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(MY FRIEND) SCRIPTURE - St. John 3:16                                           OCTOBER, 1994

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.


As you look at the above scripture, that is the heart of the Gospel, you see a reassurance that God loves the world. And that is true.

This world, has over 4.5 billion people on it. That is 4,500 million. That number is hard to comprehend. It is said, that by the year 2004, it will have swelled to over 7 billion.

Now, when you look at that number, and compare yourself to that number, it makes you feel that you are insignificant, in the scheme of things. "What difference am I making in the world?", you might ask yourself. "Who knows I am here?" "Who cares if I live or die?" "Will any one miss me when I am gone?" All are legitimate questions. Among so many people, you are little more than a grain of sand, on a beach.

If you have a family, you can be assured that they are concerned about you. But, if you are the lone survivor of your family, then you may be feeling all alone. You may have friends, and acquaintances, but how concerned are they, about you? After all, they may have their own families to think about. In the overall scheme of things, you, and your problems, rank somewhere in obscurity.

If we look again, at the above scripture, it would make you feel that, even though God loves the world, He really has very little time to care about you, the way a parent cares for their child, or a spouse cares for the other.

Yet, that is a totally, erroneous feeling. Why? For Jesus said in (Luke 15:3-7) If a man has 100 sheep, and one of them gets lost, he will leave the 99, and search for that one sheep, until he has found it, and then rejoice over it. Well, though you are only a grain of sand, God is so concerned about you, that He will move Heaven and earth, to see to it, that you have what you need. Jesus said in (Matt. 6:26-34), that if God takes care of the birds and the flowers, then how much more will He take care of you, and your needs?

To understand this even better, change the word 'world' in the scripture, to 'me'. What you have just done, is personalized that scripture, to only address 'you.'

Now, you might think, that you have just altered the true meaning of the scriptures, but you haven't. In (Isaiah 41:10), God is saying, I AM THY GOD. The 'thy' means 'your' God. That means, if you get down to the bottom line, He is making it personal.

Imagine that. God, the creator of Heaven and earth. The Alpha and Omega, the Eternal God, has personalized His relationship with you. Do you know what that means? It means that you have access to the only one, that has the ability to solve all your problems. It means that you have access to the Great Physician. You have access to the Comforter.

In the old testament book of (Exodus 3:12-14), when God told Moses to go to Egypt, to deliver His people, Moses asked God, 'who shall I say you are?' God said, 'I AM, that I AM."

That is what God is saying to you, today. When you need a doctor, 'I AM, that I AM." If you need a lawyer, 'I AM, that I AM." If you need a friend, 'I AM, that I AM." If you need comfort, in the midst of tragedy, or sorrow, 'I AM, that I AM." God is saying to you, whatever you need, 'I AM, that I AM."

The next part of the subject scripture says that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Jesus Christ, was sent, to seek and save, those that were lost. Just like the man, looking for his lost sheep. All of us, were lost at one time. But, through the shed blood of Christ, we now have access to God. You see, at one time, man, had that personal relationship with God, that I have been talking about. But, he threw it away. He broke the bond, that God had with him. And there was no way for that bond to be repaired, unless, by some extraordinary means, a man, that was perfect, and without sin, would offer Himself, a sacrifice, to meet the requirement, set forth by God, to restore that relationship. That is why, God, sent His Son. His only begotten Son. He, God, threw out all the stops. He moved, so to speak, Heaven and earth.

However, that bond is not restored automatically. It does take an action on your part, to restore that bond. The action is, you must believe on Him. You must accept Him, as your Redeemer, your Saviour, and your Lord. God, through Jesus, has stuck His hand out to you. All you have to do, is put your hand in His. That's the same way men show friendship. They shake hands. When a person shakes hands with someone else, they are showing mutual love for one another. If a person refuses to shake your hand, you know that, that person, is not friendly, and you leave them alone. God, on the other hand, doesn't. He always has His hand out, not to 'us', if you will, but to 'you'. Or if you like, 'me'. How do 'you', shake God's hand? By confessing your sin, to God, repenting, and asking Jesus Christ, to come into your heart. All you have to do is say, "JESUS, I AM A SINNER, AND I AM SORRY FOR MY SINFUL WAYS. WILL YOU COME INTO MY HEART, AND CLEANSE ME FROM ALL MY SIN, AND BE LORD OF MY LIFE. I ACCEPT YOU AS LORD AND SAVIOR, AND WITH YOUR HELP, I WILL LIVE MY LIFE FOR YOU. I BELIEVE THAT YOU DIED ON THE CROSS FOR MY SINS, AND WAS RAISED FROM THE DEAD, FOR MY JUSTIFICATION." If you prayed that prayer, from the heart, meaning every word, congratulations, you are now saved. The next thing you should do, is get water baptized, in Jesus' name, and seek the baptism of the Holy Ghost. These are things that show, that you are truly following Christ. That is all there is to it. Come on, shake hands with God, today. Amen