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(PROSTITUTION OF THE CHURCH 2) SCRIPTURE - ISA. 1:21 :6                                                 DECEMBER, 1996




Last month
, we began this subject, looking at how, a place, that one day, is full of all godliness, righteousness, and peace, can turn in to a place of ungodliness, unrighteousness, and just plain evil. And we saw, that the trouble began with the religious leaders, that led the kings astray, as well as the people. The people, only followed what they thought was God's will. These false preachers, set up the entire city of Zion, for destruction.

Today, the exact same thing is going on, in another place, where the characteristics of Zion, were present. This holy place, is the Church. And how did it, get like this??? Once again, it was the religious leaders, the preachers, with all of their false doctrine, and promises.

It is a known fact, that no one likes to go to a place where they are made to feel uneasy about something that they are doing. They want to find a place where they can feel good about themselves [2 Tim 4:3-4]. And the preacher, that thinks more about his popularity, influence, and how much money he can get, will sell out, or prostitute himself and give a false message of God. And there are plenty of them out there. They are a dime a dozen. Their big churches, big cars, big houses, their influence in the community, all they have to do, is say the right things, and they have it made.

Today, this nation, is on the verge of collapse. The government is corrupt. Crime is getting out of control. Our kids, are killing each other. Fornication and adultery, have become so popular, that you can see people on talk shows, bragging about what they are doing. This includes little girls, as young as 12 years old. Child molesting, homosexuality, false religions, idolatry, gambling, psychics, drugs, suicides, and you name it. If it is ungodly, you can find it. Young or old. Rich or poor. All have been touched by this godless thinking society. At one time, a preacher, was a man to be reverenced. Parents would tell their kids, 'I hope you grow up to be like Rev. Smith.' He was respected by everyone. He was a no nonsense preacher. He called sin, sin. There was no such thing as a little white lie. A lie, was a lie, and he called it as he saw it. He had the mind [1 COR. 2:16, PHIL. 2:5] of Christ. He saw things, strictly through the eyes of God [PROV. 5:21]. No one dared to mess with him [1 CHRON. 16:22]. But now, any preacher, that dares to stand up, and say, 'Thus saith the Lord, ...' is mocked, made to keep quiet, and in some instances, run out of town. And who is it that stirs up the people to do this?? The spineless, gutless, prostitutes, that call themselves preachers. They don't want anyone spoilling their good thing, and making them look bad. [ACTS 6:9-15, 13:48-51, 14:1-2, 17:10-14, 21:26-36]

Today, most of these preachers are more in it for the money, than the Rev. Ikes and such. Just like the prostitutes, back in the old testament days, they lure you in with seductive apparel, with a little tease of what is waiting for you, if you will just come in, and give something to them [PROV. 2:11-16, 5:3-6, 6:24-27, 20:16-17, 23:27-28] . Some put up signs in front of their churches, telling you, that some famous person is going to be there, to get you to stop by. It might be a recording artist, movie star, or some politician. Funny. The only famous person that needs to be seen or heard, especially in the church, is JESUS CHRIST. However, in more and more of these churches, He takes a back seat to political ambitions, popularity, and money. These corrupt preachers, are the root cause of our problems. How??

The people that make our laws, come to their churches, and regardless of what they stand for, the preacher gives them his blessing. They then, go out, thinking that they have God's blessing, and pass laws, that are an affront to God. When that happens, society, thinks that it is alright with God, what they have legalized, and pursue it. Then, judgement falls on them, and they want to blame someone else, so they blame the Rev. Smith's of the world, for causing their trouble.

The judges, that go to their churches, leave thinking that certain parts of our legal system, are immoral, even though, God instituted them. They leave, and make decisions, that turn around, and slap all of decent society in the face. Prisons, which at one time, were strictly places of punishment for wrong doers, are now more like mini country clubs. There was a time when they were the most feared places to go to. Yet recently, two men, killed two young girls, they say, 'because living on the streets was too hard. Prison was better.' When you have people, that find the outside world, a worse place than the prisons, then something is terribly wrong. Yet, these prostitutes, say all of the prisons, should provide health care, educational courses, TV's, stereo's, gyms, and some have even suggested that they be paid, for the work, the prisons make them do, if they do any at all. And guess who pays for it??? The decent, God fearing, hard working people who can barely make ends meet. And if you complain, you are considered, mean spirited.

