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SRIPTURE - 2 TIM. 2:15                                                                                                   AUGUST, 1995



This month, we are going to do something a little different. We are going to look at, what I believe, are common beliefs, that many people hold, Christians included, that seem to be bible truth, but are in reality, man's mistaken opinion. And just how have these beliefs became so popular, you might ask? They became that way, because mankind, has failed to study the scriptures. The subject verse, says 'study'.

Now, a lot of people don't study, at all. Others take one or two verses of scripture, and form an opinion, and build a belief, on that. But, if you will notice the last part of that verse, it says, 'rightly divide the word of truth.' That means, that it is possible, to be given the truth, and wrongly divide it, and come up with garbage. And that is just what has been going on for centuries.

However, we will look at what is commonly held in high esteem today, and see what I am talking about. We will look at four of these sayings, even though there are many more. However, these four, are the most widely held beliefs, and cause many people, to suffer, and go to hell. They are, 'SINNER SAVED BY GRACE', 'WHEN IT'S YOUR TIME TO DIE','ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED' AND 'GOD IS THE ONE THAT PUTS SICKNESS AND DISEASE ON YOU.'

'SINNER SAVED BY GRACE.' One of the most common, yet erroneous statements, ever to come out of the mouth of a Christian.

The word sinner, means, a person that practices sin.

And Jesus said, that a person that practices sin, is the servant of sin (ST. JOHN 8:34).

Now, if a person is truly saved, the way the Bible says, then, they have come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. They have switched masters, if you will. (MATT. 10:25), bears this out, along with (LUKE 16:13). Jesus, represents righteousness, holiness, sanctification, and perfection. The devil, represents unrighteousness, unholiness, and everything that is the opposite of what Jesus stands for.

It is much like a marriage. In marriage, a woman, drops her maiden name, and attaches her husband's last name, in its place. She is no longer known by her maiden name. It has, for all intents and purposes, been done away with.

The same holds true, with the Christian. Using myself for an example, before I got saved, I was George Sinner. Everywhere I went, I was known as Mr. Sinner. That was all I did, sin.

Satan was my master. Then, one day, Jesus came along, and I chose Him, to be my Master. In effect, I became attached (married), to Him. The Church, is referred to as the Bride of Christ.

Well, when I accepted Him, I dropped the last name, sinner, and picked up the new name of, righteous. The Bible says, I am the righteousness of God, in Him (2 COR. 5:21). Therefore, it is impossible, for me to be a sinner, and saved at the same time. In order to do that, I would have to be a spiritual, adulterer. But, Jesus said, I can't serve two masters, right? So, I either have to be a sinner, or righteous.


Again, we have another favorite religious, as well as worldly statement, that has no Bible truth in it, whatsoever. Yet, many Christians believe it.

What is inferred by this statement, is that God, is sitting up in Heaven, with a calendar, a clock, and a list, with everybody's name on it. And that at a preset date and time, no matter where you are, or what you are doing, you will die. This also means, supposedly, that you can't die, before your time.

There have been many people, that escaped death, in a tragedy or other means, that have said, or had others say for them, that it just wasn't their time.

Well, let's look at a few scriptures, that will knock the wind out of that statement.

EPH. 6:1-3, EX. 20:12 say, that if children will obey and honor their parents, they will live long lives.

Now what is the flip side of that? If they don't do it, then their lives will be cut short. Sounds like there is something that can change the time of death to me.

(PROV. 18:21) says, life and death, are in the power of the tongue. Who's tongue? Yours, and mine.

That's right, your life, can be cut short, or lengthened, by your mouth. Many fights, and wars, are the result of someone shooting off their big mouth, at the wrong time, and to the wrong people. Once again, it seems like death, has no set time.

(PROV. 3:1-2) Essentially says, that if we keep God's commandments, and follow His directions, that our lives will be lengthened. How about that?

(2 KINGS 20:1-6) tells of a man named Hezekiah, who after being told by a prophet of God, that he was going to die, prayed to God, and reminded Him of all the good that he had done, was given fifteen more years of life. Doesn't sound like a set time to die, to me.

Lazarus, was dead, and Jesus raised him up. He (Jesus) also raised up a couple of other people from the dead. So, having a set time to die, is a myth.


Here, we have another false statement. The first part, can be found in the Bible, in (JOB 1:21). This passage of scripture, is widely used, in funeral services.

Next time you attend one, listen to the preacher, during the processional, or the recessional. 99 times out of 100, he, or she will use this statement. Now true, the statement, is in the Bible. But, it is not a true statement.

If you will read the events, leading up to Job making that statement, you will see, that God, had nothing to do with it. Job, made a wrong assumption, and many Christians have run away with it. The same thing goes for sickness and disease, as well as financial loss.

Read the rest of the story about all that happened to Job, and you will see, that God had nothing to do with it.

Today, many people, hate God, because of the mistaken belief, that He took their child, mother, father, husband, wife or other close relative or friend from them.

Can you imagine a little child, losing their parent(s), and being told that God took them home, because He needed them? What about the child? Doesn't he need them? And mind you, this is supposed to be a loving God.

Many Christians are dying, and are dead, because they thought God put the sickness or disease on them, that took, or is taking their life, therefore, they figured, they can't fight against God. So, they suffered, and died. And all the time, it was the Devil.

The Bible tells us, how Jesus, who is God in the flesh, came and healed the sick, raised the dead, and all other manner of good things. If what most people believe about God, is true, then He must be one screwed up God. No. It is the devil, that is behind all of this misery and misinformation, to get you to keep believing the wrong things, so you will continue to do the wrong things, and go to hell for them. (JOHN 10:10) says it all.

One of the biggest, and most popular sayings in Christianity, that seems biblical, and on which, many Christians, have made a Church doctrine out of, is, 'ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED.'

This saying, implies, that once you accept Christ as your Saviour and Lord, that no matter what you do after that, you will still go to Heaven. This belief, is a half truth.

What is true about it is, that no matter what you do, as long as you repent, and desire to remain saved, you will stay saved.

The whole idea here is, desiring to stay saved.

That desire, must dictate your actions. When told that you are committing sin, you should repent. Of course, the sin, must be biblical, and not something that man has instituted as sin.

Man will tell you, that it is a sin, to look at television. Hogwash. Now, certain things that come on television, are not suitable for a Christian to look at. Doing so, can constitute sin. But, in true Biblical teaching, if God calls something sin, then, that is what it is. And if you, being saved, and claiming Jesus as Lord (Master), refuse to stop doing that which God calls sin, that means you refuse to repent, then you are in critical danger of giving up your salvation.

Jesus said, "If you love Me, keep My commandments."(ST. JOHN 14:15)

Now, if a person doesn't keep His commandments, then that means that he doesn't love Jesus. And Heaven is not going to have someone there, that hates Jesus.

Also, look at these scriptures (HEB. 6:4-6) and (1 COR. 5:1-5). both give warnings, that say, that circumstances may occur, where a saved person, can fall in to a state of sin, where their salvation, will be forfeit. If 'once saved, always saved' were true, the way many try to make it to be, then why the warnings? That's like warning people to look both ways when crossing a street, if there was no danger that they could get injured or killed.

Think about it. You have a Bible, read it. Hope this clears up some points for you.