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SCRIPTURE - MATT. 23:24-25                                                  JANUARY, 2005

Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.
Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter,
but within they are full of extortion and excess.


This month's subject addresses what is probably the most common position that people take, when facing problems. that is keeping them suffering, and not able to achieve what God has promised to those that trust in Him.

This position, is referred to in the passage of scripture, that is the subject verse, and in the title.

The scenario, is Jesus, giving the religious leaders of His day, a scathing rebuke, as to their actions in dealing with sin, and its consequences.

Essentially, what they were doing was, prioritizing things the wrong way, by overstating, minor infractions, while at the same time, overlooking, major offenses, which in many instances, they, themselves were guilty of.

To get the gist of what Christ was angry about, you need to read the entire chapter.

What you will find is, these leaders, were guilty of hypocrisy, and, at the same time, burdening the people down with guilt, that, for the most part, was superficial, that God, did not even address as sin.

To understand just what the Jesus was talking about when He used the comparison of a gnat, and a camel, we need to look at the book of the law, and what it said about both of them.

[Lev 11:4] Nevertheless these shall ye not eat of them that chew the cud, or of them that divide the hoof: as the camel, because he cheweth the cud, but divideth not the hoof; he is unclean unto you.

Now, as far as the gnat is concerned, there is no law against eating that. It may not look like something that one would want to eat, and may be distasteful, but there was no harm in it.

Now, what Jesus was saying, is that the religious leaders, were quick to spot the smallest indiscretions made by the people, while completely ignoring, and even at times supporting the major actions that should be dealt with, because there were plain, clear instructions concerning them.

Like Jesus mentioned, these people were more concerned about eating out of dirty dishes, with unclean hands, than the poisonous food, that was in the dish.

He was so disgusted by them, that He called them, .....whited sepulchers, full of dead men's bones.

Have you ever been to some of the national cemeteries, or some of the others, that look so pretty, that you want to take pictures with all of that beautiful landscaping and sculpture? Yet, if you dig down 6 feet, or so, what do you find??? Death. The rotting , stinking, corpses, of all that is repulsive to us.

What Jesus was saying about them, was that they walked around the streets, dressed in their clean white robes, they made sure there were no spots on them, looking all holy, and such, while on the inside, spiritually, they were as filthy, and rotten, as they could be.

They were liars, thieves, murderers, guilty of taking bribes, and showing favoritism. They were, a total disgrace to what it is they supposedly stood for, and that was, God's ambassadors. In other words, since they represented God, the people figured, God was the same way.

Now, let's fast forward to, the present.

If Jesus were addressing most preachers that are looked upon as leaders in their communities, He would be saying, the exact same thing.

As a Christian, that is an American, that happens to be black, there are many black preachers in our communities, that I know fall in to this category.

These individuals, are a disgrace to the office they hold, because they are disgracing God.

They jump all over certain people for the littlest things, yet completely overlook, major infractions of the commandments that God has given us, to live by.

Let me give you some examples.

If, a white person, has a store, and a young black male, comes in to that store, and this white person, thinks that this black male, may be attempting to steal something, and keeps an eye on him while he is in there, then black preachers, on hearing about it, would say that the white man is guilty of racial profiling. And, in some instances, would lead a boycott of that man's store.

Let, a black man, injure, or kill this same white man, in a robbery, and get caught, and put on trial, these same preachers, would be decrying how the justice system is unfair to blacks, because more of them are in prisons in this nation, than whites, for committing the same offenses. In the case of the death penalty, they really do everything they can, to get the black man off.

Now, the bible says, [Gen. 9:6] Whoso sheddeth man's blood(commits murder), by man shall his blood be shed(capital punishment): for in the image of God made he man. But yet, that doesn't matter, because, they want to be seen as the deliverers of those in our community, that, by God's law, should be removed from it.

As a result, if, this black man gets off, he will, more than likely, come back to the community, and just repeat the same crime again, possibly on another black, thereby creating another victim, that would not have been a statistic, if God's laws and directions, were followed.

When President Bush, called for the invasion of Iraq, because he believed that Saddam Hussein, had stockpiled, or was developing, weapons of mass destruction, and to date, none have been found, and the search stopped, these preachers called Bush a liar, saying he deceived the American people. When in actuality, he was acting on information given to him, by the Clinton administration, including the CIA, which was headed by a Clinton appointee.

Yet, if we go back to Bill Clinton, these same preachers, supported him, calling impeachment proceedings against him, racially motivated. And what were these hearings about??? Clinton, commits adultery in the White House, then gets on national TV, and lies to the nation. Not only that, he then goes before congress, and lies to them, which, according to law, is an impeachable offense. And had it not been for a certain blue dress, he would still be saying nothing happened. But, after being caught, still does not repent. And these preachers say nothing.

