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SCRIPTURE - ST. JOHN 14 : 6                                               APRIL, 2000

I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father, but by Me


Last month, we looked at a subject, using the third part of the scripture above. This month I want to call your attention to the last part of this scripture, getting in touch with the Father, God.

If you look again at the entire verse, you will notice that the first three parts, the way, the truth, and the life, all are making it clear that what Jesus is saying about Himself, is that before any man, or woman, can come to God, they must, go through Jesus, and only Jesus. There is no other way to get to God, the Father. He is not, a way, or a truth, or a life. The operative word is 'the', meaning singular.

In one passage of scripture, Jesus, refers to Himself, as 'the Door.' [St. Jo 10 : 7-11]

If we look at the purpose of a door, we will see that it is a means for something, or someone, to enter in, provided the one that controls the door, opens it.

That door, let's everyone know, that if they want to enter in, then they have to come through it. They are not to come through a window, or break the wall down, but they are directed to enter in by, the door.

In like manner, when you want to come to God, you have to come by 'the Door' that He put up, to give you a sense of direction, when entering in to His presence.

Down through the centuries, before Christ, men could call on God, by means of prophets, or priests. They would make their petitions to them, and they, in turn, would go before God, to present the people's requests, to God. Whether it was repentance, deliverance, healing, or any of the things that affect our lives, they had to go through these men.

But, sometimes these men, were not as forthright, as they should be, and did not always do what was asked of them. Therefore, the people, went their way, thinking that God had heard them, or waiting for Him to bless them, and nothing came of it, because the priest, or prophet, was out of the will of God, and therefore, God would not listen to them.

There needed to be someone, that would continually be on the up and up, if you will. Someone that was totally obedient to His will, and willing to do, for the people, and not short change them.

Enter, the Man, Jesus Christ.

A Man, perfect in every area of His being. Even though He was a
Man, He was, and is, A God Man. 100% God, and 100% man. Many would say, that He had an unfair advantage, in that He did not have the sin nature that you or I have. That's right. However, His nature, did not have anything to do with it. He could sin, just like you and me.

The bible says, He was tempted in all points, just like you and I, but sinned not. Heb 4:15]. Herein, is something that you need to understand, and that is, even though the temptation, comes from within, it is nothing but a thought, that seeks your response.

The devil, couldn't get in to Jesus' body, but he could tempt Him through His mind, by speaking to Him. That is the same way he tempts you, by speaking to your mind. How you respond, is the critical point.

Jesus, responded with the 'Word of God", saying, "It is written....."
Jesus, had the knowledge of the word of God, because, He is the Word, made flesh. [St. John 1: 1-3,14]

It is from these scriptures, that we get the saying, that Jesus, is God, in the flesh.

Anyway, the Father, because of His (Jesus') obedience to Him, put Him in the position of being the Only One, that He, God, would recognize, as speaking for the people. No other man, or woman, can directly partition God, for anything. He will not hear them.

It is like your phone number. In order for me to call you, I have to dial your number. It has to be the exact number, not one that is close to it. Every digit, has to be dialed, in the exact order, in order for me to get you.

Well, in order to contact God, everything has to be in exact order. And in this case, Jesus, is the order that God has set up.

People are constantly trying to get to God, by prayer, but they are praying the wrong way, because they are trying to do it by, bypassing Jesus. They are praying to saints, they are praying to Mary, they are praying to Allah, they are praying to Jehovah, They are praying to the Creator. They are praying to any one of a thousand or more gods, and think they are getting somewhere.

And what does God think of this???

Well, what would think of a person that came in to your house, by a back window, or through a wall or some other way that was not designated by you??? You would probably call them a thief, or a robber, and take the appropriate action. Right???

Well, Jesus says that is exactly what God considers anyone that tries to get in to Him, by any other means, than Jesus Christ. [St. John 10:1]

Ever since man was kicked out of the Garden of Eden, he has done all sorts of things, that he felt, would be pleasing in the sight of God. Cain, was a good example.

