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SCRIPTURE - PRV. 29:18, HOS. 4:6                                                                                                          MAY, 2016
Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee,
that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.


Last month, I left off with this point of view, concerning the issue of what a true friend is.

The bible says, Prv 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

If you will notice the first part, where it talks about a faithful friend, may inflict something on you that hurts you, if that becomes necessary, while an enemy will encourage you person to continue on in something that they know will harm you.

You see, the world has most of this stuff about what constitutes a friend, and an enemy, all messed up.

Let us remember, when Jesus was here, He did and said some things that by today's standards would be considered hateful and mean spirited.

He chased people out of the temple with a whip, He told 2 people to go and sin no more, He called out the religious leaders and politicians, calling them whited sepulchers full of dead men's bones. All of that, according to our way of thinking today shows signs of being intolerant of the behavior. But is it??

For several decades now, we have been inundated with a new religion called political correctness [PC].

This religion, and make no mistake about it, that is what it is, says that anyone that says or does anything to make another person or group feel bad about themselves, is being insensitive towards that person.

According to this new way of thinking, the mere fact that someone would call something a person likes to do, sin, is tantamount to them being an enemy that needs to be removed from society, or at least silenced.

They tell us that, if there is a God, then that is the way He made them, and they are only doing what they were designed to do, and those of us that say it is sin, are the ones that need to be more like Christ, and show love towards them.

What they fail to realize, because they don't have the correct vision of the reality of our existence, is that unlike the democratic system we have in this country where majority rules, God doesn't play by our rules. He doesn't take a count of how many of us support something, or what the Supreme Court of this nation says, as to how He responds to behavior that He, has called sinful.

We read earlier where God proclaims that He does not change. Change from what?? Deuteronomy 28 [entire].

Every problem we have in this world, and especially in this nation, like it or not, is the result of the curse of violating God's Laws, Statutes and Commandments.

Now, what people have a hard time seeing is the fact that God does not have to actively stretch forth His hand to punish us when we do wrong, but rather He allows the forces that are at work in the spiritual and physical realm to do what they were assigned to do.

If we go back to Genesis chapter 3:17-24 and read what God said, after Adam sinned against Him, we see that He cursed the earth along with man, but then He drove them out of the Eden.

What this symbolizes is that He drove them away from the only area where complete peace, harmony tranquility and Life were available.

What this says is, rather than allow them to stay there, where they may continually have access to the benefits of the Garden, He didn't want to destroy it, so man had to go.

Compare that with what happens to us today.

If a person is saved, they are in a sort of Eden, where there are all the benefits that God has set up for mankind. As long as we move according to His directions, nothing can happen to us.

However, when we become disobedient to Him, we, spiritually leave Eden, and go out in to the area of cursing. And while out there we run the very high risk of being devoured and destroyed.

It's like, if you are walking around in a rainstorm under an umbrella, you essentially have your head shielded from the rain. Remove it, and immediately your head starts getting wet. That is what happens with those that sin against Him. We walk out from under that protection, and put ourselves at the mercy of the rain/destruction.

The bottom line to all of this is, anything that is going wrong in our lives, like it or not, is the result of our disobedience to God.

By now, you should be getting a clearer vision of how things are set up in creation, both in the physical as well as the spiritual realm.

All of this is necessary so that you can see where your/our problems come from. If you don't know that, you can't possibly function in life as you were designed and ordained to.

The evidence to this is all over the place.

Let me ask you this??

Do you know what common sense is???

It essentially is that state of being that is the standard whereby each of us is judged.

In order for a person to be considered normal, which is a relative term in that depending on how many in a group think a certain way, the more that think the same way, no matter which way that is, those in the majority are considered normal.

A classic example of this is if you consider one of the darkest times in modern history, Nazi Germany, was ruled by a man that to them, was perfectly normal. If someone within that system dared to call Hitler insane, they were in serious trouble.

To them [Nazi's], what they thought, and did, was common sense for them.

Those of us on the outside of that system, by the same token, looking at this man and his way of thinking, using the same common sense, agreed that that system, was as evil as it could be. As a result, any one that tried to defend it was looked at as being some sort of a nut!!

