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(Real Christians 2)
SCRIPTURE - MATT. 16:25                                        NOVEMBER, 2000

Whosoever shall save his life shall lose it, and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it.


Last month, I began addressing, what I know, is a failure of the Christian community, that has led, and is continuing to lead, this entire nation, to the brink of disaster. Make no bones about it, that is where we are heading, and we Christians, have no one to blame, but ourselves.

My reason for saying this, is that far too many of you, are not following the guidelines of the bible, plain and simple.

The bible, tells us to be a peculiar people[1Pe 2:9], set apart from the world, and its way of thinking [sanctified]. Yet in the instances of choosing leaders, you abandon Godly directions, and get in to, worldly thinking. What is this person going to do for me??? How will I benefit from their being in office?? How will my friends, and family, and associates feel about this person??? Who cares, what they think about that person??? You had better be concerned about what God feels about the choices you make.

Let me tell you about the Republicans, and their agenda, and what the Democrats think about it.

Some time back, either at the early part of this year, or late part of last year, when the Republicans were deciding who to nominate for their man for a run for president, a question was put to the 5 front runners. The question was, 'Who do you feel, was the greatest person, that has had the greatest impact in the world, (or something along that line]??? George Bush, answered, 'I believe it has to be Jesus Christ." Remember, this is a Republican. The next day, the Democrats, and the news media, got ballistic, and began talking about the 'Religious right,' had gotten to the leadership of the party, and 'we don't need that type of thinking, in the white house.' This, was again, from the Democrats, and the news media, Christian. Your friends.

The very thing, that all of us should be doing, is the very thing the Democrats, news media, and dare I say it, some preachers, condemned. Oh, the Democrats and these preachers say, 'We believe that our religious beliefs, should be private. After all, we don't want to upset anybody and their beliefs.' Friend, if that is your belief, then, you don't have any thing worth talking about, at all. Some of you, say, 'Well, I let everyone think that I vote Democrat, but, I really vote Republican.' Then, what you are saying, you are ashamed of doing the right thing. Not only that, but, a lot of people vote for the Democrats, because they think you do. You are dealing with deception. Jesus said, 'If you are ashamed of Him, in front of men, He will be ashamed of you, before the Father[Lk. 9:26]. Jesus told the story about a man, who found a treasure, and went and told everybody. The best thing that can happen to you, is Jesus Christ, being Lord of it, yet, you want to keep it secret??? I'll bet, if you win the lottery, that you play every week, you will tell everybody. You should be shouting His praises, all over the place. The bible says, 'Be instant, in season, and out of season.....[2 Tim 4:2].

That is what George Bush did, and most of your complaints, really stem from the fact that he, a Republican, is showing you up, for who you really are.

Now, it goes without saying, that all Democrats, and all Republicans, are not bad people. However, if one seriously looks in to just who is running the party, and what their agenda is, you will find the truth.

Leaders, are, by their very nature, leaders. They lead, and others, follow. So then, the point I want you to ask yourself is, why am I following this person, and party??? The apostle Paul said, we should follow those that are following Christ. We should be sure that the one we are following, is the one that Christ approves of.

I mentioned, that most of you are following the Democrats, for one of these reasons. 'What are they going to do for me??' What will my family and friends think about my choice??

Those two questions, are the biggest traps that the devil has for you, and you can see them pop up, when the Democrats start talking about, 'If this person (a Republican) is elected, you will lose your job. You will lose your benefits. You will lose your Medicare. People won't be able to buy their medicine, unless they sacrifice on their food. Your kids will starve and suffer.' Nothing but fear. Fear, (F)alse, (E)vidence, (A)ppearing, (R)eal, is the real enemy of the world, and it seems, of a lot of Christians.

The bible says, God, has not given us the spirit of fear........[2 Tim 1:7] Fear, is a spirit, and it comes from the devil. Therefore, anyone that is reacting to fear, is not following God, but the devil.

One day, Jesus and His disciples were walking along a road, and they saw a group of people being delivered by an individual, that was not part of their group (the disciples), and told Jesus, 'we stopped him??) Jesus answered and said, 'Those that are not against us, are for us.' [Mk 9:38- 48] To turn that around to still be saying the same thing, 'those that are not for us, are against us.'

There is no way, I repeat, NO WAY, that any Christian, can be for God, and yet, follow the ways of the Democrats.