If we look at all of the problems that the nation, and especially the black community are facing, these preachers would be quick to say, it is the fault of the Republicans. The crime, the loss of jobs, the teen pregnancies, the illiteracy of our school children, the infant mortality rates, the plight of senior citizens, having to sometimes choose between eating, or buying their medications, and everything else that is wrong in this society, and these preachers will have one response, Republicans.

And what is their solution to all of these ills??? Democrats.

So, these black preachers throw their support behind the Democrats. And what do the Democrats, support???

Slapping the God that these preachers are supposed to be serving, in the face, to the tune of 1.5 million times a year, through the process of abortion. Supporting the 'gay' community, in getting laws passed, to allow them to marry, adopt children, and sue anyone that speaks out against their lifestyle choice, which, by the way, is an abomination to God, especially, other preachers (called 'the religious right').

These preachers, walk hand in hand with every ungodly group of people, that support the Democratic party, to, in effect, 'war' against God.

And, what do you think God's response to this ignorance, and foolishness is??? The crime, the loss of jobs, the teen pregnancies, the illiteracy of our school children, the infant mortality rates, the plight of senior citizens, having to sometimes choose between eating, or buying their medications, all sorts of sickness and disease everything else that is wrong in this society.

You see, these preachers, must be ignorant of the fact that what is happening is not the result of the Republicans, but rather, the result of, SIN.

Those that support the Democratic party, are supporting, sin, and as the bible says, (Gal 6:7) Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. By their actions, these preachers are mocking God. First by leading men to believe God doesn't really care about what they do, then, when His judgment comes, they don't even acknowledge that, they blame man (the Republicans) for it.

They won't dare say what the real problem is, because if they did, they would have to admit they were either ignorant of what God says concerning these issues, or they were deceiving the people. It's one, or the other. And that means, they should not even be holding that position, as a preacher.

You see, all you have to do, is read your bible, Deut. chapter 28, and you will see what God says will happen to those that follow His Word, versus those that disobey Him. It's all right there, in black and white.

You know, there is a saying that goes like this, 'Those that don't learn from the mistakes of the past, are doomed to repeat them.'

And in this day and time, we have no excuse, and therefore, the results of those mistakes, are far worse.

You know, in this society of suing people for malpractice, personal injury, with punitive damages, if you look at what all of the results of what these preachers caused, I'm talking about the misery, and death, and the eternal damnation that follows, all of these preachers need to be sued, to the uttermost.

The politicians are not to be faulted by their actions, because these preachers never tell them that they need to change their wicked ways. After all the politician goes in to their churches, to get the people to support them, and if the preacher never says anything to them about what they support, being an offense to God, then the politician leaves, thinking they have God's blessing, because they have these preacher's blessing. And that is not it.

Jesus went on to talk about the blind, leading the blind, and how they both will fall in to the ditch. These preachers not only will not admit they are blind, but when they fall in to the ditch, they will blame, you guessed it, the Republicans. So naturally, the Democrats blame the Republicans.

The problems in this nation, and especially in the black community, are the fault, not of the Republicans, but if anything the people's willingness to support sin.
The late mayor of Detroit, Coleman A. Young, once made the statement, that "when the nation gets a 'cold', the black community, gets 'pneumonia.' What he was saying is that the black community suffers far worse, in every bad situation, than the rest of the nation, Ever wonder why that is??? It is because over 92% of the voters in the black community, are so supportive of the Democratic party, that rather than vote for a Republican, they will not vote, at all. All of the other communities, will support Republicans, if they don't like the Democratic candidate for an office

In the midst of crisis situations, those that hold to the views of following what God says is right, and wrong, are shielded from the effects of that crisis. If you read about the plagues that God sent on Egypt, and how He isolated his people from the devastation, of them, you will see that He is doing the same thing today.

But, as you can tell, these leaders of yours, never tell you anything like that, in relation to who you vote for, because they hold to the idea of, separation of church and state, which translates in to a 'separation of God and state.' And if you don't want God, involved in the affairs of government, and its law making, then God will butt out, and let you suffer. Then you run to Him, too relieve your suffering, but you don't repent for your wicked ways. Then, when he doesn't answer, you make up your own solution, which is flawed. Then down the road, that solution proves to cause even bigger problems. Then you come up with another flawed solution, and so on.

If this nation, wants deliverance from God, who is the only One, that can do it, then repentance, is the first step. And these preachers, need to be at the head of the line. After all God says, 2Chr 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name (Christians, and especially these preachers), shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Preacher, it is time for you to get right, quit your foolishness, or get out of the pulpit. You are a disgrace to God, and are the chief cause of the suffering the people are going through, all because you want fame, prestige, and power, and, dare I say, money??

You can keep this facade up, if you want to, but rest assured, God is about to shed the light on you, so the people can see just what you are, and that is, as Jesus says, whited sepulchers full of dead men's bones, and in another passage of scripture, wolves in sheep's clothing.

And when that happens, where will all of your fame, prestige, power and money take you?? Especially when you stand before God. Think about it!!