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BIBLE STUDY CD' - PURSUIT OF PERFECTION Nobody's perfect!!! I've heard it, you've heard it. I have said it, you've said it. How many times have we uttered or heard this statement? How many times have we just accepted it as something that essentially is out of our reach?? Well, if you are a Christian, and you expect to get in to heaven, you had better realize this, God expects you to be just that, 'perfect!!' Remember, the bible says Christ is coming back for a church without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. That means He is coming back for a 'Perfect' bride. So, you had better start getting your act together, or be left here, when the time comes.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED Here is another belief that many Christians have, that is biblically inaccurate. The idea that a person can be saved, and never have to worry about being in a position where they may end up in hell, is, to say the least ludicrous. Here, once again, is a misinterpretation of scripture, or should I say, a lack of diligent study of scripture. Why, do we have things like smoke detectors?? To warn us of danger. By the same token, if the apostle Paul put forth a warning to the Church, then why would he do it, if there wasn't any danger.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - TRUE WORSHIP Many times, Christians engage in activities that are considered worship of God. We sing songs about Him, and to Him!! We go to church and raise our hands to Him, and Magnify His Name. We fall down on our faces before Him. We sing, shout and dance, before Him. We preach, or talk to others, about Him. The main service we go to church for, is the ‘Worship Service.’ Yet, in all of this, there is one element that is missing. And, as such, if it is missing, then, all of this other stuff, is totally in vain.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - YOUR TIME TO DIE When it’s your time, you will die. How many of us, have this belief? How many of us live our lives according to this mistaken belief?? Is it biblical?? Just exactly what is God’s part in who dies, and when?? Does He have a set time for us to die?? Can it be changed?? This lesson, looks in to this question, and reveals aspects of our own choices, that, if followed, could either lengthen, or shorten our time, in this life.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - OFFICE OF THE EVANGELIST Many times, I am asked why do I, as a minister, seem to be so negative about things. It seems, that, in the midst of bad news, I just seem to heap more misery on people by essentially telling them, that they are suffering because of the bad choices they make. Some would say, I am not showing the Love of Christ, the way God says I should. Well, this lesson, takes a look at just what the foundation, and duties of an evangelist are. Many so-called evangelists, have taken to exhorting people to feel good about themselves with a lot of prosperity, and victory messages, which I don’t have a problem with, as long as the remind their listeners, that these things can only be achieved through walking in righteousness. Any thing short of that, and the evangelist, is not doing his/her job

