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SCRIPTURE -1Ki 18:21                                                                                                   MAY, 2012

And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him:
but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word.

When I ended part 4, I had started addressing this lie, called, 'liberation theology!' In short, here is what I said. When I see the first word, 'liberation'. That means to me, being set free from some sort of bondage, or slavery. When we look at history, either biblical, or the history of mankind, without regards to the bible, we see people, and nations, being put in to the position of being slaves to other people, or nations, either through being conquered, or through being in debt, to them,

Liberation, from which the word 'liberty' comes, means that those that were previously held in some type of bondage, have been set free, from that bondage.

One of the great biblical instances of liberation, occurred when, God, operating through Moses, set the children of Israel free, from the bondage they were in, in Egypt. Of course, this pales in comparison, to the bondage all mankind was/is in, to sin, when Christ, set us free. [Of course, the 'us', is referring to those that accepted this liberation.] It is hard to fathom anyone, not accepting liberation, yet, millions do it, every day, by refusing to accept Christ, as their Lord and saviour.

And, herein lies, one of the major issues, many, who follow 'liberation theology', don't really get. In this life, you are going to be a servant of someone, or thing. You will either serve God, or the Devil. If we look at what the Devil has to offer, and what God has to offer, then, only a fool, would choose to serve the devil. Even if you are serving yourself, you are still serving the Devil. Remember, there are only 2 choices, like Elijah asked the people. Yes, there were 400 or so prophets of Baal, but, they all, by default, were serving the same master. They were all, against God.

Each one of these prophets, represented, all the different interpretations of scripture, opinions, politically correct views, and all of the other things, that serve to contradict God's Word. That means, they were adding black to white, or removing some, if not all, white, or light. Thus making things gray.

Well, when people believe something erroneously, about their relationship to God, they are walking in a gray area. It makes no difference who they are, or how educated they are, the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, or what, if they are involved in something that is contrary to God's Word [Christ], then they are bound, by the Devil. So, though they may think they are free, to do whatever they feel like doing, they are still in bondage.

Liberation theology teaches among other things, that man can be free from the archaic rules and philosophies of times past, as reported in the bible. Thus, man, when reading the bible, sees how God responded to the sins, nations committed in the past, and thinks 'that was then, and this is now!' This is the 21st century. We don't live in the dark ages, anymore.' Translation: We have become too smart to fall for that line of foolishness.

However, in the midst of all of this foolishness, we are seeing a very familiar pattern emerging. And, that is, 'the further we move from God's Word, the worse things are getting. Especially for those that are the main characters, in that movement.' Just like that old archaic Book of Rules, known as the bible, says.

But then, we have preachers [prophets of Baal], leading the charge, to proclaim 'liberty', while at the same time, explaining away our reality, by blaming the rich, corporations, whites, uncle Toms, Sambos, the religious right, and such. All so they can cover their rear ends, and deflect blame, away from themselves. That way, they can still continue, unimpeded, on their path to fame, and destruction.

Even though they won't openly admit it, the majority of the black community, are still in bondage to the past, talking about slavery. It is seared in their minds, to the point that any thing, any idea, or concept, that has, even a hint of them having to be limited, in what they do or think, is immediately rejected. They want to be 'free' from all sorts of bonds and fetters.

When confronted by certain biblical scriptures, they will respond that the bible was written by the white man, or that it promotes slavery, and therefore, is not to be trusted. However, they don't mind quoting this same bible, when it comes to how God will treat the enemies of His people, or about how He will comfort us in the times of trouble, and will bless His Children. You can't have it both ways!! You either accept all of it, or none of it!! Two choices, only!! Life, or death!! Blessing or cursing!! Light or darkness!! Hot or cold!! God or Baal!!

