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SCRIPTURE - MATT. 6 :24                                                              FEBRUARY, 2001

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other, Ye cannot serve God and mammon.


RELIGION is defined in the dictionary as a belief system which a person, or persons, adapt their lifestyle after. That means that they, literally become the personification of that belief.

In the case of the Christian, who bases their belief on Jesus Christ, and what the bible says they should be doing, they take on the persona of Christ. Everything they do, is patterned after Him, and His teachings.

Since Christ is the object of our worship, He, is our leader, and Master, which translates in to our being His servants.

All religions, have, as their basic foundation, the worship of some one, or thing. You have heard that imitation, is the sincerest form of flattery. Imitation, is really worship.

In our subject scripture, Jesus is putting forth a truth, that is profound, and that is, since imitation is flattery, and flattery, worship, and worship, usually means placing yourself in the position of a servant, then you can't be a servant to more than one master at a time.

According to the definition, there are literally thousands, or maybe millions of things in the world, that people do, that can be classified as a religion.

Religion does not have to have a supernatural being at its core, to be called as such. The focus of a particular religion could be another person. It could be a fixed object. It could be a philosophy, or any other thing. All it really requires, is that a person subjects themselves to it.

One dictionary, gave as an example of a religion, racism.

Racism, is a philosophy, that is held in high regard by racists. The racist, adapts themselves, to that type of lifestyle. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they follow every characteristic that defines racism, to a 'T.' They walk it. They talk it. They breathe it. If you engage one of them in a conversation, or watch what they do in certain circumstances, you can easily identify them. And the thing is, they want to be identified as that. It, could be said, that, that is a compliment.

Another form of religion, is one, where the person, adapts themselves to being punctual on the job, or wherever they go. They are always known as being time conscious. Everyday, you can set your clock by the time Mr. Smith leaves the house. If Mr. Smith doesn't leave the house at a certain time, then something is wrong, and you need to call the police, or a doctor. Others have a religion of having a clean house, or car. One little speck, and they are ready for a total cleaning from top to bottom.

So, you can see, religion covers a lot of different things.

One day, a couple of months back, I was talking with a young lady about a problem she had with one of the tracts that I had put out, in the work place, dealing with the election '2000.'

She was a little upset with me, and in her, sort of scolding me, she said that I should not be mixing religion and politics. She felt that was a taboo. It just wasn't done. In fact, in a lot of instances, people, when faced with being told that something is wrong, based on a biblical point, will argue that we have laws in this country, that proclaim there is a separation of church (God, Christ), and state. The two, they say, don't mix.

Well, after that, God revealed something to me, I saw that people were, in effect, making a religion out of politics, and they were right about one thing. Two religions don't mix.

It is said, if you want to get someone really angry, mess with their religion, and you have a tiger by the tail.

Politics, has become the most prevalent, yet, undefined religion that there is. In my opinion. All sorts of people have gotten so involved in political affiliations, that they have actually crossed the line, and have made it their god.

What do I mean by that??

Well, consider this, as a Christian, I worship Jesus Christ because He gave His life for me, that I won't have to go to hell. He has shown me that whatever I have need of, He has already made a way for me to have it, if I will just put my trust in Him. In other words, because He will provide all my needs, and give me the desires of my heart, I trust totally in Him.

Well, in far too many instances, people look to politicians, to do for them, what God does for me, and that is to provide them with all their needs and wants. Everything that they desire, they look to politicians to provide it for them.

One thing that God says I should do, is listen to Him, and reject anyone or thing, that is contrary to what He says.

Politicians, say, listen to them, and reject anything that goes contrary to what they say.

God says, He is not a man, that He should lie, or the son of man, that he should repent.

Many politicians lie to get you to vote for them, and when they are caught in it, they shrug it off, by saying something to the effect that it is no big deal, and keep on going. If I am going to put my trust in someone, then it certainly wouldn't be a liar.

People tend to say all politicians lie, yet they continuously believe everything they say. The more they lie, the more they believe them.

This type of belief is devilish, in that it sets them up to abandon all of their common sense, and even their beliefs in Jesus Christ, if they have such a belief.

Some of the biggest problems we have today, are a result of this type of thinking.

