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(ABORTION) SCRIPTURE - ISA. 44:2a                                                      OCTOBER, 1996



NOTHING !!!!! Search the bible from Genesis to Revelation, and you will not find one single solitary word about abortion. Not one. You women, that are pro choice, have something to shout about. Or do you? Well, take a good look at the subject verse. Then look at these verses, [ISA. 49:1c]...THE LORD HAS CALLED ME FROM THE WOMB;...,[ISA. 49:5a] AND NOW, SAITH THE LORD THAT FORMED ME FROM(IN) THE WOMB..., [JER. 1:5] BEFORE I FORMED THEE IN THE BELLY(WOMB), I KNEW THEE; AND BEFORE THOU CAMEST OUT, I SANCTIFIED THEE ..., and [PSA. 127:3] LO, CHILDREN ARE AN HERITAGE (AN OFFSPRING, OR A PART) OF THE LORD, AND THE FRUIT OF THE WOMB, IS HIS REWARD.

These are but a few of many verses, that don't mention anything about abortion, but do let us know, just what the miracle of birth is all about.

The majority of women, through no fault of their own, look at birth, as part of the ordinary biological function of the body, when they have intercourse (sex). Sex education in schools, invitro fertilization, test tube babies, and the host of other means, by which children are brought in to this world, leaves one to believe, that nothing, outside of us has anything to do with it. Especially not God.

Yet, if you will look at the subject verse, where God is saying He, 'formed Isaiah in the womb,' then again Isaiah says, 'the Lord has called me from the womb,' and then says, 'the Lord that formed me in the womb', lends credence to the fact, that there is a divine work, going on in the womb, that science, knows nothing about. As far as they know, if you put this, together with that, and provide the right environment, then a baby appears. But, we see, that it is God, the unknown factor, that brings about that child.

Many couples, have unprotected sex, many times, and no pregnancy occurs. Others, have it one time, and 'BAM', a baby appears. Why? Science will say it is because of pure coincidence, or luck (good or bad), depending on how you look at it. No one thinks that it is because God, controls who gets pregnant, and who doesn't. [GEN. 20:17-18]

Looking at [Psa. 127:2] above, we see that a child, not only is being formed by God in the womb, but is a part of Him, and, is His reward to us. That's right, reward. What is a reward? Something good that you get, for doing something good. Think of it like this. God, rewards us, by taking a part of Himself, forming it in to a little person, and gives it to the woman, to nurture, and take care of.

So, what does abortion do? It, quite frankly, destroys, what God is trying to do. It slaps His hand, and says, 'I DON'T WANT ANY PART OF YOU.' You could say, it slaps Him in the face. Answer me this. How would you feel, if you took the most precious thing that you had, and gave it to someone, and they threw it in the garbage, or destroyed it, right before your eyes? If it were me, the word 'kill', would probably cross my mind. But, God, has other ways of dealing with this. He allows us to put our own selves in the proverbial, 'trick bag.' How?

Think about this. Since abortion was legalized in this country in 1972, 1.5 million of these rewards per year, a total of 36 million, have been destroyed. 36 million slaps, in the face of God. And what do these 36 million abortions represent? Possible cures for AIDS, Cancer, Sugar Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, world hunger, world peace, and all of the other ills, that plague us. All aborted. You see, [Jer. 1:5], tells us something that many don't realize. God has given specific talents to each of these rewards, that when allowed to come to maturity, will benefit all of us. But, unlike Jesus, there is no divine purpose, that God protects from death. So, how many of these 36 million, were sent here to deliver us from those ills? How many J.F.K.'s, Martin Luther King's, Albert Einstein's, and other great men and women have been aborted? We may never know in this life. But, because they were aborted, we continue to suffer, and look for solutions to problems, that may have been eliminated, if these babies, had been born. How many people have died of AIDS, cancer. sugar diabetes, heart disease, crime, wars and such, that might still be alive, if these children had been allowed to be born. Sure, there were some evil ones, that have been aborted, but no one knows, but God. That is His divine will. Jeremiah says, that before he was in the womb, God knew him. That means we were known by God, before we were born. Even before we were conceived.

There is a divine purpose for our existence. And it is, to worship and praise God. Anything that we do, that takes that away from God, will lead to destruction. When we decide to take what God is doing, and pursue our own comfort, we, in effect, are trying to be god, over God. A woman's right to choose, means that she wants to be god, over her body, and not letting God, be God over her.

And you know what is worse than this, as bad as it is? It is preachers, that act like it's o.k. for women to do this. These nit wits, are poor excuses for what are supposed to be messengers of God. They, have joined in with what they feel is a just cause, and therefore, have given, what many think as God's approval to abortion. However, they, along with those that they joined, will both be judged by God. That's right. God's judgement, will be the same for them, as any murderer, or maybe the better term is, devil.

You see, everyone that supports abortion, is just as guilty as the women that have it. The abortionist, is steadily sealing his, or her fate, even more so. Because, they are making money off of this abomination. It's a case of the blind leading the blind. The blind preachers, leading the blind women, and blind abortionists, straight to hell.

Some might ask, what about cases where the life of the woman, is at stake? What about rape victims? What about incest victims? Well, first of all, let me say this. If you add up all of the abortions performed on women, and girls, in these situations, you will find that all totaled, they only account for 8% of all the abortions performed. So, the instances of this being the case, are relatively small. Now, in the cases of rape and incest, I am not a woman, but I can tell you this, there are instances in the bible where women have been raped, or were involved in incest, and they had their babies. The babies, grew up to be great influences in the lives of their people. I know, this doesn't sit well with the so- called psychological conditions that women say they would have to endure to keep the babies. But, which is worse? Keeping them, or slapping God in the face? It would be better, if they would have the child, and then, put it up for adoption. As far as the life of the mother is concerned, her life comes first. However, it is funny to me, how medical science, can remove a heart from a person, transport it over a large distance, and put it in to another person, and they live, yet they can't find some way to remove the baby (not fetus), and hook them up to some life support equipment, to at least give them a chance to live.

You see, there are a lot of things that we could be doing, but don't, because we want the easy way out. 92% of all abortions, are done for no other reason, than for convenience, or to hide an illicit affair. But, what you get in return, is damnation, unless you repent.

The choice ladies, is truly yours. But I feel, that you needed more information, on just what the bible has to say about it. That's all that I am trying to do.