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Things that make you go,

This section, contains my audio observations of every day occurances in the news, and just plain happenings in this nation concerning our common sense approaches to the problems and issues we are facing.

People say, I sound like a Republican!!

Obama's Nobel Prize. What is it Worth??

Wild Animals Walking Our Streets!!

Both Sides of the Issue!!

Level Playing Field!!

It is not the Poor versus the Rich, but, the uneducated versus the Educated!!

Unemployment Rate Magically Drops!!

Sharpton!! Man of God, or False Preacher???

Is It Jobs or Race!! That is the Question!!!

Hostess Going Bankrupt!!!

Abraham, Martin, Malcom, and John!!!

Desparation Leads to Destruction!!!

Who is Running the Business?

Honey, and sugar draws flies!!!

We are Being Hoodwinked and Bamboozled!!!!

Nearly 50% of Detroit residents, classified as illiterate. Many with high school diplomas!!

What I think about the Christmas bombing attempt!!

About the ACLU and our response to Christmas bombing attempt

About tax incentives to get businesses to start in communities

Man made global warming. Is it a hoax???

Who measured the temperature of the earth centuries ago????

A simple question about where this nation is headed!!

Raising taxes on the rich and corporations hurts everyone!!

Simple road to success!!