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(psychics) SCRIPTURE - Leviticus 20:6                                             AUGUST, 1996



(Lev. 20:27) reads, 'A man also or woman, that has a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death:....

Just who is it, that God, speaking through Moses is talking about? He is talking about those individuals, that have the ability, to see into the future, and claim to be able to contact those individuals that have died, to deliver messages to the living. Back then they were called soothsayers, and wizards. Today, they have a new name. They are called psychics. That's right psychics.

Today, the biggest fad around, is psychic networks. You have all sorts of these networks, being advertised on the tube. 'Psychic Friends Network', 'Psychic Love Line', 'Psychic Readers Network', just to name a few, are advertised over TV, hosted by big names in the entertainment industry. Dionne Warwick, Billy Dee Williams, Marla Gibbs, Gary Coleman, Fred Williamson, and many more. You have all of these people, being paraded in front of you, talking about how they can't make a move without consulting their psychic. Phyllis Diller claims that when she has a problem that she can't handle, she gives it over to her psychic, and they give her the answer. Yet, if you look at what God, has to say about these people, those that promote them, and those that are involved with them, are in for great wrath, not from man, but from God. Why? Because, all such people, Psychics, are actually getting their abilities from the Devil.

You see, familiar spirits, are just what the name implies. They are demon spirits, that are familiar with certain individuals. These spirits, usually attach themselves, so to speak to individuals, whom they can influence, and direct them to do certain things. They, in effect, form the personality of that individual. They stay with them, as long as they are allowed to, and then, depending on circumstances, will try to destroy them when they (the spirits) are in danger of being exposed, or cast off. After the person dies, this same demon, then attaches himself to others, who are receptive to them (psychics and wizards), and when called on, will reveal to them, the personalities of those that they have been with in the past. Psychics, use information given to them, by these same spirits, to tell people, about things that they have done in the past. They (the spirits), also reveal things to an individual, that are going to happen, because they (the spirits) intend to cause them to take place. Both of these tactics are what are used, to draw people in.

Now, some might say, are all of these things demonic, seeing that the Church, has the same things going on in it? The answer is, no. You see, Satan, copies what God has given the Church, and uses it to destroy whomever he can. When God, reveals something to the Church, or an individual, He will do it, according to the standards that He has set forth. In other words, He will not charge money for it. He will reveal things to His anointed people by revelation, then cause them to happen. His revelations, are always true, and direct. There is no guess work involved. If you will listen to these so-called revelators, they are always asking you to tell them your date of birth, then putting forth predictions, that, for the most part, general in nature.

If these people, were so much in tune with God, as many will claim to be, then how is it, that they can't seem to see disaster when it is coming on them. One psychic, was on a golf course, and was hit by a golfer, driving a golf cart, over a hill. Why didn't they see it coming? Because unlike God, these spirits can't do anything, if God doesn't allow them to do it. If God tells you, that you are going to get a million dollars, tomorrow at 9 a.m., you can rest assured it will be there at that time. If a demon spirit, tells you the same thing, then he has to rely on God allowing him to bring it to pass. These spirits, can't do anything, outside of what God allows. There was a man, by the name of Wolfman Jack, who consulted one of the psychics, on 'Psychic Friends Network' about his upcoming trip home, to visit his parents. The psychic told him, everything would be fine. He went home, got out of his car, walked into his parents house, and dropped dead of a massive heart attack. What happened? The psychic, can only get what God allows them to have available to them. However, in (Acts 5) there is a story about a couple, that tried to deceive the Church, and they were both struck dead, after Peter, spoke to them individually about lying to the Holy Ghost. God revealed to him, what they had done.

The bible says, that any one that turns to these individuals, will be cut off from his people. That term, means cast away, or destroyed. In other words, if you join in to this new fad, you or a member of your family can be destroyed. Not only that, but you will end up in hell. King Saul, went to one of these old testament psychics, to have her contact the prophet Samuel (1 Sam. 28:7-20). When Samuel appeared, he told him what was going to happen to him, and his sons, on the next day. The next day, it happened, as it was spoken.

These psychics today, won't dare do that. They can't. They tell you, you will meet your next husband soon. You will get a raise soon. There is wealth in the future. But, given the natural order of things, anybody could tell you that, and be right.

Now, the devil has a new trick. He makes you think, that it is just entertainment. Believe that if you want. It is deadly serious, as far as God is concerned. So much so, that He gave instruction to have all that had this ability, stoned to death. That means He hated them. And the same thing is true today.

The sad thing is, there are many people involved with these devils, that claim to be Christians. And for the most part, it is because of their ignorance to the truth. Other times, they, like Saul, have gotten to a place where they can't hear from God, so they go to a devil's operative, to get what they can't get from God. And that is where they stay (Rom. 10:3). They stay there, because these devils, convince them, that they are alright, and need not change their ways.

For the most part, psychics, have no vision of what is right or wrong, unless you talk about killing or doing someone great bodily harm. Then, you would likely go to someone that will work voodoo or something like that on someone. That then, is what is considered as a wizard.

Since these are not as popular as psychics, I will not spend much time elaborating on them. But, I will say this, beware of those people that claim to have powers and abilities, to be able to influence others, by means of revelation, spells, or potions. They may all seem like fun, but as the apostle Paul stated, we need to be aware of the devil's devices, (2 Cor.2:11).

Another thing to look out for, which goes along with psychics, is the practice of 'Astrology.' That is reading the stars and such, to learn how you should be acting, and what things are predestined to happen, in your life. Many of you, use this tool of the devil, when you play numbers. Numerology, is another tool of the devil. Psychics, sometimes use these also, to help them gain more followers.

God has given me a prediction for all of you that are involved with the devil. It is, 'Repent!!! Or you will all likewise perish.' 'Get saved, or, go to hell.' Now watch and see if this is truth or idle words, The choice, is yours. Amen.