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(BLACK JESUS) SCRIPTURE - St. John 3:16                                                  AUGUST, 1994

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.


Much today, has been focused on the concern as to what color Jesus is. For years, centuries, people have focused on, and portrayed Jesus, as being white. Most of the portraits that we see in churches, have shown Him to be white.

Lately, in the last ten years or so, a new movement has arisen in the black community, which challenges the traditional view of Him being white. As a black person, it would seem that I would be following the idea, that since He was called a Nazarene, and that He was raised in Egypt, that it was only logically assumed, that Jesus, was a man of color, more specifically black. However, I don't care what color Jesus is, that is not the important thing. What is important, is what do I believe about Him, when it comes to who He is, and what He did for Me. My salvation, doesn't rest on what color He is. Yet, sad to say, there are a lot of folks out there, black and white, that only follow Christ, based on His color. Well, let me tell you something. If you are a follower of Jesus, because His color is what drew you to Him, then, you might as well forget about salvation. God isn't going to accept you on those terms. It is enough, that Jesus left Heaven, came down here, and subjected Himself to all of the problems we have here, was persecuted, crucified, buried and raised from the dead, so that we could have a right to eternal life. Now someone says they have a new criteria, His color.

Well, let me address the black community for a moment. You say that Jesus is black. You say that Adam and Eve were black. You say that the black race is the parent of the white race. Well, think about this. Adam and Eve, I believe, were white. The black race, came into being, when descendants of Adam, were divided at the tower of Babel, and went into lands where the climate was extremely hot. Over the centuries, their skin and hair, adapted to the climate, and they became darker. Today we can look at whites, that spend a large amount of time in the sun. You will notice, that their skin gets darker. The longer they stay in it, the darker they get. If they were to live in hot areas, over a long period of time, their families, would literally turn dark skinned. If you will notice, blacks, never get white, unless they have a disease like Michael Jackson, allegedly has. But, the bottom line is, unless this foolishness of Jesus' race is done away with, many people, will start leaving the Church, or will never come to Him. It makes no difference what His color is. He died for whosoever, and that includes black, white, red, yellow or whatever color you want to name. Another thing you need to get away from, is the terminology of 'the black church.' There is no 'black church', there is only the Church. How would you like it, if whites labeled their churches as 'the white church?'

You whites, that feel the need to have a white Jesus, and a 'white church', need to get away from the race issue also. We are all in this boat together. We all need to work together. Jesus loves all of us the same. It would be nice, if we live that type of life as well. Groups like the KKK, and such, that seek to elevate the white man, above other races, in the name of God, need to be done away with. The black community needs to disassociate itself from groups, and churches with preachers, that seek to elevate the black race above other races, in the name of God. Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong in having pride in your race. But, when that pride begins to make you think you are better than another race, or that because you are black, then Jesus has a more special relationship with you, because He is black, you have gone too far, and God will cause you to be brought down to size, or be destroyed. For God has no respect of persons (Acts 10:34).

I am reminded of a story that was in the newspaper some twenty or so years ago, that shows how stupid racist views can be. A white trucker, was driving his rig down I-75 early one morning, when something happened, and he lost control of the truck, and it crashed into one of the overpass supports, and he was knocked unconscious. The fuel tank ruptured, and there was a danger of an explosion. A black man that was driving behind him, stopped, jumped out of his car, ran to the truck, opened the door and pulled the driver out and away from the vehicle, moments before it caught fire. As the driver regained consciousness, he realized that he could have been killed, if not for this black man. In a statement given to the news media, some time later, this man said, that up until that time, he had been a racist. He hated blacks with a passion, mainly because of what he was taught, among which was that blacks hated all whites. But, as a result of this incident, the man, renounced it, and as far as I know, is going around fighting racism wherever he can.

Now the point is, in this situation, race made no difference. It's funny how that when lives are on the line, all of a sudden it makes no difference who the rescuer is. Most people will get color blind. The sad thing is, some of his racist friends, stopped associating with him. They would rather he had been killed, than to be indebted to a black man.

Well, in the case of God, He is color blind. Jesus said, "Love your neighbor, as yourself." No color is mentioned. He also said, If a man says He loves God, but hates his brother, then he (the man), is a liar, because all mankind, is made in His (God's) image.

Have your white Jesus. Have your black Jesus. As for me and my house, we will have Jesus.

Be proud of your race, ethnicity and the like. But, remember this, it has no place in the Church. NONE. If you hold such a view, you need to repent of that garbage right now, before it is too late.

All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. All must be born again. All that are born again, are brothers and sisters, no matter what their color. Heaven is an equal opportunity residence, so is hell. You better be concerned where you will be residing, than who will be there with you. It's either His way, or the highway (hell).