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SCRIPTURE – GAL 6:7, ROM 6:23                                                      MAY, 2007

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Have you ever heard the expression, 'Pardon my French!!'??

It usually denotes the use of words, that, for the most part, express a person's feeling about something, that when expressed verbally, tend to offend people, even though the words are part of our vocabulary.

When people use these expressions, one could say, their anger, or displeasure, is so deep, that, trying to be polite, and reserved about the matter, doesn't begin to cover their absolute displeasure, and anger, about it.

Well, that is the way the world expresses it, so, I decided to use part of the saying, and let you fill in the blanks.

What, you may ask, has got me in this type of mood, that I would use a title like this??

The answer, is in what has taken place in the past few weeks, from the position of many in this nation about the war in Iraq, the flap about Don Imus, and the recent tragedy concerning the massacre of 32 individuals, by a young man, who then, committed suicide.

I intend to address these 3 issues, in this message, and the one next month, if the Lord is willing.

There are many things that need to be said, that have not been addressed by many of the so-called religious leaders in this nation, black, and white. And, the reason for this, may vary, but the root causes are usually in one, or more, of three areas, and they are, popularity, pride, or ignorance.

I am not going to waste time addressing each of these areas individually, but rather, when you get finished reading this message, you will get the idea of what I am talking about.

First, concerning the war in Iraq, many in this nation, are calling for the withdrawal of our troops, from Iraq, because they feel, there is no chance of winning it.

That may be a legitimate argument, even though, the possibility of leaving there, will put us at risk of having to fight, terrorism, on our own soil.

Unlike Vietnam, the terrorists, have as their goal, the destruction of the United States, and our way of life, and the only thing keeping them from accomplishing that goal, is that they don't really have any place, where they can call a 'home base.' This means they can't get organized, and form a united front of aggression. They are scattered all over the place, and one group doesn't know what the others are doing.

This is why we see random acts of violence, instead of a concerted effort on their part, to get the job done. This is why they are battling for control of Iraq. They want to establish it as their home base, from which to train, and dispatch their people to spread terror and destruction, throughout the free world.

However, as long as they are fighting, over there, to, as it were, 'protect their own turf', then there is little time for them to come over here, and attack us.

Remember, they have done that twice already in the first bombing of the WTC, and then again on 9/11/2001. In neither of these instances, were we waging war with them, in their land.

As far as I am concerned, they came over here first and picked the fight, and we responded by going in to their back yard, to take the fight to them.

But, now, there is a problem.

That problem is, some, politicians, both Democrats, and a few Republicans, think we need to 'cut and run', and count our losses. The reason being, 'we can't win, the war is lost.'

On what evidence do they base this??

Well, mainly, they look at the opinion polls, which, they say, show, that the American people, want the troops to come home, because of the number of lives lost, both on the American, and Iraqi civilian side.

As of this date, the numbers are about 3200 American, and over 100 or so thousand Iraqi civilians.

Well, let us remember something here. Since we are talking about Iraqi civilian casualties. When someone does a count of them, there are no uniforms, that identify a civilian, from a terrorist. So therefore, one never knows how many civilians were actually terrorists, seeing that they willingly sacrifice their lives, for their beliefs. Not to mention that these terrorists, are killing their own people (i.e. other Muslims] innocent men, women and children, just to further their cause.

Now, in all of these counts, we never see a count of the number of terrorists killed, because, as the 'politically correct crowd' in this nation asserts, 'We shouldn't be bragging about how many of those poor people we have murdered.'


Oh. They can come over here and murder over 3000 innocent men, women, and children in one 2 hour operation, but we, are somehow, murdering them, when justice needs to be served, on their organizations, and their followers.

The reason we got attacked in the first place, is because they thought we didn't have the backbone to fight back.

After all the wars we fought in, where did they get that idea from??

Vietnam, and, the Clinton presidency.

It was the Democrats, that pulled our troops out of Vietnam, because the American casualty rate, had gotten too high. And why did it get like that?? Because the Democrats, tried to run the war themselves, instead of letting the military, run it. And what were the Democrats doing, to run the war?? Listening to the American public, that didn't have a clue about what the war was about, and the repercussions, of the decision to leave, would be.

It was this decision to listen to those that are totally ignorant to the way enemies of this nation think, that led up to 9/11.

By contrast, on the Republican side, we see Reagan, going against public opinion, and the Democrats, to face down the Soviet Union, and the nuclear threat they presented, that brought them down. Remember back in the 60's, when the last Democrat president,with guts, JFK was in office, when it was discovered that the Soviet Union had put missiles in Cuba?? JFK, made the Soviet Union know, that we weren't going to tolerate it, and if they didn't remove them, there would be hell to pay.

They removed the missiles.

Anyway, Reagan forced the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Then, his vice president, George Bush, was elected as president.