BIBLE STUDY CD' - GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME God is Good, all the time. And, all the time, God is Good!! For as long as I can remember, this phrase has
been used to describe just how Good, our God is. From the man in the pulpit, to the least in the congregation, whenever someone utters the phrase, 'God is Good', the response from the
listener is, 'all the time!' No truer words can be spoken. However, this description, is not quite the way I would feel comfortable describing Him, because, it leaves the door open for many
to believe, He is so Good, that He will overlook our sins, whether we repent, or not.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - POLITICAL CORRECTNESS = SPIRITUAL SUICIDE Jesus says, no man can serve two masters. This means, we, as Christians, are not to be, aligning ourselves with any entity outside of Christ. Doing so, puts us in the position of going against what Christ tells us. Now, while many of us would agree with that conclusion, I would dare say that over 60% of the Christian community in this nation, and, over 90% of the black community, unknowingly, do exactly that. Do you realize what the consequences of defying Christ’s teaching on this crucial element of life as a Christian are?? This lesson gives us insight, on just what we are doing wrong, and what the result will quite possibly be.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!! Many people tend to believe that the death penalty is vengeance, unfair, immoral, and that it really is not a deterrent to crime. The facts are, all of these notions are totally false. Did you know God is the one who instituted it, and that he gave us an outline on who it should be applied to, and what circumstances had to be considered?? Did you also know, that Christians should not be trying to protest executions of those that are unmistakingly guilty?? We are going to look in to this subject, and see just what God has to say about it.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - SEEING THINGS THROUGH GOD'S EYES!! As Christians, how are we to look at life, and its problems? What are the acceptable views, on how to deal with the variety of circumstances that we find ourselves in?? What role does common sense, and compromise, play in finding solutions to these situations?? Believe it or not, using common sense, and compromise will only serve to make things worse, because they are based on faulty assumptions, half truths, and outright lies. I have said it before, and the apostle Paul says it, and that is, the more educated a person is, the more dangerous they are, to themselves and others.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - IN ORDER TO GAIN, YOU MUST BE WILLING TO LOSE!! What if you had the opportunity to stand before Christ, and ask him, what you could do to help further the cause of righteousness in this nation?? And, what if He told you, that the best thing you could do, was eliminate something that is at the top of the list, of things that the Father hates?? Would you do it?? What if, when you announced it to family, and friends, you were met with ridicule and scorn, would you still proceed?? Believe it or not, many Christians today, count the cost, before they commit to following God's direction for their lives, and if they figure it is too high, they will not do it, and neither will they support someone who is doing it. They may even attack them.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - THE BLACK COMMUNITY IS 'CURSED' I know what you are thinking, and, you are right. There I said it. This lesson, is one of the most controversial, that I have ever produced. However, despite how you feel about it, it is, the Truth, according to the Word of God. Everything, that this nation, and especially the black community is suffering, loss of jobs, crime, failure of the economy, loss of life, through wars, and disease, and all the other negatives, are the direct result of this nation's ongoing 'WAR' against God. And leading that 'WAR', is the black community.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - THE VOTING CHRISTIAN!!! What is this lesson about, you might ask. It is about the actions of Christians, as pertaining to, how they vote, in selecting politicians, to lead their cities, counties, states, and especially, this nation. If a Christian is going to vote, which, they should, I say this, unapologetically, THEY SHOULD NOT BE SUPPORTING, OR BE A CANDIDATE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, PERIOD. Why?? The answer is contained, in this lesson.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - ABORTION!!! Abortion!!! What is it really?? Is what is being aborted, human, or is it something else?? How does God figure in to it??? In this lesson, we are going to explore the entire issue from the standpoint of how God really sees it. When we get through, if you have ears to hear, you will be shocked to know how this act is responsible for far more devastation in our society, than you ever thought.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - A CONFUSING SOUND!!! In St. John 17: 21, during His prayer for His disciples, Jesus asks the Father, keep them as one, even as He, and the Father are One. This prayer reveals a key characteristic, that is at the very core, of the mission of the Church, and that is, we have to be completely led by, and in tune with the Father. People should see no difference in how we act, and the things we say. Yet, if we look at all the different denominations, and hear all of the different points of view, on the scriptures, it is enough for any person to throw up their hands and say, there is enough confusion in their lives already, without adding the mess that the church brings. This should not be

BIBLE STUDY CD' - A PERSONAL RALATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST!!! What does it mean, when someone says they have, or you need to have, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?? People tend to think, because they are saved, and are God’s children, that they already have that type of relationship. However, if one would look at just what is meant by a ‘personal relationship’ then, I would dare say, most fall in to the category of having an acquaintance with Him, and not the type of relationship they need to have, in order to receive the full benefits that are available to those that do, have that personal relationship. This lesson looks at the keys to this type of relationship. And then, it is up to you to examine yourself, to see just where you are, in your walk with Christ

