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SCRIPTURE - [Prov. 23 : 13 - 14]                                      DECEMBER, 1999

Withhold not correction from the child, for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shall beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul, from hell.


A couple of months ago, there was a trial of a preacher, that made the news in several states, including this one. He was charged with abusing his son. Well, when you first hear something like this, the first thing that pops in to your mind, is sexual abuse. Then, you may say that maybe he, knocked his son around or something like that. But, that was not the case. What it was that he was being charged with, is something that we all should be doing with our kids, when they are bad, and that is spanking him.

It seems that the young man, who is about 11, did something that warranted his father spanking him. Well the next day, in school, a teacher noticed some welts on his leg, and asked him, what happened. When he said that he had gotten spanked by his dad, the teacher took him to the principal's office, who in turn notified child protective services, who then notified the police, and filed charges against him (the father, the pastor).

Now, there are several things I want you to notice.

First, at no time, until the police were brought in to the situation, did any one contact the father. It would appear that they would have done that to inquire of him, even though I don't know why, what happened.

Secondly, notice who initiated the action. It wasn't the son, that came in complaining to the teacher, it was the teacher, and the principal. Two people, who are supposed to be aiding the parent, in raising the child.

Thirdly, there is an ongoing battle between two groups of people in this nation that seek to define just exactly how far one group's influence can go, in to the other's. It is called, 'separation of church and state.' Supposedly, the church's influence in governmental affairs, is to be, non existent. In other words, 'hands off.' But, here, we see a governmental agency, reaching in to a man's home, and basically punishing him, for doing what his religious faith says should be done. The ACLU, is always Johnny on the spot, if they even get a whiff of some church influence in government, but when it is the other way around, they are strangely silent.

But, the main thing I want to talk about, is this idea of spanking, being child abuse.

Look at the subject scripture. If you were to take it the way the world would look at it, then, you might say that it's saying it is okay to beat a child with anything. But, that is not what it is saying. The correct interpretation is along the lines of getting a switch, and striking the child.

Why would God, through Solomon, the wisest man there ever was, and will be, besides Jesus Christ, say that this type of action is necessary in raising a child???

It is quite simple. Solomon realized, that there is pain associated with bad behavior. And if a parent can inflict a little pain for bad behavior of a child, then that will prevent them from going out and doing something that could cost them their lives.

Here is an example. Little Johnnie, is being brought up in a home, where they don't believe in spanking a child. They have been indoctrinated by the social scientists of our day, the 'new gods', I call them. They are the Psychiatrists, psychologists, and sociologists. I call them the 'new gods', because they just about control all aspects of our lives. Everything we do, has to be examined by them, as to whether it is right or wrong. And according to them, spanking, is wrong.

So, Johnnie's parents, use their, 'the new god's' approach, when Johnnie misbehaves. They talk to him. They send him to his room. They take away his nintendo games, and sometimes, if he is really bad, they make him work in the house, cleaning up.

Little Johnnie has one bad habit, and that is, he likes to take things that are not his. When he is caught with something that belongs to one of his siblings, he usually has to go to bed early.

Well, one day, he sees a kid, playing with something that he would like to have, so he goes over to the kid, who is about his same age, and takes it, from him, and turns to walk away.

The kid, picks up a brick, and hits Johnnie in the head with it. Johnnie falls to the ground hollering and screaming. When the parents hear their child crying, they run out to see what is wrong.

Johnnie is laying there in his own blood, with his head split open. An ambulance is called, and they rush him to the hospital, where after a long operation, and many stitches, Johnnie is allowed to go home.

Stopping right there, what is it that we see?? Johnnie, has just come face to face with reality. That reality is, there is pain, associated with bad behavior. Too many of our kids have learned that lesson, the wrong way, and it was their last lesson, because they are dead. Playing with matches, the hot pot on the stove, a loaded gun, knives, going places that their parents told them not to go, and doing things they told them not to do, like running out into the street from between parked cars.

Sure, the parents told them not to do something, but they didn't stress the idea enough, that they could get seriously hurt. That's what happened with little Johnnie. The worst he expected to get, is a few hours cleaning up the house. But, the other child, wasn't his mom or dad. Neither are all of these other people in the world. If they respond violently to something that was an innocent action, then that won't help if your child is killed or injured seriously. The whole idea of spanking, is to let the child know that you are spanking them, because you love them, and don't want to see them get hurt.

The world, is not a fair place. Yet, many of the things they teach about raising kids, would only work, if the world was a utopia. Then everyone would simply tell a bad child, to go sit in a corner, or clean up their room or something.

Now, Solomon was a man, in whom God had put His own wisdom. So he (Solomon) was speaking the same things that God would say.

Today, we have individuals, going around thinking they know more than God does. I call them 'the new gods.' They are the social scientists that most of you, put all of your trust in, as well as the government, and the courts. They are the psychiatrists, psychologists and sociologists.

It was one of these types of people that started talking about spanking children was wrong. His name I believe was Dr. Spock. His idea of raising a child the correct way, is to let them do what they want, without any harsh words or spanking mixed in.

Well, if you look around, on the streets of this nation, in the prisons, in the funeral homes and cemeteries, in the markets at the checkout counters, where all the candy is, you can see the results of this man's (Dr. Spock's) wisdom.

I applaud any parent, that, when their child is acting up in the market, or anywhere else in public, they will get their belt off and use it, the way God says it should be used. That's what's wrong with most of our bad kids in the first place, no discipline. And the bad thing is, that many of them, will grow up and have kids of their own, then, look out. In situations like that, the kids will turn out worse than their parents.

Many courts will, throw out any complaints about a parent spanking their child, if, the parent didn't go to extremes. The spanking should be administered to the buttocks, legs, or the hands, and with something light weight like a belt, switch, or ruler. Paddles, are also good. No parent should strike a child in the face, head or other critical area of their bodies, where serious injury would result.

Solomon said, that if they start crying, before you spank them, to do it anyway [PROV 19:18], in too many instances, this is a ruse, to escape being spanked. Believe it or not, children are very capable of fooling their parents.

He also said, that by doing this, you will save their souls, from hell. That's where most of them will end up, if God doesn't intervene.

There are those who say, spanking a kid will only show them that you are a bully, that being bigger, you can make them do what you want them to do. Most of them that say that, either don't have kids, or they do, and think their kids are angels, when the kids are playing them for suckers.

Have you ever wondered why it is, that children, have a knack of easily catching on to doing things wrong, than to do them right??? We can see some of them, imitating people like Michael Jackson, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Madonna, Naughty by Nature, and a host of other entertainers, and athletes, not saying that all of these are wrong, but rather to prove a point, and that is, that they catch on to every move these people do, and they do it with perfection. Yet, if you tell them to clean up their rooms, wash the dishes, or try to get them to do their homework, they can't seem to get it right. They half do, everything.

Foolishness is easier to be involved in, than that which will cause them to become respectable, upstanding, and productive people in our society.

That is why we have the verse that says, Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction, will drive it far from him [PROV. 22 :15]. That foolishness, needs to be driven out. Otherwise, somewhere down the road, it will manifest itself in ways that we can see, out on the street, and it might then be too late. So, if you don't want to possibly get a late night call from the police, or the hospital, about your child, then you need to spank your child(ren). The longer you wait, the more trouble you will end up having.