Under Bush, another Republican, Iraq, invaded Kuwait, an ally, and supplier of crude oil to this nation, and we went over there, and drove them out. Once again, the Democrats, hemmed and hawed around the issue, because an ignorant[not knowing all the facts, and ramifications] American public, did not see the consequences of not doing anything, would lead to.

Then came Bill Clinton, a Democrat. And what did he bring to the table??

He was the representative of the anti Vietnam war generation. He dodged the draft, and went to another country, to avoid the draft, and having to go fight a war.

It was shortly after he took office, that terrorists, decided to test us, to see if we had truly given up on the notion of retaliating against aggressors.

They bombed the WTC, two years in to his first term, and the only thing Clinton did, was make threats. Then they bombed 2 US military quarters, in another country, and what was Clinton's response?? More threats. Then came the bombing of the USS Cole, and his response was, you guessed it, more threats.

In fact, the only time Clinton took action, so to speak, was when he got caught in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. He had the military bomb an abandoned warehouse, owned by the Chinese, that he said, was a weapons factory, providing weapons to terrorist organizations. He did this, I believe, to take some of the heat off of him, about Lewinski.

There was some problem in Angola, I believe, and Clinton sent the Marines there to help bring peace, to the situation. But, when several marines were killed, and their bodies dragged through the streets of that country, Clinton pulled them out.

In so many words, this let the world know that we didn't have the resolve to fight anymore. That any group of people could attack us, on foreign, or on our own soil, and we would just make threats, and do nothing.

This set the stage for 9/11, because now, they felt they could act with impunity against us, and we would stand there and take it.

Enter George Bush, the Republican. President.

From the way the Democrats had painted him, he was a wimp. He was caught driving while intoxicated. He didn't know what he was doing. He tended to think he was living in the old west, and he would come in to office, on a white horse, and save the day. This gave the terrorists, the go ahead to attack us.

The terrorists, who had been planning the attack, during the Clinton administration, figured, now was the time to put their plans in to action, and 9 months later, in Bush's first term, they did.

But, to their surprise, Bush, made the threat, to take our response to this act of uncalled for aggression to them, in to their back yard, then proceeded to carry it out. He also laid down the gauntlet, to all nations that, 'You are either with us, or against us!!!'

Had it been left to the Democrats, we would probably still be making threats, after having been attacked several more times on our own soil, after 9/11.

As it was, the Democrats hemmed and hawed, for weeks before giving their approval of our retaliation. This gave the terrorists, plenty of time to get ready for us.

This strategy of the Democratic party, is one of the reasons that to date, no 'weapons of mass destruction [WMD's], have been found in Iraq, when we went over there.

From the time that Bush said we needed to go over there, and the time we finally got there, Saddam Hussein, had, about a month, or two, and maybe more, to move them, the WMD's, because the Democrats, did what they do best, and that is stall, block, quote public opinion and say, we can't win.

If you will notice, the Democrats, have no desire to see a Republican administration, get another victory in a war, when they have, since FDR, always failed.

Now, what, you might ask, does this have to do with the subject scriptures above??

Simply this.

What we are seeing, is something you don't hear from the gutless clergy, that I mentioned above.

We are experiencing, God's wrath against the ignorance of this nation, to His Word. And, leading the way, are these so-called preachers, who evidently are more concerned about their popularity, position, and covering up their ignorance of that Word, than they are, the well being of the American public, and the world at large.

Mind you now, it is these preachers, whom most people think, are getting their messages, from God, when in reality, they are getting their messages from the politicians, and the American public.

Imagine, if you will, a teacher, going in to a classroom, and allowing the students to teach him/her. Do you see how backwards that is??

Now, look at these preachers.

They should be telling the people, including the politicians, what is right, and what is wrong, in the eyes of God, and warning them of the consequences of going against what God says (sin). But, in too many instances, it is these politicians, spurred on by the people, that tell the preacher, what is right and wrong, in their eyes, and the consequences of going against what they say.

What is the end result?? You can see it in the news every day, and all around you.

It is God's payback.

And, nobody can make you pay, like God.

What can God do??

Well, for starters, He can mess your mind up so bad, that you can't even tell right, from wrong. You can be looking at the facts, that say you should go right to safety, and still determine in your mind, to go left, to destruction.

The example being, about how the Democrats, want to lead this nation to self destruction, just so they can get their power back, and most of you, knowing the facts above, still want to follow their lead.

There was a king, by the name of Nebucadnezzer, in the old testament, who, when he got so full of pride, that he proclaimed that all that he had accomplished, was the result of his own intelligence, and power.

And, what did God do??

He took his mind away from him, and he went out, and lived, as a wild animal, with no mind of human intelligence, at all. He even took on the appearance of one.

After a season, he repented, and God restored him, to himself. Notice, he repented. That set the stage for his deliverance.

Most of the American public, led by these preachers, and politicians, would rather die, than repent of anything. You, and they, would rather experience God's wrath. And, as long as you can blame the Republicans, and the religious right, for your problems, you feel no guilt, at all.

Well, if there is no repentance, then, there is payback.