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SCRIPTURE - Rom 12:2                                                                             OCTOBER, 2004

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,
that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.


What is this, that I am talking about, you might ask. What do you mean, above common sense??

What I am talking about, is the notion that anyone that doesn't have, common sense, has lost his mind. He is a nut. She is a danger to all that are around her. Anyone like this, needs to be locked up. And, while that may be true, for some people, for others, only having common sense, is a handicap.

How so??

Have you ever heard, or said, to someone that looked at a situation, and responded in a manner, that to you, seemed totally idiotic, "What's the matter with you??? Didn't God give you 5 senses??", or something along those lines.

Well, there is a big problem, when it comes to just who it is, you might be referring to, if that person happens to be a Christian. Why?? Because, being a Christian, means that the person, is supposed to operate on a level, that only those that name the name of Christ can operate, and that is above common sense.

You see, common sense, as the name implies, is a set of senses, that are 'common' to all mankind.

Each of us, no matter what race, color, creed, religion, age, gender, or whatever, have, as our main support of living, five senses, by which we function in life. These senses are sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Anyone that has all of their senses, can function at the highest level of existence. This is what is looked on as normal, by today's standards.

With these senses, we are able to use what we sense, process it in our minds, and operate according to what we deduce, after processing all of the information we have obtained by use of these senses. And, if our actions, are acceptable to everyone else, then we are said to be normal. In other words, normal, is relative, in that it depends on others' opinions, as to what is normal, or not.

When we see, or hear something, that in the human mind, with common sense, translates in to calling for an expression of pleasure, then, we express that reaction, and everyone that is around us gives a sign of approval, then that means, we are O.K.

When we see, or hear something, that in the human mind, with common sense, translates in to calling for an expression of caution, then, we express that reaction, and everyone that is around us gives a sign of approval, then that means, we are O.K.

By the same token, when we see, or hear something, that in the human mind, with common sense, translates in to calling for an expression of worry, and fear, and we express that reaction, and everyone that is around us gives a sign of approval, then that means, we are O.K.

When I talk about a sign of approval, that means they would act the same way.

In each of these instances, we are seeking the approval of all of those around us, so that we won't feel like outcasts.

This is, the ultimate reality of having common sense.

However, as I said, it is, after all, relative. You see, it depends on who is around you at the time you express these and other emotions, as to whether you are expressing common sense.

For instance, in certain cultures, everyone walks around with no clothes on, because that is just their way. They may have little bits of material, covering the genitalia, or maybe not. But, to them, this is totally normal, or an expression of their common sense.

However, if someone were to do that same thing here, in the US, then we would have mixed reactions to them, and many of us would say, the person, needs some mental help. Not to mention the fact, that if it were a woman, she might be in danger of being molested or raped, whereas in that other culture, she would be safe. It all depends on those that are around you.

While surfing the web, one day, I found a site, that shows, how certain radical religious Muslims, called Shiites, celebrate a day, known as Ashoura Day. And you would have to see it, in order to believe it.

What they do, to themselves, and their children, is cut themselves and the children with knives and swords, and such, until they are all a bloody mess, supposedly honoring a certain prophet, or his son. I saw mothers, and fathers, happily holding a child, with the child crying, as a religious leader, I suppose, cuts the child on the head, and blood is streaming down their faces.

Now to them, that is normal. It is their common sense.

If they were to come over here and try the same thing, out in the open, like they do over there, they would be arrested for child abuse and endangerment. Their children would be taken away, and put in foster homes.

That is our common sense.

So, you see, in a lot of instances, what may seem normal to some, is lunacy, to others.

Now, if you can see that, then you can begin to understand this message.

You see, common sense, is when everybody around you acts, and thinks the same way. Their reasoning is based in large part on what they know about a certain thing, and their education.

There are things that we know today, and accept as being common sense, that decades ago, was thought to be outright foolishness. TV, flying around the world at 3 times the speed of sound, hand-held telephones that are wireless, flying to the moon, landing on it and flying back, All of these things today, are common. Back then a person espousing these things was considered a nut. Even further back, they could have been burned at the stake for being a witch.

