The Big Lie of the Democratic Party

Who is Really Responsble for Our Economic Mess???

The whole argument by the Democratic party, centers around the economy, and who is responsible for it.

Everyone is saying, that the Bush tenure as president, especially as it pertains to the economy, has been a disaster.

With the war in Iraq, and Afghanistan, the cost of oil, causing record prices at the gas pump, the consistent loss of jobs, to countries overseas, and the collapse of several financial institutions, all are being blamed on George Bush.

The Democrats have convinced those that don't know any better, that since the Republicans had control [the majority] in the US House and Senate, then they are totally at fault for our situation, and that they, the Democrats, are our rescuers.

Now this, on the surface seems fine. However, there is one 'dirty little secret', that the Democrats hope most of you don't know, or never find out.

That secret could change the whole view of what the Democrats really stand for, and show them for what they are, and that is, a bunch of liars, that will destroy as many lives as necessary, to get what they want.

You see, we all know that they, are weak on national defense, and wouldn't stand half a chance of gaining the white house, and a majority in the house and senate, if that was the major concern of the people. What they had to do, is switch the priorities of the people. And the best way to do that, was to hit the people where it hurts most, and that is their pocketbooks.

As things began to get worse, they say, the Bush administration, did absolutely nothing, to help the people, especially the middle class, to keep them from suffering, what they are.

The fact is, it is the Democrats, that orchestrated this mess, just so they could get the focus of the people off of national security, and on to the economy.

What they did, was block any legislation that Bush, wanted to pass, that would turn the economy around, especially lowering the price of oil.

Here is how they did it, even though the Republicans had the majority.

In order for any legislation to become law, it has to go through the senate, after the house okay's it.

In the senate, in order for it to pass, it takes 60 votes, 3/5 of the senate for it to pass, and go to the president for his signature.

In the senate, even at the height of the Republican majority, which was 55 seats, nothing could pass, unless at least 5 Democrats, signed on to it [click here to check the seats of the Democrats and Republicans] , during the years Bush had the majority in the senate]. You should also note the numbers of Democrats during the Carter years. It was the worst economical mess this nation had suffered since the great depression. They had a filibuster proof majority back then.

What this means, is the Democrats, blocked any legislation that could be used to help the American people, all for the purpose of gaining an advantage, in this year's election. This also means that Barack Obama, was in on it, as well, seeing that he voted with his party 100% of the time. And since most people think that the Republican was the problem, they are ready to hand total power, over to the Democrats.

That means, if they get 60, or more seats in the Senate, there is nothing the Republicans can do, to stop them. Nothing. You will have the same problems, that occurred during the Carter years, or worse.

Another thing is, Joe Biden, was part of the Carter era, meaning he, was responsible for what happened to us back then, and now, he is vice president?? [This article is being written, on the day of the election].

What happened to the old line about, 'Those that don't learn from the mistakes of the past, are doomed to repeat them'?

It is also my contention, that this party, is using Obama, to get what they want, then, they will control him, and what he does, solely for their benefit. And if he doesn't go along with their plans, he just might not get re elected, if he survives his first term.

Not saying he is being deceptive, but,, there are questions about his birth certificate, concerning where he was born. A court case is pending, in the US Supreme Court, claiming that his birth certificate, is not really his, but his sister's. The plaintiff, a former Hillary Clinton supporter, claims that the Democratic National Committee, is covering up the fact that Obama, is not a natural born citizen of this country, which makes him ineligible to be president. His claim is, the birth certificate, was altered. The evidence is, you can see where one name has been erased, and Obama's name is put on top of it.

An investigation of this question, has been hampered, because Obama, has had the state of Hawaii, seal the document, so no one can see it, without a court order.

This is clear evidence of some type of deception, either from Obama, or, the Democratic party.

Can you really trust these people??

What an Obama Victory May Mean for Christians

With this election, this nation is looking at historic milestones.

First, we have a man, of African American descent, running for the office of President. This is something, that the entire African American community in this nation, thought that they would not live to see, in their generation.

This is truly a monumental achievement, make no mistake about it.

It is monumental, also, because the party he represents, is the very party, that, has a history of being pro-slavery, supporting segregation, and is the home of the likes of George Wallace, Bull Conner, just to name a few recent notables, that actively defied the Federal edict, that gave blacks the right to vote, and to have access to the public schools, in the south.

On the other side, we have a Vietnam veteran, John McCain, who was a prisoner of war [POW], for 5 years, and refused early release by his captors, because he would have to leave, his fellow POW's behind. He opted to stay with them, until all were released. During his captivity, he was tortured severely. If you watch how he walks, and waves, you can see the evidence of the broken arms, and back, that he received under them.

He also has a woman running mate, who is Governor of Alaska.

What makes both of them unique, is they both, being Republicans, have gained reputations of not going along with their party's agenda, when they felt something was wrong. They challenged the leadership, on issues, and when necessary, voted against them.

This is something that we need more of.

If you will notice, the ads, that Obama runs against McCain, say he [McCain] agrees with president Bush, and his policies, 91% of the time. If we look at Obama, he agrees with his party, and their policies, 100% of the time.

And it is this, stance by Obama, that Christians, really need to be concerned about, because the Democrats, stand to gain the type of power they have had, only once, in the past 40 years, and that was during the years of 1976-1980. And it was during those four years, that this party, enacted the legislation, unfettered, that began the downfall of the automobile industry, in this nation, and thus, the loss of over 1 million jobs.