So, under the laws of misguided politicians, and judges, sin has become legal, and criminals, are treated with kid gloves, and let back out on the streets, to victimize those of us, that obey the law. The criminals are running the streets, and we are in our houses, locked behind iron doors, bars, and gates. All because of these preachers.

The public school system, is an atrocity. Educators, go to these churches, and leave thinking that their way of teaching is fine. And just what way is that??? First, there is no place for God, or anything that resembles Him, in the schools. The ten commandments have been removed. Pictures of Jesus Christ, have been removed or covered up. Kids, can come to school, with shirts that have all sorts of devilish sayings, or pictures on them, and nothing is said. But, let a child come to school, with a shirt on, that has a picture of Jesus, or a bible verse on it, and they are stopped at the door, and told to go home, and change shirts. Second. The schools are turning out kids, that can barely read their diplomas, and the teachers say, it is because they aren't getting paid enough. Yet, Christian schools, operate on less money, and their students are two, or more years ahead of their counterparts, in the public schools. The teachers get paid about 30-45% less than public school teachers. What is the difference?? God!!! The public schools don't want anything to do with Him, so He leaves them to their own foolishness, and you can see the results [PSA. 127:1]. But, these prostitutes, want to blame Republicans, the religious right, and anyone else, just so they look good, in man's eyes. And remember, these kids, that can't read, will be voting for leaders, real soon. And some of them, will be our leaders. And when that happens, this nation will be in serious trouble. When is the last time you heard of a child carrying a gun, shooting, or fighting in a Christian school?? That ought to tell you something. These kids know that God, sees everything. They know the commandments. They are God conscious.

You see, the job of a preacher, is to seek God, for direction, and then, pass it on to those that he preaches to. Only God, has the remedy for all of mankind. And, He only speaks to those that He has called, to be in that position. Those that He has not called, aren't going to hear from Him. No matter how many degrees they have on the wall. God, prepares those that He calls. He does not call those that are prepared.

God, calls these men, and women, His enemies. Quite frankly, they are cursed. They are spiritually blind, and don't know it. Neither do their followers. And He says, not me, that He will deal with them Himself. How?? He will begin to show them up for the fools they are. Everything they are trying to accomplish, will begin to be torn down. Many will begin to drop dead, in their pulpits. Others will become sick, and suffer long painful illnesses. Those that follow them, will begin to see the truth. But, will it be too little, too late?? This is why the bible says, 'judgement must begin, at the house of God (Church). By the time God gets through dealing with the Church, the sinner will see, that he is in for total hell.

Is your pastor, one of these prostitutes?? Is he telling the truth, no matter how unpopular it is?? If you are going to church, and you don't know what being saved is, or that you have to be saved, in order to get in to Heaven, then one of two things is wrong. Either he is preaching the truth, and you aren't listening. Or, You are listening, and he isn't preaching it. If the latter is the case, you better run from that church, like you would run from AIDS.

Is there any hope for these preachers?? Of course. [2 CHRON. 7:14] says, 'If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; Then will I hear from Heaven, and forgive their sin, and heal their land.' This nation, could be great again, only if preachers, would do what they are supposed to do. But that means humbling themselves, and repenting. Then seeking His face, and turning from their wicked ways. As easy as this may seem, a lot of them would rather take their chances, than have to do that. And the sad thing is, you, your parents, your kids, and those that you care for, will be paying the price, just like those in the city of Zion. The city, as well as the nation, was destroyed. Millions died. Millions were taken in to captivity. Their riches, were taken from them. All because of false preachers. America, wake up.

There is so much more that I could touch on, but time and paper, don't permit. If the Lord is willing, there will be an audio tape of this message soon. There, I will go in to more detail, about this subject.