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SCRIPTURE –1Jn 3:4, Acts 3:19                                                                                                                     FEBRUARY, 2009

Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.
Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;


The subject for this month, is one that is spoken about, very little, in most churches today. Yet, if ever there was a subject that needed to be spoken about, in every sermon, or even in conversation with others, it is this one.

The reason I say this, is because, unless it is made clear to everyone, what role this subject plays in the overall scheme of things, then billions of souls will end up suffering, not only in this life, but will be eternally lost.

This subject, actually deals with two little words, that hold the key to the future of every man, woman, and child, both directly, and indirectly.

First, let's look at the word 'sin.'

If you will look at the first subject verse, you will see the very simple definition that God has given us. It says, quite simply, 'sin', is the transgression (violation) of the law.

What law, is it talking about?? Well, quite simply, it is talking about the only law that there is, that man is, and will be judged by, in both this life and the one to come, and that is God's law.

God's law, is non discriminatory. It applies to just about everyone. The only ones it doesn't apply to, is children, that are too young to know right and wrong, and possibly those that are mentally ill. However, in the case of some mentally ill persons, it may be, that they are that way, because they, while they were in their right minds, became so offensive to God, that He cursed them, by allowing the devil to steal their minds. Remember, nothing can happen to you, good, or bad, unless God allows it.

So then, why would God allow bad things to happen to people? Because of their 'sin.'

Just as parents punish their children, when they do wrong, so too, does God. In fact, He is the One that instructed the parents on punishing their children.

Now, as far as 'law' is concerned, anything that God says for us, either to do, or not do, is His Law, and we must be obedient to It. It, is non negotiable. And it is up to us, to get the full understanding of what is right, and wrong, and adjust our lives accordingly, to come in line with It.

And that is where the second word, 'repent' comes in.

The second subject verse, gives us a look at just what repenting is about.

It says, that the people need to repent, and be converted, so that their 'sins', could be blotted out......

So exactly what does 'repent' mean??

It means, first, to admit that you have sinned. Second, ask forgiveness, and finally, to turn away from it. That is the capsulization of repentance.

The bible let's us know that all of us, no matter who we are, are born with a 'sin' nature, because we were conceived in 'sin.' Psa 51:5 Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me. It does not matter who your parents are, or what position they hold, either in the world, or the Church. They could have been praying in tongues while you were born, but, you are still a 'sinner.' And with that being the case, when you reach an age of knowing right, from wrong, you will then bear the responsibility of admitting to that fact.

Now simply admitting what you are, is not enough. You must ask forgiveness. Asking forgiveness, essentially means you are sorry for offending the person you are asking forgiveness from, in this case, it is Jesus Christ.

But then, there is one more step, that is crucial to essentially get back in to the good graces of God. And it is this one action, that is key, as to whether or not, you are really sorry for your actions. And it is this one step, that many want to overlook, and avoid. That one thing, will either set them up, for Heaven, or keep them on the path to hell. That one thing, is, having it set in your heart, that you want to change, and actively pursuing a path that leads you away from that sin.

Most people today, that label themselves as Christians, are under the mistaken belief, that, just because they go to church, sometimes every Sunday, that, that is all there is to it. They are in church on Sunday, and then go right back to what they have been doing all week long, as far as 'sin' is concerned, and they have no idea that they are still in an unforgiven state, that is leading them head long to hell.

The reason they are like this, essentially is because they are unaware of the danger they are in, because many pastors, fail to address the need for repentance. In fact, most pastors, of the major denominational churches in the world, especially in this nation, think, 'it is no big deal.' The way they feel is, everyone sins, because no one is perfect, therefore, no one has the right, to accuse someone of being guilty of 'sin.'

That type of attitude, is just as bad as taking a gun, and blowing someone's brains out. They are essentially killing, not only the person, but their soul. And what's worse, they are setting these people's families, and friends, up for possible suffering, as well.


Because, any one, that is in disobedience to God, may end up suffering, by way of, let's say, job loss, or illness, when they are the only one bringing the money home, to support their spouse and child(ren). So therefore, the family may lose their home, starve, have to go on welfare, or worse.

Deuteronomy 28: 15-68, describes, in great detail, all of the things that can befall those that are disobedient, and some of them involve the family suffering. Read it.

Jesus even stated, Mat 7:26-27 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it. He is warning of the danger of being disobedient to what He says.

But, as I mentioned, most pastors don't even talk about something being sin, They refer to it as being a mistake. And we all make mistakes. Therefore, if it is a mistake, then, it is not all that serious, because it wasn’ really intentional, and therefore, no repentance is necessary.

Nothing is 'sin' anymore. If someone calls it as such, they are labeled as being divisive, mean spirited, or bigots. They are accused of not showing the ‘ove of God.’
Well, let’ look at exactly what love, really entails.