Picture yourself in a boat, on the ocean, with a group of people that tell you 'Join us, and we will go to a place, where everyone is loved, and there are plenty of treasures, for all. So, you get in the boat, and as soon as they leave shore, they start drilling holes in the bottom of the boat, so that it begins to sink. The more you try to plug the holes, the more they drill. The end result is, that the boat sinks.

Well, in like manner, you are on the sea of life, and you are in a boat, that is being destroyed, by your associates. The more you try to get things straight, the more they tear up.

This nation, has been at a crossroads, for a long time, and what happens this election, may very well seal our doom, if the Democrats get what they want, and that is, the presidency, and control of both houses of government.

These people will do anything to get it.

After the flap about George Bush, talking about Jesus, and their attacks on him, the Democrats, regrouped, when it looked like a lot of their supporters, were seeing them for what they really are. So, what did Al Gore do??? He chose, as his running mate, an openly God fearing man, by the name of Joe Lieberman. Now, irrespective of him being Jewish, which is not the issue, he started talking about God, and not one Democrat, or news media person, said anything about him doing it.

However, that shouldn't suprise anyone, because that is what they have done, all the time. They have preachers, that talk about God, all the time, but they hardly ever say anything about 'Jesus.' Why?? Because to them, Jesus is a stumbling block. Talk about Him, and right away, you offend the Muslims, the Jews, the Buddhists, and all other religious groups, that live in this country. Whereas, if you just use the word God, then, that could include all religions, that believe that there is 'a god.'

Now, this term, 'the religious right' goes right along with, what I am saying. Have you ever wondered why we are called the religious right?? It is because, (excuse my bragging), we are always ' right.' There is not one thing, that we have warned about, that has not come true. That's right, not one. When a person is walking in the paths that God says they should be walking in, then, God reveals to them, truths, that allow them to see problems, that ordinary folk, don't see, and think, is foolishness [1Cor. 1:27]

This is why, we are mocked when we warn of bad consequences stemming from the legalization of certain things. We warned about the effects of abortion, sex education, gay rights, AIDS, environmentalism, animal rights, and the Democrats' agenda.

Because of abortions (1.5 million a year since legalized) our kids are killing each other, at higher and higher rates, as God's judgment is being poured out, in vengeance for this atrocity.

Sex education, designed to teach kids about sex, as a means of lowering the instances of teen pregnancies, has caused the numbers, to more than quadruple.

Environmentalism, and animal rights laws, have resulted in millions of jobs lost, and this nation being held hostage, to foreign oil producing countries, resulting in the high gas prices, that we see today.

Gay rights laws, have allowed gays, to be able to adopt children, and sue any one, or institution, that says anything negative against them. If it has not already happened, these suits will, end up, being filed against preachers, and Christians, who dare preach the truth about their lifestyle, from the bible. They may even, get a law passed, to destroy all bibles. Are you hearing me Christian??

Civil rights laws, have opened up the doors for people to sue others based on nothing more than the perception that they are not hired, allowed to move in to certain communities, promoted, or otherwise stopped from doing what they want to do, based on the color of their skin. Also, for these laws to be enforced, they must, of necessity, take the rights of others, away.

There is not one law, that the Democrats have passed, that has not backfired on them, and us.

We warned you about all of these, and were 'right.' So we are batting 100. Now you are being warned about the Democrats' new push for power.

They follow, or maybe, lead, 'the religious left.' You never heard of them, have you. Well, they are out there. Who are they, you say??

They are, among others, Christians, who have 'left' the bible. "Left' the ways of Christ. "Left" the paths of Righteousness. And, they have 'left', common sense. All for the promise of the 'womb to the tomb' care that the Democrats promote, and the filthy lucre, that goes along with it.

If you think, for one moment, that the Democrats are your friends, you need to discern the signs.

They never do anything, that will liberate people from the bondage's that they have imposed on them. They refuse to give us tax cuts. They refuse to eliminate programs that are outdated, and don't work, which, essentially is all of them. They penalize people for being married, and refuse to abolish that tax. They refuse to abolish the death (inheritance) tax, which punishes your survivors, by taxing them for what you leave them. They say, they want to tax the rich, and give the middle class, a tax break. That is a lie, and a deception from the pit of hell. Because, if you increase taxes on the rich, they (the rich and the corporations) will simply pass that increase on to us, in the form of higher prices for their products, and services. And many times, it will only make them richer.

The Hellywood crowd, some of the richest in the nation, and most corrupt, support the Democrats. Now, it appears to me, that if they know their taxes are going to be increased, then why support the ones, who are targeting them? Something doesn't add up. There is something else that they are looking at.

