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SCRIPTURE - PROV. 14:12 AND 16:25                                   APRIL, 1994

There is a way, that seems right to a man, but the end thereof, is the way of death (destruction).


Now this is an interesting subject. Designed to fail. What is this, some kind of a joke? Who, in their right mind would design anything to fail? No one really. But, yet, most of us do it all the time. Let me tell you what I am talking about, by giving you something to think about.

When a person wants to build something like an airplane, skyscraper, bridge, or anything that is made to be used by people, he must first design it, to meet certain specifications, that will insure the safety of those people. These specs. include the type of materials that are needed, and how much stress they can stand. Now, if the builder goes along with those specs. or even exceeds them, then the project, may cost a little more, but it will end up being safe to use. On the other hand, if the designer, tries to cut corners and calls for the use of cheaper, inferior materials, then somewhere down the road, a disaster is going to happen.

Well, in the same way, each of us, has to make decisions everyday on how to plan our lives, and see them through. Problems arise, and we have to figure out how to deal with them. Every facet of our lives, relies on our making the right decisions. And hopefully, everything will come out alright. Every decision that we make, will affect us, either positively or negatively. And while some decisions that we make will not be that injurious to us, like what brand of cereal to buy, or what program to look at on TV, or where to spend our vacation, there are some, that will determine our future, and will be with us the rest of our lives. Every decision you make today, in effect, is one more building block, in the future of your life. Therefore, it behooves you to consider all of the decisions (materials) that you are using to construct the project (your future), that you are planning.

Just like the designer has to sit down, and figure what it is he wants the project to be used for, he has to look at all of the ramifications, or possible things that can go wrong with it, if he is to avoid problems, in the future. He must consider all factors that pertain to the safe use of what he wants the project to be.

So too, it is with God. He is the one that designed this universe, and everything that is in it. He also, has a set plan, which He wants us to follow, to get the best out of life. Now, while He is the designer, we are the builders. We have the ability to build on what God has designed, or alter that design and go our own way. And God, has given us the details of what will happen, if we follow His plans, or go against them. The primary details of this plan, can be found in (Exodus chapter 20) with the Ten Commandments. Then (Deuteronomy chapter 28) tells us of what following God's plan will bring, and also what disobedience will bring.

God's way, is what can be seen as the firmest foundation, on which to build our lives, read (Matt. 7 : 24-25). Unfortunately, most of us, tend to go against the plan, and end up suffering for it. We always want to do it, our way. We plan our lives, the way we want. We solve our problems, the way we want. When it comes to electing our public officials, we look at what they claim to be able to do for us, and vote them in, rather than looking at what plan they are following. No matter who it is, if they aren't building on the foundation that God has set forth, then they are building on disaster.

Look at the state of this nation. What do you see? You see a nation, that keeps on passing laws and electing officials, that don't want any thing to do with God's plan. Everywhere you look, you can see suffering and misery. If you dig far enough into the problems of this nation, you will see, that at its root, the problem stems directly from our detouring from God's plan. The examples are many. God warns about sexual sin, adultery, fornication and homosexuality. He says death will be the result of going against His word, for the wages of sin, is death (Romans 6 : 23). Yet, we do it anyway. The result is AIDS, syphilis, and other diseases, that are destroying hundreds of lives everyday. Yet, when warned to stop this behavior, most of us would rather try to get by with using condoms. The spread of AIDS, could be cut by 95%, if fornication, adultery and homosexual behavior were cut out. But no, that has biblical overtones. So we go on, allowing it to spread at near catastrophic rates. Our economy is going to pieces, because we are allowing greed, slothfulness and the like to drain our resources. People refuse to work, because they say, they will not work for minimum wage, because they can't support their family. So, they get on welfare. Yet God says, "if a man will not work, neither should he eat." (2 Thessalonians 3 : 10). Notice, it doesn't say if a man can't find a job that pays good. So we suffer, because of less productivity on their part, and we have to pay more taxes, to feed someone that feels they don't have to belittle themselves. When it comes to marriages, the divorce rate is around 50%. This is usually due, to the fact that most people get married for all the wrong reasons. The first, is their mistaken interpretation of what marriage is. Marriage is commitment, not convenience. Marriage is love, not lust. Most of the divorces today, take place because of the wrong people getting together. And, in most cases, it has to do with what has become known as pre-marital sex. Ladies, when you give up, what should be held for your marriage, you set yourself up for unnecessary hurt and pain. If a man says, "if you love me, you will do it", you should tell him, I love myself too much, to do it." The result of this, can be seen with the huge number of children that are on the ADC rolls, and the fathers, are no where to be found. We all have to pay for it.

Take any plan you want, address any problem you want. Any government program. If God's input is not part of it, then, my friends, no matter how you structure it, it is designed to fail. The saying, 'the best laid plans of mice and men, so often go astray' is so true, because God is not part of their plans. Is He part of yours?