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SCRIPTURE - GAL 5:16                                                                                                         OCTOBER, 2014

This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

A few weeks ago, I was in a bible bookstore, and saw something that really caught my attention. It was a sign much like those signs that people put in their front yards during election season, urging people to vote for certain candidates, or other things that may be on the ballots in their community.

However, the main reason for a person or persons putting these signs in their yards, was a way to declare what the individual[s] in that particular house stood for. After all, why put a sign in front of your house if you did not support what the sign was promoting?

Anyway, this particular sign had only 2 words on it, and those words were simple and to the point. They were 'VOTE BIBLICALLY!!'

Now, unlike most campaign signs, this sign was not promoting any particular candidate, or other action that campaigns are usually known for, but rather a mindset that is directed to one particular group of individuals, to tell them, what they needed to be considering every time they are asked to vote for anything.

The words are saying that they, when voting, should be thinking along the lines of 'what does God have to say about what this individual's agenda, or particular proposal stands for??' And, in this nation, that declaration is only directed to one group of people, and that is Christians.

Now what is the significance of calling on those that name the name of Christ, to vote like this??

Well, if you will look at the subject verse, you will see a clue to what this message is about.

We are told by the apostle Paul, that those of us that say Jesus Christ, is our Lord, should pursue those things that align, not with what is pleasing to the flesh, but, what is pleasing to God[Christ]!!

You see, when people go to the polls to vote, they usually vote for people or proposals that they feel will be beneficial to them[this is called walking after the flesh, aka being carnally minded]. The idea that a person would support someone, or thing that, in their minds would be detrimental to them, is absolutely ludicrous. It is something that is not done. Not if you have any lick of sense.

Well, those of us that name the Christ, are supposed to be the ones that, to the common [carnally minded] people, are the ones that don't have any sense. As the bible puts it, we are, according to [Titus 2:14] a peculiar people.

When you consider the definition of 'peculiar', you think about something, or someone that is not quite normal. In the case of a person, they don't act or think like everyone else. It is as if they have a screw loose, or something. They march to the beat of a different drum.

Normal, is what the majority decides it to be. And clearly, that would be a legitimate point in a democracy. And what is normal, is the first rule of nature, and that is survival.

Well, seeing that those who we vote for, represent, what we think is supporting that rule, in our lives, we support them, so that they can support our survival.

However, when it comes to Christians, we are to maintain that mindset of survival, but realize that our survival is tied not to man and what he can do for us, but what Christ says. After all, it is through Him, that all of us, Christian or not, are able to exist.

With that in mind, if we had a vote as to who we should support for our survival, then Christ would be the One any normal person would vote for.

The problem is, today, what is considered normal is the fact that man, and him only, is responsible for his own survival. There is absolutely no room for God [Christ].

Every where you turn, you hear that constant reminder of, there is a separation of church and state. This supposedly means that the state will stay out of church affairs, and that the church should stay out of government affairs.

And it is this mindset that a majority of Christians have adopted as being the right way to live our lives. To them, we need to keep the two separate because, in their minds, it is more beneficial to the nation.

So, if that is the case, why is it, that this nation is slowly deteriorating in every single aspect of what made this nation great??

It is because, if you choose to follow after the flesh, God has no choice but to let you do it, to your own destruction. God is not going to support you and your mess, when first, you have been warned, and two, you rejected that warning.

The bible says, Prov 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

As you can see, the condition of a nation is directly tied to who is in the position authority. When you have God fearing people in the seat of authority, then they, on making and enforcing laws, will do so, by seeking God's wisdom, to come up with a result that is 'best' for everyone. Because, if God backs what they do, everyone will see and experience a positive result. Even the ungodly will see it as well.

On the other hand, if the ungodly attain the seat of power, they will seek to enact laws that will serve them, and a chosen few, while at the same time, wreaking havoc on every one else. The end result is, everyone ends up suffering.

Most of these Christians, especially those in my [the black] community, throw their support behind the latter, for no other reason than they support the person or legislation because it benefits them, in the flesh. They don't care that these same people, and most of their legislation, while it appears to make things better for them, actually is setting them up for their own destruction. Not only that, but it also is designed to attack the very One, that they claim to love and worship.

It is no secret that you can't go against God and expect to come out on top, in the long run because God will see to it that you don't. Some times, if a person or group is dogmatic enough, God will send them what they see as evidence, that the way they have chosen will lead to success. As one scripture says, 2Th 2:11-12 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

This scripture reveals a little known Truth about what God will, and will not do.