Jesus , made an interesting statement about a Church, people that were saved, that tried to walk, what is called today, 'common ground'. He said that He would rather they be Hot, or cold, because those are the two choices that He definitely had no problem with. Hot, being on fire for God. Cold, totally rejecting Him. But, there was this group, that was lukewarm [neither hot or cold, walking in the gray area], and He says, He will vomit them out of His mouth, because they repulse Him that much. Meaning, they will be lumped in with the ones that totally reject Him. [Rev. 3:14-22]

When Jesus says, no man can serve two masters, that is what He means. Oh, rest assured, you will serve some one or thing. That is a given. You will either serve God, or the Devil. That's it. Look at what the apostle Paul has to say. Rom 1:1 Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, Eph 3:1 For this cause I Paul, the prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles. Look at the underlined parts of the two scriptures. Do you see anything that promotes liberation??? Paul calls himself, a servant, and a prisoner. If he, who is the author of two thirds of the new testament, refers to himself in these terms, then, where do any of you get off with the idea that you can be in Christ, yet, be free as a bird, to do whatever you want?? Picking and choosing, what scriptures to obey, and which ones to ignore.

As it is written, and a lot of you knuckleheads[if the shoe fits], need to realize, 1Sam. 15:22-23 And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king. Obey??? Does that sound like liberation?? If you don't obey, then you are in rebellion, iniquity, or idolatry!!

I mean no disrespect to the author of the book that is entitled, 'Woman, Thou Art Loosed', but, what is she supposed to be loosed from??

Today, the woman's movement, has opened a lot of doors for women, who, were treated like slaves, by their husbands. A lot of them suffered humiliation, beatings and abuse, by their husbands. They were essentially confined to their houses, with little or no support, to take care of their husbands, and kids. They were essentially prisoners in their own homes. Now, if the story is on the line of, through Christ, you can be liberated, from such abuse, then I agree. But, let me remind all of you, God still has a 'say so' as to what areas, women should stay away from, simply because, that is what He says. And, if He says it, then, if you are His, then, you have to obey, or be in rebellion.

Just because you feel that you can do just as good as a man can, when it comes to running a house, does not mean, you are to take over, from your husband. That is not how God designed the family. If your husband is not up to par, in that area, help him, or get someone else to help him, to be the man, that God called him to be. Anything outside of that arrangement, is not what God is going to be pleased with. It may be His permissive will, but not His Perfect Will.

Now, here is another area, along this same line, and that is, women pastoring a church. I know all of the arguments, pro and con, but, they all boil down to, what does God have to say about it?? Remember now, we are talking about how liberated, are we.

Throughout the bible, from the creation of the first family, God, put the man, in charge. Throughout the old testament, even though in some instances, God worked through women, to accomplish His will, a man, still had authority, over them. When we get in to the new testament, our 'salvation', ushered in our deliverance from the bonds of 'sin.' However, that did not carry with it, deliverance from God's Law. Remember, the bible says, 1Jn 3:4 Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law. If, as many want to believe, we are not under the Law, but, under Grace, then, why this scripture?? And mind you, this is not the only one. Remember, 'the wages of sin is death.'

Therefore, if you, me, or any woman, is going against what God says, we are in rebellion to Him. God, gave certain duties to women to fulfill, in the body of Christ, the Church, and they are outlined in, [Titus 2:3-5]. That's it!! Anything else, is rebellion. For clarification, women teaching other women, includes women evangelists, and ministers, but not pastors, over men. What woman, can teach a man, how to be a man, and be leader over his house??

And, let me say this. The majority of men, pastoring churches, are just as bad as women, because, they are pastoring, without the anointing of God. What I mean by this, is, they claim to be speaking to us, as God's messengers, when in reality, God has not given them that calling. In most cases, they, or their friends, have put them in that position, and they are running with it.

Over the decades, I have heard popular preachers in the black community, talking about how ever since they were kids, they wanted to be preachers, and some of them, claim to have been preaching ever since they were children. THAT, my friends, is not God's calling on them, as much as it is, admiration of, or wanting to imitate, someone who has their attention. Remember that saying, imitation, is the sincerest form of flattery?? Well, this is what they are really doing.

We will start the demonstration phase of this message, next month.