All of these lies and deceit, of which I have not begun to scratch the surface, from the Democrats, not to mention attacking Christians, and yet some of you, that are pastors, who like to keep the sanctuary free from distractions, noise and foolishness, during services, will allow the devil, to come in, get in the pulpit, and speak to God's people. Woe, unto you.

It's time for Christians to stand up against this foolishness. It's passed time.

Let the Democrats know, that you are not going to play their game. Let the pastors know, that you don't want anyone that represents the Democrats speaking to you, especially in church.

Try to save your job, and you will lose it. Try to save your health benefits, and you will lose them. Try to save your standard of living, and you will lose it. Try to save your reputation, you will lose it. Whatever you try to save, by voting for the Democrats, mark my words, 'YOU WILL LOSE IT.' Why?? Because you are looking to the enemy, for your salvation, instead of God. How about losing your soul??? Are any of these, worth that???

Any time a man, can go to church, on Sunday morning, and wave his bible at his supporters, then go to the white house, and engage in fornication, and people don't get outraged by it, or rather, if they do, then we are called, 'mean spirited', and people are going around with T-shirts, saying, 'Leave the President Alone', there is something terribly wrong. It might be a little different, if he had apologized, and repented, but, he prefers to brush it off, as not really having sex.

What do the Republicans stand for???

Less taxes, less governmental control over our lives, a return to, dare I say it, morality and decency, and especially, God. Freedom for parents, to choose the schools that are right for their kids, and not the government. Putting prayer, and the ten commandments back in to the schools, which, because of their removal, has turned them in to 'war zones.'

The Democrats, don't want any of that, because it would mean that some of you might get well off enough to get off of the government dole, and stop looking to them for solutions to your problems. That is why all of their schemes, are designed to enslave more of us.

Now, if you are a real Christian, you know that the only true answer to your problems, is not government, not money, but, Jesus Christ.

Jesus, sets the paths for us to follow, and gives us direction, in who it is that we should be associating with. Jesus said, among other things, 'By their fruits, you shall know them. [Matt 7:16]' That means, if you want to know if a person is a follower of Jesus Christ,, then they should be showing some fruits, actions, in word or deed. By the same token, if you want to know if someone is following the Devil, look at what they are doing, and saying, and see if it lines up with what the bible says. A Republican, glorifies Jesus Christ, and the Democrats, have a hissy fit. The Republicans, feel we need to return to the values of our forefathers, and the Democrats, and their supporters, start talking about the 'religious right', trying to get their agenda in the White house. Everything that is biblically correct, the Democrats are against, so, why are you, Christian, supporting them???

It's time to stand up, like a man, or rather, like the Christian that God has called you to be. Some of you feel, that you just won't vote at all, especially if it means voting for a Republican. Do you see how brainwashed you are??? Not only that, but, if you don't choose, then that is as bad as choosing the Democrats.

Some of you might be thinking that I am saying, all Democrats are bad. That is not the case. The problem, is with those that control the party, the liberals, most of whom, are descendants of, or follow the thinking of former slave owners, who, after they had to set the slaves free, essentially joined what is now the Democratic party.

Sure, they have some good, God fearing people, with all the good intentions, but, these people have to compromise, what they believe in, to 'get along', with those that are diametrically opposed to their beliefs. The goal of the party, is paramount. When they are asked, how come they didn't keep their promises, they are told to give one answer, and that is, 'The Republicans, blocked it.' When asked, 'why didn't you vote for the tax cuts', they are told to say, 'the Republicans' plan, would only help the rich.' Both of these, are smokescreens, to keep you fearful of voting for any other party, but them. Yet, in the long run, it is this very party, whom you should fear. All you have to do, is remember what it was like from '76-80, when they had control over all of Washington, with Jimmy Carter, at the helm. Massive layoffs, long gas lines, were the order of the day.

This time, things will be a lot worse.

The Church, is supposed to be the head, but too many of you, are the tail. The Church is supposed to be above, but you are beneath. Jesus, said He is waiting for His enemies to be made His footstool. But, that won't happen if the Church, compromises with, and becomes the footstool, of the Devil. In order to be an overcomer, you have to be in a battle. Most of you are siding with the enemy, so you won't get your feelings hurt. The song says, onward Christian soldiers, not retreat.

Will the REAL CHRISTIANS, please stand up, and fight???