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SCRIPTURE - ST. JOHN 14:6                                           JANUARY, 2000

I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father, but by Me


Ever since I was a little kid, I used to hear those, that believed in God, make the statement that 'no matter what you are going through, God will make a way, of escape of deliverance.'

To me, that was an assurance, that God would always be there when things got rough, and the going got tough.

Many times in my own life, God has provided a means of escape for me, when my very life, was in danger.

Once, when I was a child, I was at a neighborhood recreation center, in the swimming pool, wading around in the shallow end, because I didn't know how to swim. In the process of fooling around with some other kids, I managed to slip, and go under water. When I tried to stand up, I found myself, under the water, in the deep end of the pool. It seemed like an eternity, as I tried everything I knew, to get to the surface. There I was, in the middle of a crisis, surrounded by a bunch of kids, and a lifeguard, but they didn't seem to realize that I was in trouble. I even reached up and tried to grab someone, and they thought I was playing.

It is times like this, that I came to realize that there may be people that are around us, going through something, maybe a crisis of life threatening proportions, and we don't even know it.

Any way, just when I had decided that I was going to drown, and had given up struggling, a voice told me to stand up on my feet. But, I had already tried it, and it didn't work. So, after figuring I had nothing to lose, I stood up, and bless God, my head was above the water. Somehow, I had gotten back in the shallow end of the pool. Today, I know that it had to be God, that spoke to me, and had maneuvered me to the shallow end, again.

There are other situations, where He has kept me from getting my brains blown out, that I won't take the time to mention. But the point is, He was there when I needed Him, and I am alive today to tell others about it.

Now, what I want to address is this. The message I used to get from others, about God making a way of escape, and what I get from Jesus' statement in the subject verse, tells me that something doesn't quite fit.

You see, when I was in that pool, struggling to get back to the safety of the shallow end, the way to survive was already there, I just had to find a way to get there. As it turned out, Jesus, was the answer. He told me what to do, and I did it. Had I not listened to Him and stood up, I could have drowned in the shallow end of the pool, just as well as the deep end. In other words, I had to do what He told me.

You see, our biggest problem today, is that we tend to try to do things ourselves, without getting counsel from God. We have all sorts of educated folk, that we turn to, to help us get out of some of the messes that we get ourselves in. And, in all of those instances, if we had sought God before doing what we did, then we would not have been in the mess, to begin with.

When people say, 'God will make a way,' that leads me to believe that up until that point, God had no set plan for me to get out of the mess. It was only after I got in it, that He came up with His plan for me. I kind of find this hard to believe. After all, we are talking about God, maker of Heaven and earth. The Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last. The one that is Omnipresent, Omniscient. and Omnipotent. Am I to believe that He didn't already know that this situation would come up in my life, and did nothing until after I got in it??? Maybe it was a suprise to Him, and He had to hustle and do something, before He lost me. No.

What I believe, goes like this. He has already made the way, we just have to walk in it.

Everyday, most of us leave home and drive somewhere. At the end of the day, we come back home. Now, depending on where you went, there is a certain path you take, to get back home. If you go the same place everyday, like work, you will probably take the same path home. Now suppose when you are heading home, you run in to an accident, or some construction, and can't go that way, what do you do?? You take an alternate route, right??? Now, in order for you to take that route, it must have already been there, right?? When that obstruction occurred, the road commission didn't come out and construct another route from scratch. It was already there, and all you had to do, is get on it.

In the game of chess, the object of the game is to capture the king of your opponent. What your opponent has to do, is prevent you from doing that. The same thing goes for you. In order to be good at this game, you must try to figure out how your opponent is going to move, not on just the next turn, but the next 5,10 or more turns down the line, and be prepared to counter those moves. Now, if man can do that in a game, don't you think God, knows what is going to happen, and is prepared to step in???

We all say, God knows the beginning from the end. So then, that being the case, then nothing suprises Him.

Now, since Jesus said, 'I AM THE WAY', that tells me that He is the only way. He didn't say, I AM A WAY', meaning that you can chose Him, or another way, and get to the right place. So, God has made 'The Way' for us to come to Him for whatever we have need of.

Now there is a scripture, found in [1COR. 10 : 13], that says something that seems to contradict what I just said, in that it says that God will make a way of escape. However, this is talking about temptations to do wrong. There is a difference, even though it is slight.