Examples are, taxes for one. People consistently complain about their taxes being too high, and that they can't afford to buy some of the things they would like, even though they have good paying jobs. Yet, they vote down any plan that will reduce their taxes, based on what their god says. And what does he say??? 'These cuts for everyone, are unfair, because they will only benefit the rich. So people, vote to continue suffering, just to keep the rich from making any more money.

Then we have education. The state of the public education system in this nation is on 'critical life support.' Why?? Because of these same gods that say we need to spend more and more money on a system that goes totally against what is right. The system is one where values, and morals, are pushed aside, for the sake of getting along with others, whose thinking is, 'whatever I feel is right for me, is right.' Prayer was removed, because others that didn't believe in God, didn't like it, so out it went. The ten commandments, went out, because people didn't like the fact that they represented something that they didn't agree with.

Well, when they went out, the devil came in with 'sex education, the endorsement of homosexuality, introduction to different religions, under the guise of getting to be diverse in our thinking and relationships.

The bible says, 'Except the Lord (Jesus) builds the house (school system, government, nation or whatever else you are trying to build), they that build it, labor in vain.....(Psa. 127:1). So, the school system says no to God, and He lets it fall apart, and the politician gods say, we have to spend more money to keep it going, and some preachers abandon Christ, and fall in line with this foolishness, and the result is, our kids pay the price, graduating from high school and can't even read their own names. Girls having to quit school because they get pregnant. Kids with guns and drugs in the schools, causing others to fear going to school, and not being able to concentrate on their subjects, so that they can learn.

Let someone come along and say parents need to have a choice as to where their kids can go to learn, and they are shot down by these gods. And again, preachers are going along with this manner of thinking.

Another example is crime. The plague that destroys everything it touches.

At one time, crime was not tolerated. The criminal was made to know that if he dared to commit one, the entire community would make him so fearful of their wrath, that he would go elsewhere to do it, or turn himself in, if his parents, family or the neighborhood didn't do it first. Prison, was a place to be feared, almost as bad as going to hell.

Today, god politicians say, 'We need to reach out to these people. They are sick. They were brought up in bad neighborhoods. Other people are responsible for what he did. Not him. So, what do we do?? We abandon what the bible says about it, and listen to these politicians that say, the prisons are too hard and strict. They need to be places of comfort, and rehabilitation. Make them like country clubs. Put in TV's computers, exercise equipment and such. Let them have conjugal; visits from their spouses, and you, the taxpayer, are guilty of being 'mean spirited' if you resist paying for it.

God says punish the guilty, but these gods, punish the victims. Higher taxes, and being imprisoned behind bars on their windows and doors, while the criminals are out on the street.

All of this, and more, because the religion of politics, that has infiltrated our society, and we are all suffering, the good, for allowing it to happen, and the bad, because they are reaping what they have sown.

The bible says, 'To whom you yield yourselves, you are their servants.'(Rom 6:16). That means they are your master. Your Lord. Your god. And their belief system, is your belief system. Or your religion.

The bible also says, as our subject verse says, you can't have two masters. You can't serve God, and mammon (man, politicians, ungodliness, foolishness, money, power, or anything that goes against God) at the same time. You will stick to one, and throw the other away.

Too many of you, tend to throw away the things that God says is right, and attack those that proclaim what is right, for what you are told is right by your gods, the politicians. By doing this, you are saying that in any other situation, you will stick with God, but when it comes to political situations, God has no say so.

The result of this type of thinking is evident all through our community and nation. The nation is going to hell in a hand basket, the church is sitting on its behind, our kids are suffering. Any thing that leaves God out of it, is headed for sure destruction. Separation of church and state, is a disaster.

It is past time for the Church, those of us that believe that being a Christian, takes precedence in ALL areas of our lives, including politics.

It is past time for the politicians to know, that if they want our support for election, then they better be living and supporting things, that God, through Jesus Christ, says is right. If a politician targets another because of their Christian beliefs, and those beliefs are according to the bible, then they, don't get our vote.

Just as no Christian church should allow other religious beliefs to be preached from its pulpits, neither should politicians that think and act contrary to righteousness, be allowed to get in the pulpit, and campaign.

Of course, all of this is contingent on one thing, and that is, the Christian, needs to know just what God has to say about everything, meaning they need to study the bible. If you don't know what the bible says about something, then you are going to be at a disadvantage. This is why pastors should be called by God, and well versed in the bible. Most of all, they should not be afraid of the persecution that will definitely come their way, from these gods, and their congregations, when they take a stand for Christ.