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SCRIPTURE 2Tim 4:3-4                                                                                                         OCTOBER , 2015

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. What shall we then say to these things?
If God be for us, who can be against us?

The message starting this month, has to do with something that today, is very prevalent in the world, this nation, and especially the black community, and that is, just where do we stand, when it comes to our relationship with God/Christ.

Historically, we [the black community]have been a people that have touted our love for God, through Jesus Christ. From as far back as the times of slavery, once the slaves received the message of the gospel, we have clung to the belief that Christ was the key to our salvation, and deliverance.

As time marched on back then, men and women were willing to endure anything, including the beatings and lynchings, with one clear vision in mind and that was, in the end, they would be with Jesus. That was the mindset of our ancestors back then.

But, things started to change when, certain of those that the black community looked to as being leaders, began to adopt ideas and philosophies that, from the offset didn't seem to be that adversarial to the gospel message.

One of the first was the idea that the gospel, as revealed in the bible, was geared up for the white man.

It is true that whites first presented the gospel to the slaves. True, the King James Version of the bible, was translated for King James [1604-1611], by or for the Church of England. There is no question about the fact that no blacks were present at that time, to my knowledge, to assist with the work, which is today known as the Authorized King James Version [AKJV] of the bible.

One of the ramifications of this idea, was the notion that the gospel, as presented in the bible, was geared to 'keep blacks in their place, by accepting their lot in life as being slaves.'

When reading the bible, one would get the idea that being a slave was one's lot in life, IF it wasn't for one small detail. Nowhere in the AKJV, is the word 'slave' ever mentioned. What you will find is the word 'servant.'

If you look at the descriptions, and scenarios in which this word is used, you could say it is describing what we call slavery, because the servant was usually owned by their master. However, in other instances, it could, and often does mean a helper, assistant or employee. Therefore, it is only in the sight of a very narrow minded person, to equate the word 'servant', solely with 'slave.'

As a result, some blacks started moving away from the teachings of the bible, as presented in the AKJV, and in this void, began to pick and choose which parts of the bible message were to be ignored, and which were to be enhanced, and adhered to. Along with this became, what is today known as 'the black church.'

About this time, seeing that some blacks were not content with having to rely on a 'white man's religion', they began to embrace the religion that was prevalent in the 'motherland' Africa, which was/is, Islam.

Just to be clear, this is not about saying any thing bad about Islam, but rather examining how we as a people, have gotten in the mess we are in today.

As I was saying, blacks wanted a 'religion' that they could identify with, to get away from the 'white man's religion.'

To further separate us from biblical teachings, came the notion that Jesus, was really black, and the white man, had been fooling us all this time by portraying Him as being white.

If one were to read the ten commandments in the AKJV, one of the first commands was to not make any image or likeness of any thing in the heaven, on the earth, or in the waters [Exo. 20:4-5]

If you consider this is part of the first commandment given, then that means it is the most important. And you can see why. We, through our disobedience to this commandment alone, have split the church along racial lines.

I wrote an article about this some time back called, Black Jesus, White Jesus, Who Cares!! The point of the message is, by entering in to this type of disobedience, we are making Him look like us, by giving others the idea that He is closer to us, than others, which is a flat out lie!!! www.wordofgodministry.net/gemct/AUG1994.HTM [CASE SENSITIVE]

But, another thing our actions have done is to give other groups of people the notion that if we can ignore parts of the AKJV that we find offensive, then they can do the same thing.

We have woman's groups who challenge the notion that they should be at home, depending if they are married, and being submissive or obedient to their own husbands. We must remember, no matter how distasteful it may seem to be, God designed the woman to be man's helper. That means she is to assist him. [Gen 2:18] That means, if she is married, she is to assist him, and not compete with him, or try to boss him around.

But, today's modern liberated woman wants to feel she is equal to a man, and therefore, she is her own person. That is good, until she gets married, then her position changes. That is if she entered in to marriage under the principles of AKJV family principles.

Today, a lot of people are getting married under the 'new rules' in which the old statement of being submissive [obey], has been removed, and the marriage is one of co-equality, meaning neither one is above the other. Even though men and women are equal in the sight of God, when they get married, the man takes on the role of the leader, while the woman takes on the role of his assistant [helper].

This is much the same thing as a person going to work, and having to submit themselves under the authority of their boss. As long as they are on the job, their boss has control over them. Once they leave the job, their boss, can't make them do anything. They are free to do whatever they feel like doing, and the boss can't say anything.