Here was the first man, that God rejected, because what he offered God, was not what God had set up, as proper. The exact reason for this rejection, is not mentioned, but it illustrates one point, and that is, just because you go before God, does not mean He accepts you or your prayers.

People tell me, they pray everyday to God. That's good. At least you acknowledge that there is a God. However, your prayers are in vain, if, and I emphasize, if, you are not praying directly to God, through the person of, or in the name of, Jesus Christ.

At one time, as mentioned earlier, men had to go to a priest, or prophet, and get them to intercede in their behalf, to God, for them.

Today, you don't have to go to a man that is no better than you, to get to God, but you only have to go, through Jesus, the Man, the God Man.

Salvation, is only available to those that go through Jesus Christ, period. It is Him, and Him only. I hear some religious people say, that they believe in Jesus, and one or more other religious groups, gods. The reason they say this, is that they want to have all bases covered, so when the time comes, what ever god they stand before, they can say, 'Yes, I believed in you!!!"

But, to believe in someone, means that you take to heart what they say, and follow it, to the letter.

For someone to say they believe In Jesus, and Mohammed, is really saying that they don't believe in Jesus, because they are ignoring the subject verse, and other scriptures that support it.

I believe that there was a man named Mohammed, that lived centuries ago, but I don't follow him or his teachings.

I believe that there was a man named Hare Krishna, that lived centuries ago, but I don't follow him or his teachings.

I believe that there was a man named Buddha, that lived centuries ago, but I don't follow him or his teachings.

However, I know that there was a man named Jesus, that lived centuries ago, and is alive today, and I do follow Him and His teachings. The reason I know, is because the bible says so, and He has proven Himself to me.

If I can get you to understand the significance of all of this, then you would quickly see the error of trying to avoid Jesus.

Picture a humongus house, that is equipped with every thing you would ever need. I'm talking about, food, clothes, shelter, a means to cure any disease that you would ever encounter, the wealth of the world, all the power you would need to overcome any situation that you would ever face. All of this and more, and to top that off, eternal life. wouldn't you do anything to get in there???

Well, in order to get in that house, that has the welcome mat right in front, for all to come in and enjoy its contents, all you have to do, is go to the door, and knock. How simple can it be???

But, you don't want to go in that door, because you don't like some of the things that it stands for, so, you decide you are going to find another door. But try as you might, there is none.

Next, you say, I will climb over the wall, or break through, but there is nothing that has the ability to allow you to accomplish it.

So, rather than going through the door, and abiding by some simple rules, which are not hard at all, you go away, and say to yourself, 'If I can't have it my way, I will make my own way."

In actuality, that is what you are saying, right about now, if you are one who still believes that God, hears everybody. Well you are right, He does. But, to hear, and to do, are two different things.

God has promised blessing on those that are acknowledged by Jesus Christ. He is the One, that God listens to. If Jesus says to the Father, 'this person, is one of Mine, then God, will grant their petition (request) [Mk. 8:38]. It is Jesus, the Door, which is the mediator (go Between), if you will, between God, and man [1 Tim. 2:5] .

Imagine, all this time, you have been praying to God, the wrong way. It's hard to believe, but it's true. And, it is soooooo simple to change and start doing things the right way.

If you are truly seeking God, then, consider this, an answer to your request. You want to get closer to Him. You want Him to reveal Himself to you. Well, if you start using the Door, you can go in to that House, and partake of all the good things that God has provided for you.

God said, 'I set before you, an open Door.' That Door, is Jesus

To open that Door, all you have to do is pray this simple prayer, meaning every word, from the heart. "Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, and I repent of my sins. I want you to be Lord of my life. I believe in my heart, that You died on the cross for my sin, and that God raised you from the dead. I accept you right now, as Lord of my life. Come in to my heart, and cleanse me of my sin. I claim it done, right now, in Jesus' name, Amen.

If you prayed that prayer, meaning every word, the Door, is now open to you, to go to God.