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SCRIPTURE - 2 TIM. 3 : 1                                                  OCTOBER, 1999

This know also, that in the last days, perilous times shall come


In this scripture, the writer is warning the Church of a time that is soon to come, that will signal what the Church world is looking for, and that is their removal from this earth, also known as the rapture.

In the next four verses, we are given a look at the condition of mankind, that will be prevalent in those days.

Now, down through the centuries, mankind has had all of these problems to deal with, but it was only a few people that they had to deal with. They were in the minority, and were, for the most part, isolated from the general populace, or society. They were outcasts, if you will.

However, as time marched on, the numbers of these people, began to grow. And as they, began to grow, in numbers, they began to force their way in to mainstream society. And with this exposure to the ways of these outcasts, society, began to accept, and in some cases, change, themselves, to act like them.

Now, we jump to, today. If we were to look at the percentage of people that fit the bill, of what we see in 2 Timothy, we would see that things are completely reversed. The misfits, if you will, are now the prominent people in society, while those that hold to the values of the bible, are now the outcasts.

Men shall be lovers of themselves. Meaning they will do anything to please themselves. They don't care what it is. Try telling someone today that they shouldn't be doing something, and you will find that they will do it, simply because you told them not to. They don't want to be told what they can, and can't do' Their entire focus in life, is self gratification.

Covetous. Whatever they see someone else with, they have got to have it. We call it, 'keeping up with the Jones's.' They will do whatever it takes, to get it, even if it means committing a crime to do it. Most of the time though, their actions, land them in big debt, which they can't pay. More and more people are filing bankruptcy, because of their 'got to have it' mindset.

Boasters. Braggarts. Always tooting their own horn. Exalting themselves above others. Looking down on folks. Their education, their wealth, the things they own, the way they look. You name it, and they will always have something better than what you have.

Along with being boastful, comes pride. Too proud to ask for help, when they need it. Too proud to admit, when they are wrong. Willing to, in some instances, die, rather than having to live, knowing that they aren't as perfect as they thought they were.

Blasphemers. These people, take the things of God, and quite literally twist them around, distort them, and then say that God is the one that directed them to do what they are doing. Today, everything ungodly, is said to be done, with God's approval.

Disobedient to parents. The bible tells us to honor our fathers, and our mothers, that we may have long lives [Ex. 20 : 12] That honoring, goes for all of us, regardless of age, if our parents are still alive. Obedience to them, is addressing the younger generations that are coming up. More and more, we are seeing our youth, the future leaders of this nation, in outright rebellion against their parents. Even going so far as to actually attack, and physically assault them. And they do it, like it's nothing. They act as if they are the ones raising the parent. If these people, have no respect for the ones that brought them in to the world, then they don't even need to be living in society.

Unthankful. People that feel that anything you do for them, is actually what you owe them. They deserve everything, and get angry if you don't give it to them. Of course this also goes to the reverence of the One that gave His life for us, Jesus Christ. How many of us thank Him for waking us up in the morning, the food on our tables, the clothes on our backs, the roof over our heads, and the jobs that we have??? Too many of us just take God, for granted.

Unholy. Getting downright nasty and filthy in our actions, and thinking. Made in the image of a holy God, we do everything that is contrary to His nature. And, we don't care what He has to say about it.

Without natural affection. Talking about homosexuality, lesbians, sex with animals, sex with deceased persons, masochism, sadism and the like.

Trucebreakers. People that make a promise to somebody, and then break it. whether it is Marriage vows, or credit cards, jobs or other promises. We make the promise, to get what we want, but when we get tired of fulfilling our promise, we go to court, and break it. Bankruptcy and divorce, the easiest ways to go.

False accusers. Lying on people. Accusing them of doing things, without one shred of proof. Innuendo, assuming, and flat out lying. All of this, just to hurt someone. Politics is full of it, and one party especially, has become a master of it, and we like that, don't we??

Incontinent.. No self control. Doing things on impulse. We get in debt, because we can't control our spending. Getting angry, for little or nothing. People flying off the handle, for no reason, angry,
This goes with the above. Just plain mean. willing to fight and kill, for no reason, whatsoever. Looking for trouble. Making themselves, feared by others. 'Don't mess with John, he'll mess you up.' Yeah, John has a 'rep', but it is a bad 'rep, and with the wrong person. He should be concerned about his 'rep', with Jesus Christ.

Despisers of those that are good. Hello!! People hate good people, because the good people are doing things that shows them up, as being what God says they are, wicked. That's why the wicked try to destroy the just.. They make them feel bad. You can't enjoy your sin, if a godly person is around. So, they either lie on them, or get rid of them.