By the same token, when it comes to God, and following His directions, common sense, from the physical point of view, is tantamount to that person being looked at, as being some type if an idiot!! They have lost touch with reality.

Just from these few examples, you can see that there are a vast majority of variables that can be looked on as being called common sense.

However, if you will think about the fact that God created mankind to have a specific purpose, and anyone that tried to follow or achieve that purpose, would be blessed abundantly by Him, then you can begin to get the vision of what God's plan for our lives, is all about.

Anyone that doesn't have a personal relationship with Him [Christ], has absolutely no clue as to what Life, is all about.

When I talk about a personal relationship, I am talking about a relationship that is closer than a husband-wife, parent-child, where you know someone's most intimate, and deepest thoughts.

You know them so well, that at any given time, or in any given situation, you know exactly how that person will react.

Have you ever experienced, or heard a person say of a loved one, that has been accused of doing something, that that accusation can't be true because it isn't in that person to do that???

That statement can only be true if, that person knows the person intimately.

However, in reality, some people only think they know that individual well enough to make a statement like that. The thing is, no matter how well the vast majority of us think we know another person, we really don't, because that person, over time, and with experience, could change.

I will go even further by putting forth an even greater personal relationship example. And that is yourself.

How well do you know yourself???

Before you can know anyone intimately, you need to know yourself intimately. And that is the hardest thing for all of us to do because just like any other individual, circumstances may present themselves to us, that will cause us to say, or do something that we never in a million years thought we would say or do.

And why is this??

Because none of us has the capacity, or at least I don't, to say for a certainty what I would and would not do under certain circumstances. I may have purposed in my mind as to what I would and would not do if certain things occurred in my life, but, as time marched on, I found myself doing the very things I never thought I would do.

And why is this??

Because in all of mankind, our nature is usually based on one thing and that is emotion. What this means is certain events/stimuli, if you will, will usually cause us to react differently than what we planned to before that event occurred.

Only God, has what it takes to remain constant in every thing He says and does throughout eternity.

If, as many people tend to believe, God was anything like us, then He would have destroyed Adam and Eve, when they sinned in the Garden of Eden, rather than have to deal with the results of what they did over these past 6000+ years.

Some will say that He has changed because He went from dealing quite harshly with mankind under the Law, to dealing with us, through Grace.

What you need to understand is, all of this was part of His plan, from before the beginning of Creation, and He is sticking to the plan , as He set it up.

By the same token, He still feels the same way about those things He destroyed individuals and nations for, in the past.

This is why, one, the nation is going through what it is going through. People are suffering and dying because of the plethora of actions they and this nation has taken, to simply embrace and legalize those things that God hates.

In a nutshell, this nation has declared war on God. And God's response should not be a surprise to anyone. He is simply allowing the forces that He put in place, when He cursed everything, on the earth, to be the instruments of His wrath.

People wonder why, if God is real, doesn't He do something to stop the carnage of groups like Al-Quieda, ISIS, and other terrorist groups that are set on destroying this nation. The reason is, we are long overdue for what is coming.

People wonder why there is so much killing of innocent children in the homes, and streets in this nation. It is because we legalized the killing of over 65 million babies to date through abortion, and refuse to do anything to stop it. So, following the law of sowing and reaping, we are seeing/experiencing the reaping part.

People want to complain why government can't seem to get things under control to fix the myriad of problems we face everyday. It is because we have essentially told God to, BUTT OUT of our affairs, because we can handle them ourselves. You can see where that has gotten us!! Crooked politicians, shady deals in back rooms, people losing their jobs and houses.

Every thing that is happening today, is exactly in line with what God said in the old testament books of the law.

But, we don't want to pay any attention to that because, we are under Grace. Well if that is the case, then why all this mess??? It, once again has to do with blind leaders, who have no anointing from God to be able to see the spiritual side of things, the side that really matters.

Before any one can understand what is happening in this physical world, in which we live, they have to understand the spiritual side of things. And the only way they can do that, is if God, by way of the Holy Spirit, shows them. If they don't have that, then, quite frankly they are a disaster, waiting to happen.

And since it is preachers that are supposed to be leading the people to God, but are essentially, in over 80 percent of the cases leading the people in to war with Him, then you can see where our problems lie.

More details next month!!