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(can't nobody) SCRIPTURE - DEUT. 31:6                                                 MARCH, 1997



'There is a friend, that sticks closer than a brother' is what the last part of [PROV. 18:24] says. 'With God, all things are possible' is what the last part of [MATT. 19:26] says. And, [ISA. 49:15] says, 'Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.'

If you will pardon the grammar in the subject title, there is something here that you need to examine very closely. And that is, no matter how close someone is to you, how much they claim to love you, or how much they assure you that they will be there any time you need them, there is nobody, that can do it better than Jesus Christ.

Look at your parents. They are the ones that brought you in to this world. Of the two, the mother, is usually the one that cares more for their child, than the fathers. Why?? Because they carried you in their bodies for nine months. You are a part of their bodies. All we have to do, is look at which parent, is likely to abandon their children, and it is most likely the father. Statistics bare that out. The mother, usually will care for their child, no matter what the circumstances. Yet, in the past decade or so, we are seeing a marked increase in mothers doing the same thing. In fact, the nation was stunned, when a woman, who at first claimed, that her two little boys, were kidnapped by a black man, later admitted to drowning them, in an attempt to win the love of a man, that wasn't interested in a woman, that had children. People asked, 'how could this be???' Well, in the bible, God, addressing the issue of a woman, forgetting her child, is saying, that it is possible for her to do it, yet, He will not forget them.

Look at your brother(s) and/or sister(s). Certainly they love you. Right?? Well, look at the situations between siblings in our society, and they get along for the most part. But, if one, seems to be getting more attention than the other, from the parents, or one is succeeding at some sport while the other isn't, or if one becomes rich, and the other doesn't, you will find that brotherly love, may be pushed aside, by greed and envy. Look at Cain and Abel, in the book of Genesis. Cain killed Abel, because God, accepted the sacrifices of Abel, but had contempt for Cain's. What happened???

Parents, look at your children. You bring them in to this world. You raise them the best way you know how. You sacrifice for them. When they are hungry, you feed them. Naked, you give them clolthes. When they hurt, you comfort them. And your only hope is, that they grow up some day, and make it on their own. And you will be proud of them. You don't ask for much. Just a thank you, and a visit from them, every now and then. You deserve a lot better than that. But, that's all you want. So, what happens?? They grow up, and steal from you. They move away, and forget about you. If you have any money, or an insurance policy that is worth a lot, they plan on how to get rid of you, so they can cash in. What happened???

Wives. Look at your husbands. Husbands, look at your wives. When you got married, they promised to love, honor, and cherish you, until death separated you. Neither one of you, could stand to be apart more than a few hours, without calling the other. All of your free time was spent together. When you got off of work, you rushed home to be with them. There is an old saying, 'you can't live on love.' But, you sure tried. And another that says, ' love, covers a multitude of faults. But now, things have changed. Now you come home, and they are either out, or asleep. When they get off of work, instead of taking the usual twenty minutes to get home, it takes hours. When you want to be alone with them, they are too busy, or too tired. Every little thing you do wrong, is met with hostility. There are tell tale signs around, that they may be seeing someone else. What happened???

Look at that person, that is your best friend. They say they are always there for you. They are there for you when you are up. And they are there for you when you are down. They stand with you in trouble. They watch your back. Call them any time, they say. No matter what time of day it is, call. So, what happens?? You call one night, seeking comfort, because you just had a big burden cast on you, and you needed advice. But, no one answers the phone. Or, the line is busy. Or maybe the phone number is changed or disconnected. What's wrong???

The doctor, when you are sick. The banker, when you need money, and many other people that have occupations, that you may have need of in your life, all promise to help you, when you don't need them. But when the need arises, then there are limits on what they can do. The doctor can't cure AIDS, cancer, diabetes, or a lot of other life threatening diseases. The banker, says they never have met any one that they would say no to for a loan. That is, until they met you. What's going on here???

What is going on here, is this. Irregardless of who it is. Mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, best friend, doctor, banker or whoever, even preachers, all will fail you at one point or another. Why?? Because they are all human. Every single one of them, by being human, is limited in what they can do, not just for you, but for themselves. Why? Because, being human, we are all subject to things like fatigue, sickness, hunger, lack of knowledge, and a whole host of other things, that limit us, in things that we would like to do.

However, there is one Man, that is able to meet your needs, whatever they are. He is able to be reached anytime of the day or night. The line is never busy. In fact, you don't need a telephone. He woke you and your loved ones up this morning. He protected you last night. He provides you with every breath you take. He can solve any problem you have. Any sickness that you have, He has the cure for it, including the incurable ones. Distressed? He is a Comforter. Depressed? He can lift you up. So, what if you mess up really bad?? He is there waiting for you to come to Him. These are but a few of the things that He can and has done for you. The greatest thing that He can do for you, is give you eternal life with Him, in Heaven. Show me another man that can do that.

We go through life everyday, looking for friends that will understand us, when there is only one that can totally do that, because He made us [ST. JOHN 1:1-2,14]. And unlike the most loyal friends we may find, all we have to do is call His name, and He is there. He never gets sick. He never runs out of money. He has all power. He is all knowing. Face it. In this area, the best of friends we have, can't hold a candle to Him. His love, has no end. Because of His love for us, He died once, then rose from the dead, to live eternally, and secure the way for us to do it also. Without Him, the alternative, is a lot worse.

Who wouldn't want a friend like this???

Well, believe it or not, billions of people have gone, and are going through life without giving this Man any consideration. The examples given above, are the norm for most of these people. They will run to someone, who themselves, has problems they need to deal with, looking for help. And one thing else, I failed to mention. These other people, usually charge money for their services. This Man, does it for free. It doesn't matter if you have Blue Cross, HAP, Selectcare, Omnicare, medicare or medicaid. None of these, can guarantee that you will get well. In fact, they will limit what they will pay, based on the sickness you have. But, once again, this Man, has the cure for all of them, and it is free.

Who wouldn't want a friend like this???

You don't. You say, yes I do. Where is He??? What's His name??? Can you introduce me to Him??? Of course I can.
He is the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Lily of the Valley, the Rose of Sharon, the Bright and Morning Star, the Balm of Gilead, the Wheel in the middle of a wheel. He is Healing, for you sickness. He is strength for your weakness. He is water for your thirst. Food for your hunger. Healing for your sickness. Life for your death. He is the fourth Man in the fiery furnace. He is the One that shut the lion's mouths in the lions den. He is the Sun of Righteousness, with healing in His wings. His name is Jesus Christ.

No matter who the person is, or what they say they will do for you, CAN'T NOBODY DO YOU LIKE JESUS !!!

You can meet Him today, right where you are. All you have to do, is open up the door to your heart [REV. 3:20]. He's been knocking at it for a long time, but you were either too busy, or you ignored Him. Think about it. All that searching for a solution of your problems. All that money you spent. All the heartache you endured. All the drugs. All the endless love affairs, just to find out that what you were looking for, was right outside the door of your heart all along.

All you have to do, is ask Him in. Say, 'Jesus, come in to my heart, and be Lord of my life. I know that I am a sinner. Cleanse me of my sin, right now. I believe in my heart, that You died on the cross for my sin, and that God raised You from the dead. And, according to Your Word in Romans 10:9-10, I confess you with my mouth, as Lord of my life, and I am now saved.' That's all there is to it.