BIBLE STUDY CD' - THE CURSE AND REDEMPTION!!!! Sickness, disease infirmities, death, divine health, and long life, where did they come from, and is there anything the individual is responsible for?? Is man responsible for his condition?? Can man change his condition?? What about doctors?? Why did God give us doctors. Can a person go through life and never be sick?? If a person can never be sick, how can they die? All of this, and more, are examined, in this lesson.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - ARE YOU FULLY PERSUADED??? What does it mean, when a person says that they are fully persuaded about something?? How do they get that way?? Usually it is through experience. Experience in what?? Life!! However, life experiences tell us that nothing, can be counted on, to the point that it is a sure thing, because, just about the time you feel you can trust someone, or thing, you are let down. But, there is One, whose promises you can, as they say, 'take to the bank!' We are going to look at a man, that was so persuaded by God, and his promise, that, went to the extreme of showing us, just how persuaded he was in God's promise.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - THE CHURCH IS MESSED UP!!! Why is the world in the mess it is in?? Jesus Christ, put the Church here on earth, to be the entity, to lead the way out of the bondage that it is in. However, it appears that what is happening, is just the opposite. It appears that to the contrary, the Church appears to be nothing more than another group of people that have nothing more than a conversation, that is based on ‘pipe dreams.’ The earth is going to hell, in a hand basket, and the Church is not only powerless against the storm of evil, that is spreading all over the place, but, is actually changing, in to another form of that same evil, that it was supposed to tear down. What is this!!!???

BIBLE STUDY CD' - WHERE'S THE BEEF???!!! The lesson on this CD, takes a look at the Church, and its ability to prove why Christianity is the best choice for all of us, to follow. Decades ago, there was a commercial by Burger King, featured an old lady, ordering a hamburger from a competitor, of BK. When she got it, she opened it up, and saw all the fixings, but, she didn't see, what makes a hamberger, a hamburger, and that was, the meat. In like manner, when many examine the Church today, the question asked, is, Where is the Power??

BIBLE STUDY CD' - I AM OFF OF THE PLANTATION!!! What does it mean, when you read, Rom 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God, mean? It means that whomever has made Christ, the Lord of their lives, needs to begin the process of disassociating themselves from acting and thinking, like those that don’t know Him. In many instances, that change will be looked on, as your turning against, family, friends, and community. As in my case, I have gotten off of, and away from the ‘plantation’, mentality, so to speak of the black community, and in to the Christ mentality. And people aren't happy about it. So, what else is new?? This lesson explores that issue.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - DEFINITION OF A FOOL!!! The definition of insanity, is when you keep doing the same thing, over and over again, and expect to get a different result. According to those that are, street wise, this saying is what is used to describe a condition, known as insanity. Another term that can be used, is a person with this type of mentality, is a fool. Well, on the biblical side, a fool, is defined as, a person that totally believes there is no God. The proof is in the evidence. We keep passing laws, and electing politicians, and leaders, that continually defy God, on every hand, and, when we suffer for it, as we are, our response is to continue passing laws, and electing politicians and leaders, that increase defying God. Now, that is a stone fool??

BIBLE STUDY CD' - THE POWER OF "IF" - Rom 8:31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? 2Chr 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Isa 1:19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: Isa 1:20 But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it. What do these 3 passages of scripture have in common?? The word, “IF!!”

BIBLE STUDY CD' - SOME PEOPLE CALL ME A 'HATER'!!! Over the past few decades, as I present messages from the word of god, I have been confronted by a lot of people, from all walks of life, that tend to believe that my stance on certain issues, show a complete lack of what Christ, presented when He was here, and that is compassion. Among some of the names that I have been called, is, HATER!! I have been told that I am essentially, among other things, antichrist, because I am going against the commandment of Christ, that I love my neighbor, as I love myself. Well, in this lesson, I am going to address this issue, of just exactly what love, TRUE LOVE, really is, not as defined by man, but, as defined by God, through Christ.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - THE CHRISTIAN JUDGE!!!How many times have you heard this, in response to someone informing a person, about the way they are living their lives, or the decisions they make, 'You know the bible says, you are not supposed to be judging' or 'He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone', or something along that line?? Have you ever been called for jury duty, and either stated, or heard someone else state that, 'I can't sit on a jury because of my religious beliefs!!??' Those beliefs being, that sitting on a jury, is judging, and Christians should not take part in this. What does the bible, God, and Christ have to say about this?? You would be surprised. Take a listen.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - NO CHRISTIAN SHOULD..'' In this lesson, we are going to examine something that most Christians do not know that much about, and that is, given the condition of today’s society, and what is acceptable behavior, just what part does the Christian play, in the overall scheme of things?? For far too long, Christians have been blindly following, the idea, that, it is acceptable, and even Christ like, to go along with certain ways of thinking, to get along. This lesson will focus on some of the biggest mistakes, they have been making, that are leading them to destruction.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - MY FRIEND, GOD IS CONCERNED ABOUT YOU!!..'' In this lesson, we are going to examine something that most people, and even Christians think, and that is, with over 6 billion people on the face of this earth, and all the wars, disasters and other problems that are facing people, does God really have the time to deal with me, and my miniscule problems?? Does He even care??? This lesson will answer that question for you!

