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truth is out there [final]

SCRIPTURE John 8:32                                                                                                          DECEMBER, 2013

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

When I left off last month, I said I would give you some examples of just what we are doing wrong, and show you the consequences of those actions.

As I had mentioned earlier, it makes no difference what you or I might think the truth is, it all boils down to one thing and that is, 'is it something that can stand the test of time??' To stand the test of time, it has to be able to remain constant, providing the same evidence as to its existence, throughout eternity, without change.

Much of what we, as humans consider to be the truth, is temporary, meaning it is subject to change over the years. Consequently, what we may have accepted in the past as being the truth about something, may, today, be proven to have been either built on a half truth, or outright lie, because we didn't have all of the facts. As time went on, and we discovered more information concerning those issues, we changed our way of thinking, and upgraded our ideas to go along with it.

However, even in that instance, the truth was already there but, for whatever reason, usually because of ignorance, or lack of evidence, it went unnoticed.

I started out talking about the notion that the earth was flat, and the idea that blacks weren't human, as an example of the pervasiveness of ignorance that was, in the past, and still is, today. All of these things are the result of man formulating opinions, based on faulty information. By that, I mean information that is, or was incomplete.

Just about every thing we do in our lives, everyday is based on what we believe to be the best thing for us. But, the problem is, despite what scientists, politicians, social activists, and all the other 'elite' and educated among us might say, they are woefully misleading people to their own destruction, because of not being able, or not wanting to deal with anything that shows them that they are not as knowledgeable as they want us to believe they are.

We are always willing to accept as truth, anything that makes us feel good about ourselves. By the same token, we will usually reject any thing that makes us feel bad about ourselves. It is human nature. So, we would rather believe a lie, and call it, the truth, than to accept the truth.

This is why, we are in the mess we are in, in the world, this nation, and especially the black community. We don't want to deal with 'the truth!!' As Jack Nicholson's character in the movie 'A Few Good Men' proclaimed to Tom Cruise's character when Cruise demanded to know the truth, he proclaimed, 'You can't handle the truth!!!' No truer words have ever been spoken. We all proclaim we want to know the truth, but, in reality we only want it, if it doesn't paint us in a bad light.

For those that really want to know the Truth, there is only one source, from which to draw it, and that is the Word of God, the Bible.

Every thing that is right, and wrong in this world, has, at its root either acceptance, or rejection of God's directions for our lives, PERIOD!! If we accept it, we will be blessed. If we reject it, we will suffer. This is a Truth that has, is, and always will be the case. It will not change!! You can take that to the bank, as they say.

Hence, every problem we are facing is because we are going against what God says.

As far as this nation is concerned. If we go in to the old testament of the bible, and read the history of the rise and fall of all the different nations recorded there, you will find a direct correlation with the fact that when they followed God's commandments, they were essentially the most prosperous, and blessed people on the earth. They couldn't even be defeated in battle, even when outnumbered 1000 to 1. On the other hand, when they turned their backs on God, and started following their own way, their fortunes did a 180, and they were destroyed.

The key here is this. They knew what God said was right and wrong. Therefore, when they chose to go against God, they suffered moreso than those nations that had never known Him.

When we consider how this nation, from its beginning, had a divine design, of acknowledging God, and His rules, in the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, we became like those nations of the past. We became the most prosperous and strongest nation in the world. However, as time marched on, we slowly began to get away from those rules, and as a result, just like those nations in the past, we are slowly being destroyed.

In each case, it was the policies of those in power, that set the stage for what happened to those nations. Back in the biblical times, the majority of those kings were in that position because they inherited it from their parents, they conquered the nation, or through treachery. However in the United States, it is the people that choose our leaders, which then means, the people hold the blame for what the leaders of the nation do. We are directly responsible, and therefore God sees it as our[the people's] choice to accept, or reject His rules. So, the people will reap the consequences for those choices.

Now, in this nation, not all the people voted for those that are in control, and as a result, when God's punishment comes on the people, those that did not vote for those with an anti God agenda, would be isolated from the trouble. Consequently, when God's blessings fall on a nation because of God fearing leaders, those that opposed them, will end up not sharing in the blessings. This is one of the reasons we have, what we call a huge gap between the 'haves', and the 'have nots.' With all things being equal, it is usually the 'have nots', that throw their support behind those that have intentions to enact policies, that go contrary to the direction God wants us to follow.

Let's take a look at the black community in this nation. Truth, over 90 percent of us, support a political party exclusively[meaning they will not support the other party, no matter what], that has an unquestioned history of supporting, and promoting things, that go totally against what God says. If God hates it, they support it. If God supports it, they go against it. I have said, this party that over 90 percent of the black community supports is at war with Christ. This means, the black community is at war with Christ. No other community in this nation, comes close to that sort of support.

