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SCRIPTURE - ISA 11:6                                                                                                        JUNE, 2014

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid;
and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.


In August of last year, I wrote a message, using this same subject scripture, and title. So, as you can see, I added something to the end of it, so that you can see the difference.

From time to time, this type of thing may occur because every scripture in the bible is open to different interpretations, that, are in line with what God has to say about our lives.

What needs to be made clear is this. The interpretation is valid, as long as it does not contradict other scriptures in the bible.

Many people, both saved and unsaved, have a tendency to read certain parts of the bible, and form opinions[interpretations] on what they mean, while at the same time, completely ignoring the rest of the bible.

The problem with this type of mindset, is that, in just about every case, their opinion is out of line with what God says, because they are not fully aware of what God wants us to know.

If, a policeman were to investigate a crime, and he ignored even 1 piece of evidence, the result could be that an innocent person is sent to prison, or a guilty person could be set free.

Well the same holds true with the Word of God. You can't form opinions on part of what God says, you have to know 'ALL' of what God says, about any issue, in order to arrive at the correct conclusion. That means you have to study the entire bible [2Tim 2:15][2Tim 3:16], being led by the Holy Spirit, in order to stay within the path that God wants you to walk in.

Any thing outside of this, 'WILL' lead to disaster. God is not going to change what He said, and meant, because of our misunderstanding, no matter who, or how many of us, there are. If the entire world forms the wrong opinion then, the entire world will have to pay the price for it.

Now, getting back to the message.

Last year, I addressed an interpretation of this same scripture, which dealt with just exactly what the term, 'A LITTLE CHILD' meant in regards to that particular moment in time, when as the scripture says, peace will reign on the earth.

What I am going to address here, however, is using another view of the same highlighted part of the same scripture above, to show you a trick that the enemy is using against us, concerning our most precious legacy, our children.

We all know, as parents, we have an obligation to raise our children as best we can, and to make sure that every thing we do, will be for the betterment of their lives.

We are dedicated to their well being. We will do whatever we can to protect them from all sorts of dangers, to the point that we will sacrifice our lives, just to save theirs.

Why? Because they are essentially dependent on us because they can't defend themselves. Besides that, it is because we love them, because they are a part of us. In the animal kingdom, you see the very same thing, with animals going out of their way to protect their young, when threatened, even to the point of possibly being killed.

Well, while all of this is honorable, there are those that, knowing how we feel about our children, will use tactics to get us to do what they want us to do, by getting us to perceive a threat, that is not real, or blinding us to a real threat, to our children.

Essentially, they will use our love of, and for our children, to lead us to our own destruction.

Here are a few examples.

Environmentalism. For over 40 years, environmental groups have been warning us that the earth is warming up, as a direct cause of the actions of mankind, and if we don't do anything to change our actions, our children will end up suffering, in the future.

Now, no self respecting parent would want our future legacy to suffer, so, we will be seeking advice as to how we can halt this problem before it is too late, not for us, but for them. And who do we go to for this advice?? The same ones that issued the warning. And, it seems logical, because if they are warning us of the danger, then they must have solutions to the problem.

And what are these solutions?? Well, since the problem is the result of the internal combustion engine, the main source of power in over 98 percent of all the trucks, cars, boats, planes, trains and so on, we need to force them to conform to certain standards that will reduce the output of carbon dioxide, that is supposedly destroying the ozone layer of the earth, allowing more of the sun's ultraviolet rays to penetrate the earth and thus warming it up.

Logical solution, I would admit. The problem is this. Their solution is resulting in the loss of millions of jobs in the industries that not only produce these products, but, depend on them as well. How so??

Because with new regulations, comes more cost to research and develop the technology to make these vehicles meet those standards, which inevitably will result in higher prices on those products. This will result in lower demand for them, which will then result in loss of jobs.

But, what is that, if it will mean a better future for, our children??

Well, first of all, let's look at the evidence they, the environmental crowd are giving us, to go along with the warning.

First, they are saying the earth is warming up, as a direct result of man's actions, meaning, global warming is man-made. This means if we made it, we can change it. However, we have to do it quickly, or else it will be too late.

They quote studies of how the average temperature of the earth [how they get that, I don't know], has increased by so many degrees over the past 50 or so years. They point to the melting of the polar icecaps in Antarctica, the droughts all over the country, the drying up of a lot of rivers, the violent storms, and extreme cold temperatures that we are experiencing, as proof of what they are saying.

