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SCRIPTURE- ST. JOHN 14:6                                               MARCH, 1995



In a preview of the movie, A FEW GOOD MEN, a character, played by Tom Cruise, is questioning another character, played by Jack Nicholson. In a memorable exchange, Tom Cruise' character states, "I want the truth." The character, played by Nicholson, states, quite emphatically, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH."

How true it is. Many of us, go through life, doing our own thing. we have no regard for others, let alone God. We will do whatever it takes, to get ahead. And if that means stepping on someone to do it, then, so be it. Yet, in the midst of it all, we meet obstacles. We fall short. We just can't seem to get it right. And in our despair, we begin to seek answers, that will help us to overcome, and to get ahead, in life. We go around, seeking all of the advice we can get. We go to the banker, the business expert, the horoscopes, the psychics, and whoever else we can think of that will give us an assuring word, to soothe our troubled souls. However, the one thing we really don't want to seek, is the pure, unadulterated truth. Why do I say this? Because the one person we will not turn to, is Jesus Christ, or one of His representatives. We will run helter skelter, to hear a half truth, or a lie, before we will go to someone for the truth. We do it, because we can't handle the truth.

Sometimes, I will be listening to someone, complaining about how hard it is for them to make it. They are lonely, broke, feeling used and abused. No one cares about them. The harder they try, the more they get knocked down. They say, 'I've tried everything, and nothing works.' My response to them is, "Have you tried Jesus?" Judging from the facial expression that I usually get, even if they don't say it, that is the last thing they want to hear. When that happens, I realize, that this person, wants to be praised, or supported in their belief, that the reason for their problems, is not them, but somebody or something else.

Nobody, that I know, likes to accept the blame for their actions. It is like having to take a big gulp of castor oil. It taste's awful, but it usually will cure what ails you. Most of us would rather die, than to face the truth. That is the biggest cause of most of our problems that we have in this society today. We want people to overlook our faults, and say, that our problems, are the result of someone else' actions. Well, my answer to that is, BALONEY!!!!!

The drunk, blames his or her drinking problem on the spouse, the kids, the boss, the job, or some other outside entity. The abuser (spouse or child), blames their problems on their parents. The criminal, blames their actions, on the neighborhood, peer pressure, the movies, TV and such. The kids, are running wild, and the parent(s) say(s), they don't know where the kid(s), get that type of behavior from, yet they sit on the sofa all the time, looking at the idiot box, listening to snoop doggy dogg, with their Colt 45 malt liquor, at their side, and not wanting to be bothered by the kid(s). You say, 'that's right preacher, you tell them. You know, I have been trying to tell the stupid idiots, that they need to get their act together. It's about time they heard it from someone other than me.' Well, now that I've told them what their problem is, let me climb on your little red wagon, and ride it for a while. Then you pull a, Willis, "What you talkin' 'bout preacher?" Yeah, that's right. As long as someone is getting taken to the woodshed, you are right there, cheering away. But, when the light is turned on you, 'you better take that mess, somewhere else,' you say. Why is that? It is because you can't handle the truth.

We all want to be successful, and live long prosperous lives, and be well spoken of. Yet, if it means, having to put up with a change in our basic behavior, or thought pattern, then we don't want to be bothered. Yet, that is just what has to happen, if we are going to make a successful journey through this life. We will have to change our way of thinking, and line it up, not with what I think, or say, but with what God says, through Jesus Christ.

Some of you, are very religious. You go to church 7 days a week. You serve on all the boards. You sing in the choir. You may even be pastor. Yet, you are going to bust hell wide open. Why? Because you are in the wrong religion. That's right, the wrong religion. You are participating in a man made religion. Your religion says, 'the more good works you do, the more favorable you will be, in God's sight. Works! The Bible says, You are saved by grace through faith, NOT OF WORKS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.' (Eph. 2: 8-9). (Matt. 7:22-23), says it all. In the day of judgement, many will come to Jesus, proclaiming their good works, and Jesus will tell them, He never knew them. He could be saying that about you. You see, Jesus, said, I am the way, meaning that if you are seeking the best that God has to offer, then, you have to go the way that Jesus says you have to go. It's His way, or the highway. Now when you go His way, then that means that you have to face the truth, about yourself. And He is the one, that tells you the truth, because He is the Truth. And I think, that is where a lot of us jump off the train. We want the goods, but not the truth. We want Heaven, but not Jesus. Why? Because some of us, can't handle Him. Yet, if you want the best that God has to offer, then Jesus, is the best. He is the door, to what you need.

You see, when I talk about being religious, I am referring to being locked in, to a way of thinking, and doing things, that make you feel good, and satisfied with 'you.' Anything, can be a religious experience. Going to work everyday, and being prompt. Visiting the sick, giving money to the poor, helping the homeless, feeding the starving, going to church, serving on boards, etc. All of these are good. You are going a way, but you are not going, THE WAY. Because, if anybody tells you, about some activity you are involved in, that Christ says is sinful, you will more than likely tell them, where to get off. You will launch in to the litany of things that you are doing, as if God is going to ignore, your sin, for your works. It's not going to happen. Can you handle that? One thing that Christ wants us to be, in fact, we have to be, and that is perfect, righteous, holy, and without sin. That is the truth, not from me, per se, but from God. BE YE PERFECT, EVEN AS THE FATHER IN HEAVEN IS PERFECT (MATT. 5:48). .... WITHOUT HOLINESS, NO MAN SHALL SEE THE LORD (HEB. 12:14). THE EFFECTUAL FERVENT PRAYER OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN, AVAILS MUCH. (JAMES 5:16). The first scripture tells us that we need to pattern our lives after the life of Jesus Christ, who was perfect, in all areas of life. He was tempted like we are today, but remained, WITHOUT SIN. The life He lived, was a Holy life. If you ever expect to get into Heaven, then you too, must live a Holy life. As far as being righteous is concerned, God, only hears and is committed to answering their prayers. Can you handle that?

God, has provided us with all of the truth, that we need to be blessed in this life, and to enter into Heaven, after this life ends. That is His promise to us. But only if we follow His directions. Jesus said, "I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance." (Matt. 9:13). First, you must be BORN AGAIN (ST. JOHN 3:1- 16), and that carries with it, repentance of your sins (past). Then, you should get baptized, according to (Acts 2:38). Then, you should seek the baptism of the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:1-4). You say, I can't live that type of life.' Well, with the help of the Holy Ghost, you can. That is what He is sent here for, to be a helper (Heb. 13:6), comforter (St. John 14:16), and a teacher (St John 16:13). With this, you shall have the power, the same power, that Jesus had, when He was here (St. John 1:12, Acts 1:8, 3:1 - 4:12, Rom. 1:16). Now handle that.