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SCRIPTURE- ST. JOHN 1:1,3                                          SEPTEMBER, 1994

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made


Let me take you back in time. To a time when, according to man, life began on this earth.

Somehow or other, the earth was already in existence. And there were oceans, that had only one form of life in them. How this life began, is anyone's guess. That life, was a single celled creature, known as an amoeba (uh-me-buh). This creature, which can only be seen through a microscope, multiplies by splitting into two, then those two, do the same thing, and so on. There is no male or female.

Now, according to man, this amoeba, somehow, turned into all types of sea creatures, that were male and female. Then after many centuries, one form of this sea life, came out of the water, and was able to breathe on land. These were called reptiles. Then centuries later, some of the reptiles, turned into mammals. Tigers, lions, apes and such. Later, some of these apes, began to lose their body hair, and that is how we, mankind were brought into being. This, in a nutshell, is the theory of evolution. Now, if you can follow this, without falling out laughing, you are better than me. Let's say for a minute that this was true, which it isn't, when the sea creatures first came into existence, how did they know which of them was male and the other female? The next question is, how did they learn to mate? Given the life expectancy of some of them, they would have died off, before they found that out. There would've had to be some inward intelligence, that led them to know what to do.

It's funny how that throughout this chain, there was always a male and female, that were able to mate. Now you would say, "That's ridiculous." Well, that is the kind of nonsense that has been taught to our children, in the public schools. And while you would say, "So what?", you would need to know just how this nonsense is affecting every aspect of our lives today.

First, the scriptures tell us that God was in the beginning, and that He made everything that was made. That means, even if the theory of evolution was true, then God still had to make the earth, water and the amoeba. Then as other animals came into being, God would have had to put the intelligence in them, to know how to distinguish between male and female, as well as how to mate. The point is, irregardless of how you cut it, you can't get away from the fact that there is a God, and that He plays an important part in everything that happens on this earth. The theory of evolution, is an attempt by man to remove any recognition of God, and to make man believe that he is his own being, and that he answers to no one.

Secondly, even though man, is the one that started this lie, it was spawned by an individual that has nothing but the, 'destruction of the human race', in mind. This individual, is the devil. Yes, that's right, the devil. Why, does the devil want to destroy the human race? It is because, we are made in the image of God. We are His handiwork. We were created to have fellowship with, and worship Him. As a result of this, the devil wants to steal from God, the one thing that means everything to Him, and that is our recognition of Him. And why does he want to do this? It is because he, the devil, wants us to worship him. You see, at one time, the devil, was part of the heavenly host. He was known as Lucifer, the most beautiful, of all of the angels, in Heaven. As time went on, Lucifer, began to covet the worship that God was receiving, from all of the angels and such (Man was not in existence at that time). He figured that he could be equal to God. He therefore, led a revolution against God, with about one third of the angels. They were defeated, and cast out of Heaven. When God, created man to fellowship with, the devil, saw his chance, to get even with God, and get us to turn away from God, and worship him.

The influence of the theory of evolution, reaches far into all of the important aspects of our lives. First, it affects the way our children think. The devil, picked the most vulnerable among us, our kids, to propagate this lie. He knew that the older generation, had their minds set, and they would see this nonsense for what it was. But, our kids, had no such defense. As a result, these kids, grew up, thinking that they were nothing more than the animals that are around them. And as such, they, in many instances, began to act as animals. Tell a child that they ought to be good, because God is watching, and they immediatly think, "that's just a bunch of psyche, to keep me in line." Then these kids, grow up and have kids, and teach them, that there is no God. As a result of this, we have a couple of generations of sociological misfits, that have no regard for anything, except themselves. They would just as soon kill a person, as look at them. These are the same things that the devil wants us to do. You may say, "I don't worship the devil, or believe that there is a devil." Well, the way people worship God, and believe in Him, is by the things that they do. If a person is obedient to God, then that is a form of worship and recognition of Him. By the same token, when we are disobedient to God, and say, "I don't believe there is a God", you are doing just what the devil wants you to do, therefore you are worshipping him. The devil doesn't care whether or not you fall on your knees and pray to him. He just doesn't want you to do that to God. So, by default, you are, in effect, worshipping Satan.

In the mean time, God, is still trying to get you to realize that you are in danger of damnation, by sending preachers, evangelists, and other ministers to warn you, that unless you turn from your wicked ways, you will suffer. But, too many times, that ingrained thought about evolution, comes up, and you say, 'there is no God.' God calls that person, a fool (Ps 14:1, 53:1).

Satan has struck at the core of human existence, and caused us to turn against God. He has used this silly notion of evolution, to cause a revolution (evolution with an 'r'), which is nothing more than devilution, to cause God to destroy us. That's right, God has to destroy us, if we continue to be worshippers of the devil. If you don't believe in Jesus Christ, you are a worshipper of the devil. If you believe there is no God, you are a worshipper of the devil. If you are neutral in the matter of whether God is real or not, you are a worshipper of the devil. If you think you can just do good, and that is enough, you are a worshipper of the devil. If you think you are your own god, you are a worshipper of the devil. If you think that a god, is in all of us, you are a worshipper of the devil.

God, has a specific plan for us to follow. That plan is in place, so we can prove to Him, as well as ourselves, who we really love. If you truly love someone, you will do all that is within you, to please them, wouldn't you? Well, that is a form of worship. Likewise, when you are out here, doing what pleases you, you are showing that you love yourself. But, loving yourself, can be a form of idolatry, if it causes you to pursue activities, that are contrary to God's plan. That means, that you love the devil.

Who do you love, God or the devil? If God, then you must believe in Jesus Christ (St. John 3:16). This is the key to salvation. Ask Christ to come into your heart, and renew your mind. It is all up to you. Either, get saved, or go to hell. That's the bottom line. Amen