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S C R I P T U R E - LUKE 2:7                                        DECEMBER, 1995



Ahhh. The age old, and familiar story about the birth of Jesus Christ, and the circumstances surrounding it. How that an angel, told a young virgin named Mary, that she would bring forth a son, and that He would be a great Man, and do great things. This Man, would be the Saviour of the world, a Mighty Warrior, the Prince of Peace, and God, manifested in the flesh. With these credentials, you would think that He would have come from a royal blood line, and have been born in a great mansion, or palace somewhere. But, where was He born? In a place where animals are kept. And why was this? Because all of the accommodations for visitors, were filled up. There was no room in the inn.

Imagine that. No room for a woman, that is expecting a child, any minute. There is no room, in any place, that is suitable for such an occasion. Ideally, today, we would look at hospitals, as the place for such an event. Some, however, choose to give birth at home. Births, have taken place in some strange places, but not because there was no room for the event, rather, the timing was wrong. Back then, a room was the least desirable place to give birth, when visiting another city. But, due to a census, where everyone had to return to their place of birth, to be taxed, all of the rooms were taken. So, the only place left, was with the animals. And I am thinking, there was no room for Jesus.

No room for Jesus. It's ironic. Because, here was a situation, where there was room, for those that came to party, and have a good time, while taking care of business. And Jesus, has to be pushed off to the side, where the animals are.

In like fashion, today, we in effect, do this same Jesus, the same way. How?? By always being too filled up, with our own ideas of what is important. We run all over the place, getting in to whatever we can, and don't give it a second thought. Having a good time, is all that we are concerned about. You have time for all of that, but when it comes to listening to someone, tell you about this Man, Jesus, suddenly, you don't have the time, or there is no room for Him, in your life.

How many times, I recall, have I asked some people, 'are you ready to get saved?', or 'let me tell you about Jesus.', only to hear them say, 'I'm not ready yet', or 'get back to me later' or 'I don't want to hear it'. All of these, whether you believe it or not, are signs of rejection. They are saying, not to me personally, but to Him, 'there is no room for you here, Jesus.' 'I'm too busy Jesus.' 'I have too many other things to do first, before I will consider you, Jesus.' Ohhhhh how foolish these people are being. They act as if they have thirty, forty, fifty or more years left, to decide when to consider Him. And sad to say, many will not make it to next year, let alone that many years.

When you are young, you think you will live forever. You think you are invincible. The thought of you dying, within a few months, is the farthest thing from your mind, let alone, a few days or hours. But, that reality, is real for all of us. Why? Because tomorrow, is not promised to anyone. Especially those, that are not righteous.

God, has control of every aspect of our lives, believe it or not. It is by His grace, that we get up in the morning, if we get up at all. You think that alarm clock woke you up this morning?? Think again. You think that food that is in your refrigerator, is there because you put it there?? Where did you get the money to buy it?? From a job?? Who do you think gives you the knowledge and strength to do that job?? Jesus, that's who. If some of you are like me, you have found yourself on the business end of a gun, in a dark alley. And in that situation, you started saying anything, to get the person, to just leave you alone. When it happened to me, I ran all types of game on them, and it worked. However, today, I realize, that even though I didn't call on Him, it was God, that intervened in that situation. He had time for me. He had time for you. But, you don't have time for Him. What if God, didn't have time for you?? Where would you be??

[REV. 3:20] 'BEHOLD, I STAND AT THE DOOR AND KNOCK', lets us know that Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart. Yet, when you open the door, you look at Him, then you see fornication, standing behind Him, and you invite it in, instead. He knocks again, you open the door, and see alcohol, standing behind Him, so you invite it in. He knocks again, you open the door, and see Psychic Friends Network, behind Him, so you invite it in. Drugs, homosexuality, perversion, gambling, partying and so on. All of these, you have room for, but not for Jesus.

Think about this. After all of these other things, begin to destroy you and your family, and your job, what if you then decide you have room for Jesus. You run to the door, open it, and Jesus is no longer there. Whatcha gonna do then?? [GEN 6:3] 'MY SPIRIT SHALL NOT ALWAYS STRIVE WITH MAN', means that God will not always be trying to get you to make room for Him. There will come a time when it will be too late. Then, all the crying and pleading, will do no good. Just like the people in Noah's day. While he was building the ark, the people made fun of him. He would stop and preach to them about the coming flood, but they were too busy having fun. After all, up until that time, there had never been rain, so the people didn't know how a ship, being built on dry land was going to save anyone. Noah, kept on warning them. Then the time came to gather the animals, and put them in the ark. then God told Noah, to gather his family, and put them in the ark. then it says, 'GOD SEALED THEM IN THE ARK, AND THE RAIN AND FLOODS CAME' [GEN. 7:16]. Guess what?? All of a sudden, the partying stopped, and the people ran to the ark, but it was too late. They beat on it, and cried, 'let us in', but it was too late. Noah, couldn't have let them in, even if he wanted to, [REV. 3:7].

Is there room for Jesus, in the inn of your heart?? Are all of those other things, that you thought were going to fill you up with pleasure, and satisfaction, falling short of your expectations?? Are they destroying your life?? Well, let me tell you, if they aren't already, they soon will be. Why?? Because nothing can satisfy you, if it is not what God has designed you for. Cars, are designed, primarily, to run on gasoline. And it has to be at the right octane level. You can put water in the tank if you want, but it won't work, and it could destroy the engine. You were designed to have God, in your life. Anything else, is a poor substitute, that will eventually destroy you. The only way, to get God in your life, is by making room for Jesus. That means, getting saved. As far as where you have to go, to get saved, you can do it right now, right where you are. All you have to do is say, "JESUS, I AM A SINNER, AND I AM SORRY FOR MY SINFUL WAYS. WILL YOU COME INTO MY HEART, AND CLEANSE ME FROM ALL MY SIN, AND BE LORD OF MY LIFE. I ACCEPT YOU AS LORD AND SAVIOR, AND WITH YOUR HELP, I WILL LIVE MY LIFE FOR YOU. I BELIEVE THAT YOU DIED ON THE CROSS FOR MY SINS, AND WERE RAISED FROM THE DEAD, FOR MY JUSTIFICATION." If you prayed that prayer, from the heart, meaning every word, congratulations, you are now saved. The next thing you need to do, is start learning about what God wants you to begin doing. Among these things, is get water baptized, in the name of Jesus as a symbolic act of the remission of your sins. Also, seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which will be the evidence of God's power, being given to you, as recorded in the book of Acts, chapter 2. You may not feel any different, but believe me, no, believe God, YOU ARE A NEW CREATION IN CHRIST. OLD THINGS HAVE PASSED AWAY, AND BEHOLD, ALL THINGS ARE NEW [2 COR. 5:17].