When you are in trouble, when you are sick or afflicted, God, has made the way for your deliverance and healing. If we look at [1 Pe 2 :24], we see that everything we need was encompassed in the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is the finished work of what was prophesied in [Isa 53 : 1 - 5]. Since salvation, covers all of the sufferings of mankind, spiritual, soul and physical, then truly Jesus is the Way, that God has made. However, that does not include temptation.

Jesus said, that we will be tempted, just like He was. All through His ministry, He suffered temptation, and was victorious over it. This is the area, where we need help, His help, to overcome it, when it comes in to our life.

In this area, it is like walking down a path, and seeing a big obstruction in the way, and you have to go that way to get to where you are going. You need to have that obstruction removed. Well, you call on Jesus, and He will move it out of your way. He has just made a way, where there was no way.

In the natural, if you or I wanted to get something, say, a house. And we found the perfect one. It had everything we needed, and the price was right. But, the enemy, threw a monkey wrench in the mix, because you had little or no credit. And let's say, someone came up to you and asked you to do something ungodly, like falsify some application information, so you could get the financing, what do you do?? That is when you call on Jesus, and He will make a way for you to get the financing, without lying, or maybe get you a better deal on that house, or another, even better house. That is the type of thing, in which God will make a way, when there seems to be no way.

Things that we encounter, that could destroy us spiritually, is what this scripture is referring to. Sexual temptation, pride, envy, and the host of things listed as the works of the flesh in [Gal. 5: 19 - 21]. When we can't see our way past them, we call on Jesus, and He moves them out of the way, so we can continue our journey on the road of righteousness.

Most of the time, He uses His Word, to build us up, so that we can overcome that temptation. Here's how.

I have, and I am sure many of you have, read through the bible, and read scriptures that meant absolutely nothing to us. Then, at some point later, we read over those same scriptures, and this time, they seem to jump out at us, and we seem to think, that scripture wasn't here before, where did it come from??? As if God had slipped it in there when we weren't looking. Sometimes the answer is right under our noses, and we can't see it. Then Jesus, puts the light on it, and we realize that it was there all the time.

It seems as though God has just made a way for something, when in reality, He just opened it up to us.

What is all of this telling you??? It is telling you, that no matter what you are going through, or what you may be facing, Jesus already has the solution, or is the solution that you need.

Just like me, in that swimming pool, you may be drowning spiritually, emotionally or physically, and no one seems to care. You struggle all the time just to keep going, but you are getting tired. Your strength is beginning to ebb, you may be going down for the last time.

Some times, that is what it takes. I can remember a story of a woman, whose son, fell off of a ship, in to the ocean, and he was struggling to stay afloat. There was a man, standing by, that said he could save him, so the woman screamed for him to do something, but he waited. The woman got hysterical "Why won't you jump in and save him???" Finally, as he started to go under for the last time, the man jumped in and got him back on the ship. The woman asked him why he waited so long. He said, 'Mam, if I had jumped in to save him, while he was still struggling, he would have caused both of us to drown. But, when his strength ran out, then I could help him. Glory!!!!!!! Glory!!!! Glory!!!!!

In many of our tests and trials, we have a tendency to try to help ourselves. We use our edu-ma-cation, and our money, and our influence with others, to get out of it. Oh, we call on God, but we are still trying to solve the problem ourselves. But, as the bible says, His strength, is made perfect, in our weakness, He can only move in our behalf, when we stop trying to do it ourselves.

Friend, am I talking about you??? Maybe it is a relative. A spouse, a parent or a child. You are going through hell, and you think no one cares. Family, and friends have turned their backs on you. And to make it even worse, the dog has turned on you. You are looking for a way out. Everything you have tried, has failed, and made matters worse. Drugs, sex and all the world's devices have done nothing. You have even tried religion, and that didn't help. Now you are considering suicide. Hold on a minute. Jesus is waiting for you to give Him a chance. What have you got to lose?? All you have to do, is ask. Say, 'Lord Jesus, I need you to direct me in what I need, to overcome these burdens that are too much for me to handle. I cast them at your feet right now, and ask you to take charge of my life, in Jesus' name. Amen.' If you prayed that prayer, from the heart, Jesus is now straightening out everything that's wrong in your life.

If you are not saved, you can be. Just ask Him. Say, 'Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, and I am sorry for my sin. Come in to my heart and cleanse me from sin, and be Lord of my Life. I believe that you died on the cross, and rose from the dead. And according to your word, I am now saved.' If you prayed that prayer from the heart, meaning every word, you are now saved, and walking in the right 'Way.'