The result of this new form of marriage is seen with the rates of dysfunctional marriages, kids being confused and abused, wives being abused, and other calamities which, even though these things have happened in the past, the rates of them today have exploded over 200 percent. All because we have gotten away from the sound teachings of the AKJV.

You ladies should read the AKJV description of the model wife found in Proverbs 31. Present that to today's liberated woman, which is a misnomer because she is now bound to that which, in the end will destroy her, and she will have a fit. We must remember, Jesus said in one passage of scripture, no one can serve two masters. [Matt. 6:24] That essentially means you are going to have to serve one of two, God or the devil. If you are going by what you feel is right, you are serving the devil. And that means you hate God[Christ]. You can't have it both ways!!!

This is not a gray area, even though people try to make it out to be.

Then we have the gay community.

If we can ignore what the AKJV says that offends blacks, and women, then it stands to reason the gay community can do the same thing with what offends them.

Today, the gay community has adopted the notions that say, God made them the way they are, and as such, any one that calls their lifestyle an abomination, [Lev. 18:22, 20:13] is actually guilty of criticizing God. The other, quite logically says, since they were born that way, they can't change. They liken their plight to that of the black community, who were born black, and can't change.

This is one of those fables that the AKJV talks about. God calls their lifestyle an abomination, and they need to turn away from it, and they say, He made them to be what they are and there is no need/or way to change.

This issue is addressed in the article I wrote called, 'Born to be Gay' www.wordofgodministry.net/gemct/8OCT.HTM [CASE SENSITIVE]

Anyway, because we chose to pick and choose which scriptures to adhere to, and which to reject, we have set everyone else on a path of walking contrary to that which is Holy.

Recently, the US Supreme Court saw fit to tell us that gays have a constitutional right to marry, just like heterosexuals do. This court, made its decision based on faulty evidence. And what evidence is that?? Scientific proof!! Man's logic.

You see, when man is faced with a problem, he will set about to identify it, and figure out a way to fix it.

Now, to correctly solve a problem, you have to first consider every thing that could be related to that problem, before you can come up with the correct solution. Anything other than that, and what you will have is a solution, if you reach one, that is full of failures.

And what factors do scientists choose to leave out??? What the AKJV says.

Over 90 percent of the solutions science comes up with to solve the problems that face mankind, are based on the notion that there either is no God, or that God doesn't really care. Consequently, this is why their solutions seem to go good for awhile then they end up creating even bigger problems, and ultimately destroying us.

This by the way is explained in the AKJV 2Thess. 2:11-12

People, gay or straight want to believe God is Love, which He is. They want to believe God is Merciful, which He is. But what they don't want to accept is the fact that above all else, God is Just. And as a result of that, if He overlooks what we are doing today, which is much worse than what was going on when He flooded the earth, in the time of Noah, and destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, He would have to resurrect all the dead that died back then because of His judgment, and apologize to them. And friend, that is not going to happen.

In these days in which we are now living, God's Word, as recorded in the AKJV, is steadily being fulfilled step by step. The wars, the famines, the plagues, the abandonment of moral standards for what feels good, the poverty and hopelessness, and more, are clear signs that we are seeing the beginning of the end of the Church age.

That's right, the beginning of the end of the Church age. People are going around making fun of those of us that hold to the principles God has laid out for us, and making it seem that we are talking about the end of the world, when, long before that, the Church, those that are born again Spiritually, will be removed from this earthly realm, and then, you that are left will see just what hell is really like, because there will be no one to beat back the forces of the enemy.

I know all of this sounds far fetched to the common man, and even moreso to those with all that education that has netted you with those titles and degrees, which scoff at the notion that such a thing is actually going to take place.

It is funny that they can't believe that, but yet, they can come up with the theory of man-made global warming. This is another foray in to the realm of lunacy. For those of us that are over 60 years old, we can remember when we were told that the earth had several periods of time that were called an 'ice ages.' And all of them occurred millions of years before man was even put here.

For those of you that don't get it, think about it for a moment. In order for there to have been that many, each one had to come to an end, when the temperature of the earth warmed up enough to cause it to end. So, if the earth warmed up by itself before man got here, then why are we believing the notion that we are responsible for it, this time???

What we need to do, is begin to examine just exactly what we are doing, and what we are not doing, in relation to what the AKJV says.

Next month I will begin to get a little more in depth in to the problem most of us are having.