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SCRIPTURE - PRV. 29:18, HOS. 4:6                                                                                                          APRIL, 2016
Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee,
that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

When I closed last month, I closed with this statement, in addressing the use of bibles like the New Testament and Psalms, 'if you only avail yourselves of this type of source, you can only get a basic idea of what you have inherited. The only problem is, you get very little information as to why we need salvation in the first place. You have no idea as to what the True Nature of God is like, because it is not addressed in detail, so you don't have a clue/vision as to the depths that salvation reaches down to, to deliver you from the Wrath of God!!

I then went on to say that this month, I will get in to mistaken idea of why it is people, especially most Christians tend not to believe that God still curses those that disobey Him. And as a result, they end up being destroyed.

In talking about vision, and knowledge, as the subject scriptures point out, without them, a person is left in dire straits.

If you don't realize danger when it presents itself, you, most likely will end up being destroyed.

If you walk out in to the street, and a truck is barreling towards you at high speed, common sense/vision will tell you to get out of the way.

Now, how did common sense prompt you to get out of the way?? Because of past experiences, or teachings, that give us a vision as to the result of what happens when contact is made between an individual, and a moving vehicle. The bigger the vehicle, the more damage it can cause.

Let's look at electricity.

Every appliance, tool or machine that uses electricity, comes with all sorts of warnings as to the dangers of using them improperly. We are told about serious injury or death that could occur if the electric source is used improperly. Some times they use pictures and symbols to give us a vision of what could happen.

And, once again, the higher the voltage, the greater the danger.

If we look at gas, chemicals, medicines, radioactivity, and a myriad of other things that, if used improperly spell danger, then we can see that those that are able to read, or see these warnings, and are in their right minds, will avoid at all costs, misusing them, because of the danger they present.

Another example is carbon monoxide.

Here is something that is odorless and invisible, that, has the tendency to kill a person, if they breathe too much of it.

So, if it odorless and invisible, how is one to know that it is present??

By a device that detects it, know as a carbon monoxide detector. When this device sounds, it means you need to get away from it, or ventilate the space that is contaminated with it.

Now, if you didn't know what that sound meant, coming from the detector, then, you might turn it off, because the sound can be annoying, and stay in that space, slip in to unconsciousness, and possibly die.

All because you didn't recognize the warning that was being given to you to save your life.

Well, by the same token, when it comes to life, and our relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, the bible gives us clear warning as to what will occur when we do things that violate what God says. Those that don't know what is coming, are at a loss when it comes to what is happening in their lives because they have no vision as to how things work in this present life.

When I mentioned the 'Wrath of God' and curses, most people, especially Christians, tend to think there is no such thing in existence in this present dispensation. In their minds, those are extreme subjects, that had their place in the past.

Problem is, if you go in to the Old Testament, and read just one passage of scripture, Deuteronomy 28, it will give you, what I call a complete picture/vision, of what is in store both for those that obey and those that disobey God's commandments/directions.

Couple that with this, 'Mal 3:6 For I am the LORD, I change not; ?......

The vision you get, is one that says, God has not, or will not change on His response to our disobedience to Him, and His Word.

Every person that names the name of Christ, should have this vision, period!!!

But, sad to say, that is not the case. And why is this???

It is because those that are supposed to be charged with providing the directions, and warnings in God's Word, are not doing it for any number of reasons.

One of the main reasons is, the person/pastor is not anointed by God to even be in that office.

Any one that knows God, would know that if God hasn't called a person to be doing what they are doing, then, they have no connection to Him in that area, and therefore are completely blind to how God, and the spiritual realm operates, in that area.

This is key to having a prosperous life and ministry. If you don't know how something operates then, you run the risk of destroying yourself, and others.

How does one get to know God?? By reading the bible, all of it!!! In it, you will find the keys to God, and thusly, abundant life.

You see, no one can know God, unless He reveals Himself to them. Just because someone goes to a college, or university and gets a degree in religious studies, does not mean that God has called them in to ministry.

That is one of the biggest mistakes a lot of Christians make when choosing to follow someone because they have some degrees after their name.

Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can go to a school, and get a degree in something, even if they don't believe any of it, and can go to a denominational church and get hired as a pastor, or set up their own church with no denominational affiliation, and depending on what they are preaching, get some people to follow them.

The general public then thinks, that the more educated this person is, the more qualified they are to telling us about God!! Nothing could be further from the Truth.

If we look at the life of Christ, and His disciples, one of the main things you will see is, Christ chose His disciples, not from the line of educated scholarly individuals that were the most educated in the world because they were descendants of the original priest, Aaron, but from the common individuals in that society.

In fact, His biggest problems, which eventually led to Him being crucified, came from these educated individuals, that would put most of today's scholars, and the Pope, to shame.

Today, it is no different.

You can look on TV, or hear on the radio about schools, seeking individuals to join the priesthood, or begin a career in ministry. All of this for the purpose of employment, and making money.

Of course they don't say it but, that is why a lot of people that avail themselves of this type of education, are in it. The money!!

You know what that means???

They will, most likely, if they are not doing it because God has called/anointed them to do it, tailor their message to what will help bring in the 'big bucks!!'


If I were a gay man, I would most likely tend to listen to a preacher that told me that God loves me the way I am because He created me this way, and all those preachers that are telling me I need to repent, are not preaching God's Word. If he were a pastor of a church in the area, or even online, I would send him money or join his church.

This is exactly how the unanointed think!!

To them, the bottom line is how much money can they get. They will say, and do anything that will increase their bottom line. Even if it puts them in direct opposition to Jesus Christ, the One they claim to be following.

You see, I am not saying that all these people are being malicious, and deceitful, because to them, that is the way you operate when you are running a business.

In the world of business, the way to be successful is to 'give the customer what they want' and 'the customer is always right!!'

And while that action is key to running a successful business, the opposite is true for operating a church.

First, unlike a business that is owned and operated by people whose primary goal is to make money, the church is run by Christ, and whose goal is to bring souls back to the Father. Money is not to be considered because, if you think about it, God already owns it all anyway.

So, how are souls to be brought in to the family of God??

By giving them information/vision of what God has in store for them if they will turn from their wicked ways and accept the free gift that He has for them.

This information needs to also include the consequences of what is waiting for those that refuse to accept God's offer.

You see, unless a person has a clear vision of how God sees them, and what is in store for them regardless of how good they may think they are, their natural inclination is to disregard the message because it would might not be to their liking.

The message of the church, is not to be something that people like to hear as much as it is to be what the people need to hear!! And, in a lot of instances it is going to be something that no self respecting business would even think about engaging in, if they want to have a prosperous business.

People believe the message from the pulpit should be about God's Love for mankind, and I agree with that 100 percent.

The problem is, we don't have a clear definition/vision as to just what all entails that message of God's Love.

We think of love as being a condition in a relationship where neither party says or does anything that might hurt the other's feelings. There is an old saying that says, 'love is never having to say you are sorry!!'

The gist of this means, you will never do or say anything that will cause the other person pain or grief.

Now while that sounds good to your average individual, there is a lot that is erroneously overlooked.

What is being overlooked is the fact that in some instances, failure to act or say something to a person that you love, is tantamount to betraying that person, in that greater harm will come to them than what would occur if you hurt their feelings by saying something to them.


If you are engaging in some behaviour that I knew would cause you harm, and I knew that you liked it, and rather than trying to stop you from doing it, because it would hurt your feelings, and make you angry at me, I said nothing, and you ended up injured, killed, or in hell, then how

much did I really love you in the first place??

The bible says, Prv 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

If you will notice the first part, where it talks about a faithful friend, may inflict something on you that hurts you, if that becomes necessary, while an enemy will encourage a person to continue on in something that they know will harm them.

You see, the world has most of this stuff about what constitutes a friend, and an enemy.

Let us remember, when Jesus was here, He did and said some things that by today's standards would be considered hateful and mean spirited.

He chased people out of the temple with a whip, He told 2 people to go and sin no more, He called out the religious leaders and politicians, calling them whited sepulchers full of dead men's bones. All of that, according to our way of thinking today shows signs of being intolerant of others behaviour. But is it??

More next month.