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(SEX) SCRIPTURE - 1 Co 7:1-2                                                   OCTOBER, 1997

Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman. Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.

Aaaiieeee!!!!! Head for the hills! Put the blinders on the kids!! Stop up your ears!!! The preacher, is going too far. How dare he mention this on a tract. This is the last time I will ever read one of his!!! 'Hey man, what are you doing talking about this stuff?? Why don't you talk about Jesus, and try to get people saved, and leave this stuff to the experts????'

Knowing some of you, this is what your likely response would be to this subject. The idea of my talking about 'sex' in a tract, is going over the line, for some of you. Some of you, are cringing in your boots. Others are just getting excedrin headache #101. Some of you are calling for smelling salts, while others are trying to see if you are reading this right.

The mere fact, that a minister, would talk about sex, is totally outside of what you think a minister should be talking about. After all, most of you that go to church, have never thought about, or heard a preacher, even bring the subject up. You think that it is a taboo, in the church. You think that it is the sort of thing, that is best left to the sex therapists, like Dr. Ruth, or other professionals, that are especially trained for this type of thing.

Well, let's look at some of the experts' way of thinking. First, most of these experts, are either single, or have been married more than once. Some of them, have about as much training, in school, on the subject, as I have, which is none. Most of them, get what they think they know, the same place you, or I did, and that is, on the street, in the back seat of somebody's car, in a sleazy motel or hotel room, in the bushes, or some other obscure place.

Recording artists, sing about their conquests, and experiences. The movies are full of it. Even commercials, either directly, or subtly, portray it, as a means of selling products. In short, 'sex' is a 'big money' thing.

However, if we look at most of the problems we have in our society today, talking about broken families, single parent homes, kids having babies, kids on the wild, crimes of passion, and our whole attitude about sex, we will see, that something is terribly wrong. And what is wrong, is that most of us, have not consulted the 'True Expert' on 'sex'. And just who, you might ask, is this 'Expert?' None other than God. The one that created us, and put this 'nature', in us, in the first place.

I work at Chrysler. The plant I work in, builds pickup trucks. If I was to buy one of these trucks, and had a problem with it, do you think I would go to Ford or GM?? Of course not, I would go to the ones that designed it. If I have a problem with any product I purchase, I would go to the manufacturer of that product, for answers. Wouldn't you??? Well then, why would you go to someone other than the one that created you, to find out just what this thing called 'sex, is all about, and how to function in it properly??? Well, we are going to take a look at just what God has to say about the subject.

First, as the subject scripture says, 'it is good, for a man, not to touch (have sex with) a woman. Big suprise, isn't it??? Why would God, direct someone to write this?? Because, of all the things that God has given man to enjoy, 'sex', is the one thing, that will cause a man to do just about anything for. After all, before you experienced it, you had no idea of what the big deal was. Some of you, couldn't even stand the opposite sex. After experiencing the pleasures of it, you can do without a roof over your head, money in your pocket, or a place to sleep. But to do without sex, will drive you in to serious trouble.

You see, when God created Adam and Eve, He told them to 'be fruitful and multiply, just like he did the animals (Gen. 1:22,28). So, from the beginning, it was God's plan, for man to have sex, as a means to procreate. Also, man was to accomplish this, not with the animals, but with the woman, that God had given him, as a helpmete (helper). God intended for man, to keep Him (God) as the primary object, if you will of worship, and praise. He intended for man to still obey Him, and to direct the woman, to follow his lead, in knowing about God. They were to fellowship with God, and each other. God would direct man on how to tend to the animals, and other things in the Garden, and Eve was to help him. As for sex, God directed them on what to do. It did not happen by accident. It was by design. So, as you can see, God instituted sex, from the beginning.

Since, at the beginning, there were only the two of them, Adam, only had eyes for Eve. She, was, for all intents and purposes, his wife. She was tied to him physically, in that she was created from one of his ribs. She also, was dependent on him, because he would get instructions from God, then he would pass the information on to her. The same way any helper, needs the direction of the one that they are helping. For some of you, it is hard to face this fact, but, it is the truth, the man, is the one who God holds responsible for leading the wife and children, in the things of God.

With Adam and Eve, things got a little twisted, when, Adam disobeyed God, after listening to his wife (GEN. 3:17), concerning the 'fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.' Men, and women, can work around each other and be friends, and there is no big problem. But, once a sexual relationship occurs, then their actions towards each other, takes on a 'big change.' But, I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

Before sin entered the picture, 'sex', was something to be enjoyed, under the auspices of God's will, and from this, was to come children, that were to be blessed by God. However, before that happened, sin entered the picture, and man was, put out of the garden, and alienated from God. As a result of this, 'sex' took on a whole different characteristic. It was no longer, an act that was brought about, and sanctified by God's direction, but, at the direction, and for the pleasure, of the flesh.

