keep on offering your help. Would you continue to help someone that, for all intents and purposes, hated your guts??

Well God, knows that even though we don't consider ourselves, His enemies, that is just what our nature is. And as such, we deserve hell, for eternity.

But, God, keeps on giving us one more chance.

That, my friends, is the greatest blessing we could ever have. However, there is a time, when, your life will come to an end. Not to be one who enjoys putting fear in to your lives, but it is quite possible, this may be the last opportunity that God will give you, to get saved.

This could, quite conceivably, be your last day, on this earth. What are you going to do today??

To those of you that are saved??

You want to be pleasing in the eyes of God?? What are you going to do today??

Once again, God has seen fit, to wake you up today, for one reason, and that is, to draw the unsaved to Christ, and to lift up your Christian brothers, and sisters.

What type of example are you to those around you??

When they see you, do they see a person of faith, that lives their lives, according to that faith, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or do they see someone that lives their lives, according to what pleases those around them??

When you are around, other Christians, you talk about Christ and His blessings in your life. Then, when you are around, others, outside of the Christian faith, you revert to acting, and thinking like them, just so you can fit in.

God knows what you are doing, and He is not pleased with it. Yet, once again, He saw fit to wake you up, one more time. Why?? Because He has something He wants you to do. He wants you to get your act, together.

God doesn't waste His time doing anything. If He does something, it is because He wants to reap something. That's just the way it is. If God does something, you better believe, He has a purpose for it, otherwise, He wouldn't be doing it.

Therefore, if He saw fit to wake you up today, then, He has something for you to do. If He didn't have anything for you, to do, then, you wouldn't be here.

Now, what you do, is totally up to you. But, just as with the unsaved, you might be ignoring, what God might be urging you to do, but, at some time, the curtain will close, and your chances will be over. Then what??

You say you want to be pleasing in God's sight, then, what are you going to do today??

God says you can't serve two masters, [Mat 6:24] No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon, and that those that want to be a friend to the world, are His enemies. [Jas 4:4] Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

God has you here, to be a light, in a dark place (the world), but you aren't letting your light shine, you are hiding it under cover, so no one will be offended.

Notice the scripture above, in James. You see the words adulterer, and adulteresses?? What do those words mean?? They mean that a person that is married, is having sex with someone other than their spouse. Well, why would He use that term, when addressing us, being friends with the world??

It is because we, being married to Christ, are not satisfied being with Him, only, we have to go out and seek satisfaction, elsewhere. Yet, even in this, He woke you up for another day.

How long do you think He will allow you to continue straddling the fence??

With the way things are going today, you should be sounding the alarm that the end is near.

But, what are you doing?? Moaning, groaning and complaining about everything. 'This isn't right. That isn't right. Ohhhh, my back is bothering me. I hate my job. My boss is getting on my nerves. The government is a mess.' You are losing your mind, because of your circumstances. No one understands you.

Complain, complain, complain. Just like the world does. What does that say about the Christ you claim to be serving??

You should be rejoicing in everything you experience, because, at the least, you are here to experience it. That job you hate, may not be the one you want, but at least you have one. That boss you hate, may need to be saved, and God has you there, to lead him/her to Christ. The mess the government is in, is testimony of what happens, when man, puts his faith in an entity, that, only has faith, in itself. The fact that you are losing your mind, is because, you are letting all of the weapons of th enemy, get to you, because you don't have your amour on. No one understands you, because, you probably don't understand yourself. If you knew who you are in Christ, then you would know, the world would not understand you. You have no connection to it, at all. And if you try to connect with them, you lose your connection to God, and you are left, hanging.

So, what are you going to do today??

You have made it this far, 'Glory to God!!!' You have another opportunity to do something, to give Him the praise and glory, He deserves. He has invested in you for another day, make it worth His while.

If you are unsaved, get saved. If you are saved, go out and set the example, that there is 'righteousness, peace, and joy, in the Holy Ghost.'

Maybe my question should not be addressing the time span of a whole day.

The question should be, what are you going to do, 'right now???!!!'