What they are doing, is playing on our emotions. With a sense of urgency, they don't want you to research, or think about what they are saying. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN!! To do otherwise, shows you are a bad parent that doesn't care about the future of your kids.

The facts are these. Before man inhabited the earth, historically, the earth has had at least 4 periods, in its billion or more years of existence, that were termed as an 'Ice Age. In each case, for there to have been that many, the earth had to warm up enough for one age to end before another could start.

So, the question is, if the earth has been doing this on its own, before man was here, then why should we be acting as if this hasn't happened in the past, and that it is our fault??

The fact of the matter is, we are losing millions of jobs, that, will not be there for our children, when they grow up, based on a lie.

Another area is gun control. With the rash of school shootings, kids killing each other or themselves with guns, there is a push by those that say they are concerned for the safety of our kids, that want the government to enact strict laws, as to who can purchase a gun, and what types are available for consumers to purchase.

Once again, it seems reasonable. After all if the life of one child can be saved, so we reason, it is worth the trouble.

The problem is. If you only take their side of the story, and once again, act on emotion, you will not see the whole picture.

What we need to be looking at, is what I call a deterioration of moral values in the nation, which leads to situations where people have no respect for themselves, let alone others.

Depending on the environment a child is raised in, what schools they attend, their family, and friends, and what they are exposed to on the tube, and other places, you have a recipe for disaster.

But, we don't want to address this area first. We want to get rid of the very things, that, over the past, have saved the lives of people that were armed when they were attacked on the street or in their homes by those that wanted to take their lives.

The mere fact that, after several school shootings, where kids were the victims, our response to arming the teachers, or placing armed personnel in the schools, is to call such an action, ludicrous.

By nature, people that don't have any respect for their own lives, will usually attempt to do whatever they want, without regard for their own safety. However, they will usually take the safer path, when it comes to who they choose for victims. An unarmed, or unprotected target is just up their alley. Think about this. How many times have you seen a criminal walk up to a policeman in full uniform, and try to rob, or kill them? Not many, Why?? Because they see that weapon strapped on their side. Yet, the idea of allowing people to carry a weapon in plain view, to protect our children, is somehow, crazy.

What is interesting, neither of these groups that are so concerned about our children, have a problem with abortion, which essentially is the killing of a child in the womb. But, they are so concerned about that same child, if it makes it out of the womb. If that isn't hypocrisy, I don't know what is.

Then we have public education. One of the main tools these, and other groups use our devotion to our children, to get us to do what they want, is our public schools, especially in urban areas.

These groups figure, that the best way to get society to do what they want, is to begin indoctrinating our children to think like they want them to think, and thus change the condition of society from the ground, up. It is easier to do it that way, than to try changing the minds of the older generations that are set in their ways.

What they do is start teaching our children things that the children will come home, and get their parents to help them with like home work, and projects that will put the parent on the spot, to either help, or hinder their child's progress in school.

If a child comes home from school with some sort of homework or project that says they need to make sure that their home is environmentally efficient, or a safe place where there are no dangers like guns, in the house, or that their parents don't have outdated views on things like family, and marriage, or even discipline, what is a loving parent to do? If the parent rejects these things, then the child will fail, and be an outcast among the other students, making them a target for bullying. What parent wants that?? So, they go along, for the child's sake.

When it is an election season, once again, the public schools will send the kids home to tell their parents why they should vote for a certain candidate, which, once again, supports the programs, and views of these and other groups, whose agenda is destroying our lives, all for the sake of our kids. Not to mention it is destroying our kids' future as well.

Have you noticed how many of our kids, who graduate from school, and college, still can't find a decent paying job?? You can thank these same groups for that.

Their reasoning is, if the parents won't listen to these groups and do what they want them to do, then maybe they will listen to their children. In other words, get the child to lead them.

I could go on and on with examples, but, you get the picture. The one thing these and other groups have in common, is that they all support the same political party, Democrats. And it is this party that legislates the laws these groups want to see passed.

Every piece of legislation they put in to law, is based on lies, and half truths, that, in the long run, will harm our children, the ones they claim to be protecting.

The bible says, There is a way that seems like the right thing to do, but it will end up destroying those that walk in it.[paraphrasing Proverbs 14:12, 16:25] Part 2, next month.