If you love someone, you naturally, wouldn’ want to do anything that hurts their feelings, let alone hurt them. Right?? There is a group of sayings, one of which is, ‘ove, is not having to say you are sorry.’

While that sounds good, it is filled with a dangerous precept.

Just what limit do you place, on not offending someone?? Everybody, has feelings, and you wouldn’ want to deliberately hurt them. However, each one, has their own barriers, or sensitivities, on how certain things affect them. So, something that you do or say, while not hurting some, might hurt others. It is, for all intents, an unavoidable fact.

When Jesus, the epitome of Love, walked the earth, His ministry, was one of Love, towards everyone. Yet, many of His listeners, were offended by what He said, and eventually had Him crucified. But, why?? Could ‘ove’ really cause this type of reaction?? Yes it can.

Parents, love their children, for the most part. And they wouldn’ do anything to hurt them. Yet, if a parent sees their child, engaging in some sort of behavior that could seriously injure, or kill them, then the parent, might snatch the child out of that situation, scold, or spank them. Why?? To, save the child from a more serious injury.

Not having to say you are sorry, essentially means, the parent shouldn’ resort to harshness, when dealing with a child in this situation. The parent needs to find some other means to stop the child from pursuing their dangerous activity.

That is the most idiotic thing a person can do. If you don’ believe it, just look at the grownups, and young people walking the streets of this nation, that were raised by parents, that relied on this foolishness. They are spoiled. They think everyone owes them something. If you say something negative to them, they fly off the handle, or don’ want to hear what you have to say. They can’ hold a job, because they rebel at any correction from their boss. And they are involved in all sorts of self destructive behavior. They are the misfits of society.

All because their parents, didn’ want to hurt their feelings.

So, the parents, by not doing what God says parents need to do when raising their kids, have essentially doomed them to a life of misery, in a society where prosperity and success, is based on your personal values, and character.

If you really love someone, then, just as Christ had to do sometimes, you will have to hurt them, a little, to keep them from getting hurt, a lot. Why do you think Jesus, in one instance, chased the moneychangers, out of the temple, with a whip??[St. John 2 :14-16]

Alcoholics Anonymous, has a program called ‘ough Love’ that they resort to, to help Alcoholics get their lives straight, when less drastic measures, fail. What they get the family of the person to do, is tell them, in no uncertain terms, that ‘f you don’ get your life together, we are going to leave you.’
Is this being hateful? The Alcoholic, may think so, but in reality, it is really the sincerest form of love. The God type of love. Because the ultimate goal, is to help the individual, get their lives back on a course that will ultimately be the best, for them. All you have to do, is listen to the testimonies of those that experienced it, and got themselves straight.

Now, let’ look at these pastors, that are trying to show the love of God, by not addressing the issue of eliminating sin, by repentance.

They are showing love, all right. The problem is, it is love of the popularity they have in the community. Love of the money that’ in the offering plate. Love of themselves, where they don’ want to be labeled a bigot, homophobe, or the ‘religious right.’

As mentioned earlier, if something is a mistake, then it is not sin. And since ‘in’implies something that has to do with God, and religion, then, mistake, effectively removes any connection to God. And therefore, no repentance to God, is required.

However, as the second subject verse states, without repentance to God, your sins will remain. And that means, if you die, in your sin, then you will end up in hell!! No preacher, or anyone else, not even Jesus Christ, can get you out of that situation.

No one, in their right minds, wants to suffer, in this life, and they surely don't want to go to hell, when they die, so why do they continue to pursue their destructive lifestyle?? Because they don’ know any better. And why is that?? Because the ones that are in the position of showing them the ‘ight’way, aren’ doing their job.

Ask yourself this. How many times have you heard the most popular preachers in this nation, and especially in the black community, address anything as being ‘in?’Or how about the fact that people need to ‘epent?’I’ not even going to mention ‘ell’ another word missing from most sermons.

The point is, every day, hundreds of thousands of people (souls), slip in to eternity, headed for hell, many of whom, think they are all right with God, because they go to church every Sunday. All because they have unrepented sin, covering them. And when God sees that, He has no choice, but to send them to hell.

So, what is the solution??

Right now, where ever you are, realize that you have, or may have sin in your life, that you haven’ repented of, and ask Christ to forgive you. You can pray this prayer. ‘ord Jesus, I admit I am a sinner. And I ask you to forgive me, and to be Lord of my life, and show me how to live my life according to what is pleasing to the Father. Strengthen me with the Holy Spirit, so that I will have the ability to live the life that you want me to live. I want to be pleasing in your sight. I ask this, in your name, Lord Jesus, Amen.

If you prayed that prayer, meaning every word, you are now in right standing with God. All you have to do now, is find a church, where the pastor, does talk about these two words, in his messages. You will be a lot better off.