Traitors. A friend one minute, then an enemy the next, for no reason. Turning on family and friends, for no just cause. Sometimes they make friends with someone, just so they can get close enough to them, to destroy them.

Heady. Reckless. Doing things as if they are untouchable. You have heard of people that feel that whatever they do, nothing bad will happen to them. It's like they feel that they are immortal, like daredevils

High-minded. Proud, and arrogant. How many people do you know that are like this??? I know too many.

Lovers of pleasures, more than lovers of God. People that will do whatever they please. They love to do and experiment with all sorts of new things, without regard for whether they are safe or not, or whether they are moral, and no one, or no thing will stop them, not even God. Their pleasures, are their god.

Having a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof. So, many of us, are guilty of this. We walk around, claiming to be so holy, and righteous, yet we continue to backslide, sin, and then repent. Sin, and then repent. We can't seem to stop doing it, even though, we have the power to do it. I'm talking about Christians here. We are holy, or appear to be that way on Sunday at the church service, and around other Christians, but catch us when we are among our worldly friends, and we are totally like them. In fact, I would dare say, that some of us, fit in to one or more of the categories above. We give the impression that the power of God, is not sufficient, to keep us from sin.

Look around today. What do you see??? You see pornography on the TV. Prostitutes, and homosexuals on talk shows, advertising their lifestyles. Children in total rebellion against their parents, on talk shows. Teens getting pregnant, and having abortions, without their parents' permission. A president, that is the epitome of what an immoral individual is, and yet, he is looked up to, by man in this nation, including a lot of preachers.

Sex education in the public schools. Parents being hauled in to court, for spanking their children. Removal of prayer, and the commandments from the schools. Kids killing each other. Drug users, all over the place. People waiting to rob others. Friends, setting you up for destruction.

Trouble everywhere you look, from the gutter, to the white house.

These people are all over the place. The bible tells us to separate ourselves from them. To do otherwise, will open us up to danger.

The danger of being a victim, or worse yet, becoming like them, and ending up in hell.

Many of us, can remember when we used to be decent individuals. We had our heads on straight. We didn't like being around, 'those people' the riff raff of the neighborhood. But, when, 'those people' began to come in our homes via the TV, and in to our classrooms, via the text books, and teachers, and right next door, because of the courts, and constitutional matters, we got drawn in, and in a lot of instances, became like them.

Perilous times, are here. It is becoming harder and harder, to stay separated from these individuals and their activities, especially if they are in your family. Yet, if we are maintain our moral standards, then we have to turn the TV off, get the kids out of the public schools, elect people to office that have 'good moral character.' And above all, find churches, that have not compromised godly principles, for money and prestige.

It is, after all, the churches, that have allowed all of this to happen. The reason being, the compromising of the word of God, for bigger congregations, more money, and political favoritism. When crooked politicians, running for office, can come in to these churches, get in to the pulpits, and campaign, then sit down, and listen to a sermon, that supports their ideals, then friend, you are going to go out, thinking that God supports, what they are doing, and will say nothing.

Those of us, that do say something, are usually labeled as, 'the religious right.' And today, fewer and fewer of us, are willing to say anything. We go in to the closet, while the ones that should be in there, are now out on the streets, and controlling government, the schools, TV and radio, banks and practically our entire way of doing things.

That is why a preacher, can be brought up on charges, for spanking his kids. That is why, if you have a business, and you don't want to hire a person because of their immoral behavior, you can be hauled in to court, and made to pay money, or serve jail time, because of it.

Try to isolate your kids from these individuals, by moving in to a nice neighborhood, and someone moves in next door, that brings their filth, right to them. Then, you have the TV.

Perilous times.

The more you try to live right, the more you become an outcast, because of the laws that corrupt politicians and judges, have put in to action, so that they can further their political careers and ambitions.

Everything seems to be going crazy, and spinning out of control.

You are getting fearful of living right.

Perilous times!!!

What can be done???

The answer is, turn to the 'Solid Rock', Jesus Christ. He will guide you, as the psalmist says, 'The Lord is my shepherd...... He makes me to lie down in green pastures. He restores my soul. He leads me beside the still waters. He leads me in the paths of righteousness........'[excerpts from Psa. 23] The worse things get, the closer you need to get to Jesus, and I'm talking about the Jesus of the bible, and not the jesus that some churches try to present to you.

The jesus that they present, is one of those types of characters, that seeks to be friends with everybody, and will do whatever is 'politically correct', to do it. This jesus, is cool, he is street smart, and hangs out with the worldly crowd, and overlooks their wrong doing. He is part of 'all religions, and denominations.' No one religion, is any better than another. He frowns on those that try to make others feel that they are not adequate in the sight of God.

Now, let's look at the 'real Jesus.

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