So, what is the consequence of this type of loyalty to a party that is at war with Christ??? We are the most cursed people in this nation. Statistically, if it is good, we rank at the very bottom of the list. On the other hand, if it is bad, we rank at the very top of the list. What this shows is the Truth of God's Word in Deuteronomy 28. But, as I mentioned, we don't want to accept that, even though most of those that support this party, are Christians. So, what we have is black Christians, joining in with a party that is at war with the Christ they claim to be following. Mind you, it is Christians, that are supposed to set the standard, for every one else. And in the case of the black community, we essentially, are making fools of ourselves. We are a laughing stock. Oh, I forgot, I shouldn't be saying anything negative about the black community, I need to look for/at the good, in the black community. That is the problem. Rather than dealing with the truth, we want to paint over it, or act as if it doesn't exist. If you don't face and deal with a problem, it will always be there!

God says the heart of man is wicked, as was mentioned earlier. Man says we are good. God says the ways of a child are foolishness [Prv. 22:15]. Man says they are cute. God says murderers should surely be put to death [Gen 9:6]. Man says it is immoral. Leading the way in all this, is black preachers, who go out and rail against anyone that dares to say anything against the black community, as being either racist, if they are white, or a 'house negro', if they are black. So, we continue to suffer, and all they, these black preachers can come up with is that it is the fault of racist Republicans, when it is the Republicans that are for the most part, following the guidelines of Christ.

If we look at those cities and states in this nation that are Republican strongholds, they are all prospering despite what is happening around them. If we look at those cities and states that are Democrat strongholds, they are at, or near bankruptcy. Why is that?? The Truth of God's Word.

Let's look at some other examples of the foolishness that this nation is engaging in.

We started teaching sex education in the public schools, to reduce the number of teen pregnancies that were occurring. The result?? It increased over 400 percent, and, we began to see preteens engaging in it. Sex education should be left to the parents, and the church, PERIOD!!

We used to have prayer in the public schools, along with the posting of the ten commandments. We removed both of them, now our public schools have become 'war zones', and a failure in educating our kids to be productive members of our society.

The public schools, as a direct challenge to God, started teaching the theory of evolution, not as a theory, but as a fact. This theory states that man evolved from animals, and was not created by God. The result??? Today, our children are behaving like the wild animals they have been taught they came from.

In the case of abortion, the number one thing that God hates because it is a direct attack on His design for that child [Jer 1:5] He is forming in the womb [Isa 44:2]. Each child, has a special purpose to accomplish in this world, that only God knows. It may be to discover a cure for cancer, alzheimers, diabetes or any one of the thousands of things that plague humanity, and it gets aborted. There goes a missed opportunity, and God will let us suffer a while before He attempts to send another child with the solution.

This nation has killed over 64 million babies since abortion became legal. God's response to that is, He is allowing the children we have with us today, to be gunned down in the streets, to be killed in accidents, to die of diseases that were once relegated to the elderly like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and others, as well as dying from drug overdoses. And since the Democratic party is the number one supporter of it, and the black community is the number one supporter of this party, then guess whose kids are dying at higher levels than other communities.

As I said, these are but a few of the myriad of things I could talk about, but, you should get the point if you are not mentally challenged. Oh, there I go again, acting like I'm trying to be politically correct. The truth is, you would have to be a complete moron not to see it!

Truth, is, what it is, and it can't be changed. It was here from the beginning, and will be here for eternity. When I hear people, especially scientists and such, talking about their new discoveries, and how they proclaim that it is something they have spent years, and millions, if not billions of dollars on, to get that far, I have to laugh. The reason being, that all these discoveries could have come to us a lot earlier, and cheaper, if only we had followed God's directions, as outlined in the bible.

Even when it comes to other religious beliefs, the Truth is right there in front of our face. The bible gives us example after example of nations that followed other gods, being destroyed, while those that adhered to the laws of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, prospered.

Today, the same holds true. Those other people that put their faith in other gods, consistently look to this nation, or rather they did, for help. But, as many of them came to this nation seeking a better life, they brought those same beliefs here, and petitioned our government to turn away from our Christian beliefs, because they were offended. So, we did, and now we are suffering. And rather than saying enough is enough, rather than make them feel bad about putting their faith in a god, that is a failure to them, we embrace them, and let them feel as if we are their friends. Problem is, we can't be friends with them, without being an enemy of Christ!

There is only One God, and One Christ, and One Truth. Like it or not, you either abide by what He says, or you pay the price. I don't care if it is the 30th century, what God said over 6000 years ago, holds true today, that is why it is the Truth!!!

You can either live by it, or be destroyed by it, but you can't have it both ways!! It is one or the other.

You shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free!!! Which do you want!!!???