However, in their case, since they sought after God, through repentance, and sacrifices, their union, was still blessed. This, my friends, is what makes the difference between, sex with God's blessing, or sin, that is cursed by Him. This is what all these 'so-called experts', have yet to understand. Without seeking God's advice and direction, even in matters of 'sex', you don't have His blessing, and for the most part, you are not functioning in a manner, that will be acceptable in God's sight.

Marriage, is the primary step that God established, as a prerequisite for having 'sex'. Look at the subject verse. In order to avoid fornication (sex, outside of marriage) and adultery (extramarital sex), every person, should have their own spouse. That is the only way to be pleasing in the sight of God. (Heb. 13:4) Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. What do you think about that??? That's not me talking, that is a man of God, who was inspired by God, to write this. 'Sex, in marriage, is the only type, that God approves of. All others are cursed.

Even though there is an opinion, held by many, that marriage is, 'just a piece of paper', you better take a look at what God is saying. Shackin' up, playing the field, looking for Mr., or Ms. Right, is all a lie, from the pit of hell. But, because of the pleasure it brings, many, believe that it can't be the way I am putting it. But, it is!!!!

Why, you might ask, does God, put these feelings in us, then restrict us, like He does??. It may be hard to believe, but, it is for your own protection.

On the physical side, with all the diseases, like AIDS and such, that are the curse on humanity, for our sexual, 'if it feels good, do it', way of thinking, it is the only way, to be sure that you don't get these diseases. If a person remains celibate, they have nothing to worry about, unless it happens by blood transfusion, use of drugs, or rape. Marriage, is the next safest way to avoid trouble. And, when I talk about marriage, I am talking about a monogamous relationship, and one where both partners are virgins. This idea, of shopping around to find the right one, can kill you. Ladies, let me tell you this, men, can be dogs. They will lie, and do almost anything to get you in to bed. I know. I used to be one myself. I just thank God, that I never got anything more serious than a simple case of VD. And even with that, I was still on the hunt. Lying all over the place. Back then, AIDS, was not heard of. But, today, people have it, and don't tell anybody until after they infect a person, then, it is too late. They may look like Billy Dee Williams, Denzel Washington, Luke Perry or some of those other dream boats, on the outside, but be 'devils' on the inside.

Men, the same thing can be said about some women. With women's lib, and all that stuff, where women, think they can do everything the men can do, they are out here trying to bag a stud, for themselves. They can cause the same problems for men, that we cause them.

And then, there's the children, that are born to these people. God's special gift to us, and they get born, under a cloud of sinful behavior. Many times, when the woman, falls for the line, "I love you baby. I'll always be there for you" or some other such thing, she gets pregnant, and looks for him, and he is no where to be found. The child gets born, not knowing who their daddy is, or they know, but there is no dad in the house. Then in some cases, mom goes and gets another man, to fulfill the desires she has, and the child, becomes confused, as to why 'uncle Bobby' is sleeping in mom's bed. In other instances, the child and the boyfriend, have conflicts. One woman, a few years back, killed her three children, for the love of a man. That, is what 'sex' will do for you. It can cause you to lose your mind. And in other instances, the woman gets a man, on the terms that it is not to be a permanent thing, and the child latches on to him. Then when the mother is ready to move on, the child, ends up getting hurt, emotionally. All of this, because of 'sex.'

Now, all of those were just a few of the physical problems. But, the fact that we are talking about 'sex', brings something in to the picture, that can only be dealt with by God, and that is the spiritual and soulish (emotional) aspects of the effects of sex.

You see, 'sexual relations, not only affects the body, but brings the soul in to the mix.

'Sex', causes an emotional (soulish, mental) union between the two partners, which in effect, helps to complete, or rejoin that part of man, which was taken out of him, when God, created woman.

Man, without a woman, is incomplete, if you will. There is a part of him, that experiences all sorts of emotional peaks and valleys during his life, that nothing can seem to fulfill. Nothing, that is, except the act of sexual intercourse. Of course, if man is totally dedicated to God, then He (God), will supply the strength, emotionally, that man needs to stay celibate. As the apostle Paul puts it, (1Co 7:32-33) But I would have you without carefulness. He that is unmarried careth for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please the Lord: But he that is married careth for the things that are of the world, how he may please his wife.
When a person is single, they have nothing to occupy their minds and time, other than what they want to do. Men, who dedicate themselves to the Lord, for His service, essentially, have one thing in mind, and that is pleasing God. They can spend as much time as they wish, in service to God, and have no burdens to deal with, outside of what is natural for those that choose God, over the world. However, if, and when a man gets married, then, his attention gets more directed to pleasing his wife, and he finds less time to dedicate himself to the things of God.

Next month, we will look more in to the effects of 'sex' on our lives, that the 'sexperts' know nothing about.