Now, when people have more knowledge about a certain subject, than everyone else, they no longer think like everyone else, because they have more information, and therefore, may view things a lot differently. That means they operate at a level, that is above, common sense. Would you then call them right wing, or fanatics, or maybe dumb???

Well, by the same token, Christians, are supposed to have more knowledge than the rest of the world has, based in large part to the Holy Spirit, that reveals to them, just what is the 'real truth', about what we face in this world, and how to deal with it.

Rom 8:6 For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

The Christian, is supposed to think and act, as it were, as Jesus Christ would. You know, a lot of people wear little bands on their wrists, or other paraphernalia, with the 'WWJD (What Would Jesus Do??) logo emblazoned on it.

Well, since Jesus is the One that Created everything, and knows about everything, then, it is obvious, He is the Utmost Authority, on everything that could possibly happen. That means that if, we are to be like Him, it is necessary that we operate in a state of spiritual knowledge, and wisdom, just like He does.

A person that is a Christian, is called to operate above common sense, because to operate with common sense, is to operate carnally.

This is why, when you hear, what the carnally minded people in this nation call the 'Religious Right", speaking, they sound like they just dropped in from Mars. They just don't seem to click, with the rest of the people. Of course we are not going to click with the rest of the people, because we see things on a totally different level, than the rest of the people.

When I hear people criticizing the president of this nation, about what he is, or is not doing, talking about not following the path that most of them feel he should be following, I say, he is right. Why?? Because they don't know all of the information that he has, on which he makes his decisions.

He operates above common sense, because he has a lot more information than the common people have, when he makes his decisions.

By the same token, the Christian has a lot more information, when making decisions than the ordinary individual.

The bible, is the only document that man has, that, essentially tells him everything about everything.

If you want to know the future of mankind, read the bible. Of course, you can always wait until the news runs the story, about what is happening, then look in the bible and see that it was predicted, long before it happened.

Global warming?? The bible says that the earth will be burned up, so, no matter what man tries to do, to stop it, it will not work. So, if a politician stands up in front of me, and says, 'we have to enact laws to reduce the threat of global warming, and I am the man to do it,...', I know 'it ain't gonna happen!!'

When I look at a scripture like 'Psa 127:1 Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain', then a politician says that they can solve all of our problems, if they are elected, while at the same time supporting everything that God rejects, I say, 'NO WAY!!'

People that are carnally minded, or operating with 'common sense', will come up to me and say, "What's wrong with you?? Can't you see, what is going on???' Quoting one of Al Gore's lines, 'Everything that is supposed to be up, is down, and everything that is supposed to be down, is up.' And, I will answer, 'Of course, and the only way it is going to change, is, that God will have to do it. And He isn't going to do it, as long as we keep going down the same path we are going down.'

You say, 'God is able.'

You see, the question is not whether God is able, because we all know that He is able, the question is, 'Will He??'

Not according to His own words, unless we do some radical changing in our way of thinking. And then, that thinking is not so much, what the people with 'common sense' think, but what carnally minded people, that are supposed to be Christians, think.

When Christians start thinking like the world, with 'common sense', you are operating at a level, below what God requires you to. To surrender your knowledge, to someone that is not as knowledgeable as you are, is a disaster. Just like if the president, followed the directions of some one who doesn't even know how to tie their own shoes, but thinks they are an authority on the war in Iraq.

If we want to see things get better in this nation, it is the Christian that holds the key. Not the Democrats, and not even the Republicans. If God doesn't turn things around, they won't get turned around.

Remember He says, '2Chr 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Prv 14:12, 16:25 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man (using common sense), but the end thereof are the ways of death (destruction and loss).

The Church holds the key to the well being of every one in this nation. The prosperity, health, security, and everything else, that this nation needs to continue being what I believe God has called it to be, rests solely on one group of people, and that is those that have the knowledge, and are willing to act, above common sense.