It seems almost totally out of character for God, as most of us know Him, to actually do something that will cause people to be misled, and end up being damned. Yet, here it is, in black and white.

What this is saying is that when people are so set in their ways and beliefs, that they absolutely refuse to consider what God says, He [God] will produce actual evidence[proof] that appears to support their beliefs, while all the time leading them further from Him.

A good example of this is the theory of evolution.

Since its inception, man has pursued all sorts of evidence to prove that man is a product of evolution, and not by divine design. As a result, God has provided them with all sorts of evidence that, seems to prove that what they are believing, is the truth. And the more evidence He provides, the more they will embrace it [evolution], so much so, that they will totally reject any thing that suggests any thing different.

The thing is, while this is something that you would think applies to those that are outside the Christian lifestyle, many Christians either directly, or indirectly support it as well.

If that were not the case, then why would so many of them, go out and support the very people that promote that way of thinking??? They do it, because it appeals to their flesh.

Everything that one particular party that they support does, is appeal to the flesh [human nature]. Any time a candidate or party relies on using fear, lies and playing on their emotions to get people to support them, you know that they are playing to the basic survival instincts of man. If they can make people believe that voting for anyone but them will cause them to suffer, or miss out on something that they want or need, then, that is playing to the flesh.

Christians, on the other hand should be comparing what God says, and the evidence of the actual Truth of His Word, and, that flies in the face of what the flesh wants. Thus you have the national push for keeping God and state separate.

The Church should be setting the example of how to make choices as to who should have our backing. But what has happened is that the ungodly have set the example for the Church to follow. The fact that most have a problem with me talking about this issue, shows just how far away from actually living the life, and making choices based on the principles put forth in the bible, they really are.

In talking to a dear sister in Christ some time back, when I mentioned that her support of the Democratic party, is a total contradiction to her profession of being a follower of Christ, her response was 'Don't go there!!' What she was saying is, she didn't want to hear it. That, unfortunately, is the mindset of far too many Christians today, and as a result, this nation is suffering. They tend to think that we can have the best of both worlds [flesh and spiritual]. And, that is not the way things go. It is either one, or the other.

When you try to have things both ways, as most Christians should know, Christ looks on this as being the same as rejecting Him. He mentioned this type of mindset in [Rev. 3:14-19] when addressing the Church in Laodecia. This was a church that was carnally minded. They were more concerned with their wealth, prosperity, and power.

What you Christians need to know is this. While you hold to the idea of separation of Church[Christ] and state, God does not. So, why are you going against Him?? As I mentioned last month, you are a traitor to your brothers and sisters in Christ, as well, because ultimately, as we battle to tear down what the enemy is doing in this nation, you are fighting against us, to keep things going, the way you think they should. Then, when things start falling apart around you, you cry out to God, and He won't hear you because you only want relief so that you can continue in your devilish [and that is what they really are] ways.

Think I am being too strong??? Think about this. Why do you bemoan and grieve over your children being killed in the streets by violence, drugs, accidents, suicide and other things, when you throw your support behind the wholesale slaughter of millions of babies [God's most beautiful treasure, and the truly innocent] by way of abortion, just so you can save your social, or economic status in society?? Does this sound familiar?? Mat 10:38-39 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. He that findeth his life[pursues life in the flesh] shall lose it: and he that loseth his life[pursues spiritual life] for my sake shall find it.

God's Word is proving what you are doing to be futile, in that what you are trying to save and maintain, is being destroyed, because it is not man that is doing it, but Him. But, you don't want to accept that, because to do so, means you are doing something God is not pleased with, and you don't want to change. So you go out and vote for people that are telling you, it's not your fault, it's the other party, the rich, the corporations, the conservatives, and even the Christian Right, that are the cause of your problems.

Let me take this to the obvious conclusion. After they get rid of the other party and it's supporters, then what are you going to do then, when they start telling you to bow down to them??? What are you going to do when laws are passed forbidding you from mentioning anything about Christ?? Read the story of Daniel, and the 3 Hebrew boys, when these same parameters were put on them. [Dan 3:1-6 and Dan 6:7] shows what the enemies of God want to do. They either want to make you do something, or keep you from doing something concerning Christ. These 4 refused to go along with it, and God gave them the victory. Contrast that with today when Christians are falling in line with these same laws, that are put in place by people they support.

In order to stop this nonsense all of you need to 'vote Biblically!!'