During that time, the Democratic party, had total control over the federal government. Any legislation they wanted to pass, they had the numbers to pass it, with a president, Jimmy Carter, who willingly signed everything they sent to him. That legislation, is what is still being followed today, and is still costing more and more jobs, as well as costing people their homes.

Because of the economic condition of people today, many people are looking at both candidates, and are favoring Obama, over McCain, because the Democrats have made, what appears to be a good argument, that it is the Bush administration that is the cause of the problem, even though it isn't.

As a result, most people that are polled, including many Christians, are voting their pocketbooks, and going for Obama.

But, these Christians, are forgetting one thing. One very important thing, which could very well set the stage for the destruction of our way of life.

Lest we, as Christians forget, ultimately, God is in control of what happens to this nation. And He is not pleased with the direction this nation is taking, and it is not on the economic situation.

If we look at what is going on in this nation, we will see, this nation has slapped God in the face, over 55 million times, by means of abortion, which is supported by the Democrats, and Barack Obama.

God says homosexuality, is an abomination, Barack Obama, supports gay marriage, a mockery against the institution that is the foundation of human life, the family.

The Democratic party, including Obama, supports the doctrine of 'Separation of church [God], and state. This means, that recognition of God, and what He says is right and wrong, have no part in how our government works, and the laws we pass.

In fact, everything that God hates, the Democrats, including, Obama supports. Simply because he has never gone against his party. He supports them 100% of the time

You may say, you don't support those things, and that you are only supporting Obama, for the economic plan he has. Well, guess what. If you support him, for that reason only, you are supporting him, on all of them. Therefore, those Christians that support Obama, and the Democratic party, are actually going against God, all for the sake of their pocketbooks. That, my friends, is not a place you want to be, because you will pay a heavy price for it.

Our economic condition, may be, in fact I will say, is the direct result of our disobedience to God. It is God's punishment of this nation, for our stance on these issues. And what is our response??? We want to further strengthen these enemies of God, all for the sake of prosperity, that will not come, as long as we are as stiffnecked, as we are.

And, leading the way, are preachers, who, for the sake of popularity, prestige, and of course, more money in the collection plate, are selling out their people, to more misery from God. Even though they are some of the most educated men in the nation, they are truly the blind, leading the blind.

I have sat and listened to these fools, [Psa 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good], praise God, for Obama. And I am not talking about no name preachers, either. I am talking about the cream of the crop preachers, from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, on down. They get on all the talk shows, get questions from the news media, and are essentially in the spotlight, all the time, pontificating about what Obama will and won't do, when he gets in office. They either don't know, or don't care about what he has already done, and what God, really has to say about it, and what he, Obama, plans to do.

For the Christian, that has forgotten what God has to say, you may wake up one day, and find yourself wondering, why all the churches are closed, and the bibles taken away. Why there are no more religious broadcasts on the air.

Speaking of Jeremiah Wright, if you get a chance, listen to his sermon, about America being cursed. [Click here]. He says, we are cursed because of the several hundred thousand innocent lives lost in the Iraq war, and the nearly 1 million innocent lives lost, or ruined, because of our dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. So, lets say, for the sake of discussion, we advance the numbers to 3 million, total, in innocent lives ruined, or lost.

Now, lets look at the number 56 million innocent lives lost. That's more lives lost, than all the lives lost in all the wars this nation has been involved in. And what are these lives?? The lives of the 'TRULY INNOCENT', the unborn babies that were aborted in their mother's wombs. The ones the Democrats, Obama, and Rev. Wright, have no regard for.

What if Martin Luther King Jr. had been aborted?? What if Rosa Parks had been aborted? Where would we be?? Think about this. Some of these aborted babies, were appointed by God to discover cures for cancer, diabetes, MS, Parkinson's, HIV/AIDS and other diseases. You prayed to God for a cure, God sent the answer, but you aborted it.

These preachers, want to praise God, for a man like Obama, saying he is sent by God, but, when a man who openly professes his faith in Christ, like Bush did, during the 1999 Republican debates, these preachers attack him, and accuse him of mixing religion and politics.

What I am about to say now, may seem like the rantings of an idiot, but bear with me.

I believe God has shown me something about 9/11.

The terrorists that attacked us, did so because they thought Bush was weak, ignorant, and had no backbone. They thought he was a joke.

Now where did they get those ideas from?? Try the Democratic party, and their friends in the news media, during the 2000 presidential campaign. Thus, when Bush got elected, they figured they had an open door to attack us, and as a result, 3000 lives were lost.

God allowed them to do what they did because of the moral policies, or lack thereof this nation, implemented by the Democratic party and their supporters. That is the curse, God put on this nation.

Another thing that probably urged them to plan an attack on us, had to do with Bill Clinton, having sex in the white house, lying about it, then admitting it, and having preachers defending him, and calling those that wanted to impeach him, the devil, and racists. They were, in effect, proving themselves to be hypocrites. When it was a Republican, being accused of something, they called for their resignation. But if it was a Democrat, then they did everything they could, to squash any investigation.

This goes to show you, just what the Democratic party thinks about what is right. Anything they say is right, is right. And if you say it is wrong, even if it is from God's word, the bible, it is a matter of separation of church and state.