BIBLE STUDY CD' - PREACHERS NEED TO STAND UP, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! The job of preachers, is to educate the people, as to why we are suffering, and what we need to be doing, to fix it. But, the vast majority of them, fail to do that, because of purely selfish reasons, like popularity, power, and money. In other words, they have sold the people out, for their own reputations, and well being. This lesson, reveals why, we need to reject them, and seek, preachers, who are willing to tell us the Truth, and not what we want to hear.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT ________ !!! This lesson takes a look at a few of the many subjects, that are rarely spoken of in many churches. Yet, these same subjects, play a major role in our Christian experience, and could very well shape the very course of your life, on earth, as well as eternity. I am talking about communion, preachers, abortion, homosexuality, affirmative action, and separation of church and state. Most people don't know much about communion, other than what it represents. But, there is a warning that is attached to it, that I would dare say most Christians are completely unaware of, and as a result, they are putting their lives in danger.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE!!!One of the biggest problems we have in this nation, and the world for that matter, is a lack of knowledge of God. Leading the way in that lack of knowledge is the Church. And the reason I say this, is because the Church, as a whole, in spite of what many believe, doesn?t really know God. What they have is an opinion about how they believe He is. This is not enough. The key to knowing God, is studying the bible. And for the individual Christian, that means studying it on a personal level. Even though bible study and Sunday School at your church, is good, God want you to know Him personally, not as your particular denomination or group presents Him to you. 2Tim 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

BIBLE STUDY CD' - THE TRUTH, IS THE TRUTH!!!Many centuries ago, man believed, that the world was flat. Many centuries ago, people that were mentally ill, or that did strange things, were considered witches, and were burned at the stake, or drowned. This also went for people that were afflicted with certain diseases. Many centuries ago, certain men, believed that certain other men, were not men, but animals. Many centuries ago, man believed that the sun revolved around the earth. What all of these, and many other things have in common is that, at one time, they were accepted as truth. And mankind adjusted his life in accordance to those beliefs. Of course, as time went on, we found out what the real truth is, concerning these issues. The point is, much of what we accept today, as being truth, may, one day be proven to be a half truth, or outright lie. Out of everything that we consider as truth, there is only one thing, that will always stand the test of time as being the Truth, and that is the Word of God, Jesus Christ!!

BIBLE STUDY CD' - ELIJAH v PROPHETS OF BAAL!!!This is the classic case of Good versus evil, when it is outnumbered 450 to 1. The scene is at the culmination of a period of time when the children of Israel have been suffering through years of drought, sickness, disease and other events that were literally destroying them. In the midst of all this misery, a confrontation has developed to a point where it is time to affix blame as to who is responsible for the condition they find themselves in. On one side, you have a group of 450 prophets of Baal telling the people to follow them. On the other side, the Lord's side, there is only 1 man, telling the people to follow the Lord. The people don't know which way to go. It is time for someone to put up, or shut up. Either God, is God, or Baal is.