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(Real Christians) SCRIPTURE - MATT. 16:25                                                 OCTOBER, 2000

Whosoever shall save his life shall lose it, and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it.


This month's, and possibly next month's message, though applicable to everyone, is directed at my Christian, brothers and sisters. It is meant, in love, to challenge you, and to get you to think about just who you are, and if you really, truly believe in Jesus Christ, and His teachings.

For some of you, it is a 'no brainer.' To others, you might say the same thing, but, your actions, are saying something totally different to what your confession is.

After reading this message, a lot of you, will probably be angry at what I am about to say, and feel that I am saying something out of my own emotions. But, if you will consider what is about to be said, with the bible as the guide line, then you just may realize that the devil, has been leading you around by the nose, and this may be what you need to be free.

Let me start out by asking you this. Just exactly what is it, that you believe about Jesus Christ, and why do you believe it??

Next, let me ask you, what do you think about the bible???

If you answer that you believe that Jesus Christ, was, and is, God manifested in the flesh, in the form of the Son of God, then you are saved. Now, in order for you to believe that, you must have gotten the information from somewhere, and hopefully it was from the bible.

Well, the bible, is God's revelation of Himself, to man. It let's us know who He is, what He likes, and what He hates, among other things. It is what He hates, and what many of you are doing, that is the focus of this message.

One of the things, that God has said about us, is, now that we are saved, there are certain things that we should, and should not be doing, in the form of relationships. The main thing He tells us is, to separate ourselves, from worldly things [2 Co 6:17]. He tells us, we can't be a friend of the world, and God, at the same time [James 4:4].

Being a friend of the world, means, hanging around with people that are engaged, in ungodly activities, and ways of thinking, all for the purpose of, fitting in with them, and being spoken good of.

Now, here is my point to this whole message. While most of you, would readily separate yourselves from those situations, you still cling to something that God, is not pleased with.

How many of you, are African-American?? How many of you are union members??? How many of you are women??? How many of you are senior citizens??? How many of you are teachers??

Do you realize, that according to God's word, you must separate yourself from these associations, and realize that you are a Christian, first and foremost. This separation, is 'key', because, if it is not done, then you are going to be lured, by these associations, in to doing something, that may go against what you are supposed to be doing, and that is, standing up for, Jesus Christ.

Jesus said, 'If a man love family, more than Me, he is not worthy of Me.' [Matt. 10:37] If He expects this from you, over flesh and blood, then what do you think He expects you to do about groups???

Many of you still hold to these relationships, and associations in one key area, and maybe you don't even realize it. That area, is in voting.

Now, some may think, that I am speaking about Christians are not supposed to be voting at all. That is not the case, at all. In fact, I believe it is totally ridiculous for Christians, not to vote. Voting, is a duty that I believe we do have, because all it is, is what we do everyday, and that is, make decisions between good and evil, what clothes to wear, what kind of car, or house we want. What spouse we want. On and on it goes.

But, the area I am talking about is who you support, and why you support them.

A long time ago, I used to vote for candidates, based on what others told me about them. Being black, I was told to vote for the man that says they are standing up for black people. When I got a job, where I had to join a union, I was told to vote for a candidate, because they were standing up for the unions. Listening to other groups of people, they were being urged, by the leaders of their groups, to vote for a candidate, because they stood up for them.

What we have here is, group direction, to vote for a candidate, based on what they were standing up for, for that group. For the most part, that candidate, was a Democrat. And, I was 'gung ho' for them. I viewed the Republicans, as, what everyone I was with thought of them as, and that was, the enemy.

Then, I got saved. I mean, I really, truly got saved. One thing I had always said, and that is, 'when I get ready to get saved, I'm going at it, whole hog, I'm not going to be playing church.'

While I was still unsaved, I voted for Jimmy Carter, but he was the last Democrat I voted for, in national elections. The reason being, after reading my bible, I'm sure you Christians, know what that is, I began to look at the two parties, not on what the unions said, or what the NAACP said, or NOW said, or the AARP said, or what my church said, but on what the bible said. When I did that, there was a clear distinction between the two, and it was as night is, to day.

All of a sudden, I began to realize, that through ignorance, I had been supporting the very people, that, even though they said they were for me, were actually setting me up for destruction.

I looked, not at what was on the surface, or what they said they were going to do, I looked at their 'bottom line', their agenda. And, I found out, it was totally against the very God, that we worship, and claim to believe in.

First, I looked at just who it was that was backing them. We have the 'gay' community, with their devilish agenda of destroying everything that is supposed to be Holy and sanctified, especially marriage.

They attack any one that says that their lifestyle is abominable to God. They have vandalized churches, mocked preachers, and even God. They have gotten Democratic politicians, to pass laws, that allow them to sue, any one that speaks against them, and also allows them to sue any business, that chooses not to want them, as employees. They also have the right, because some judges, who have 'cabbage' for brains, have said it is their right to adopt children. And, you, my brothers, and sisters, have joined in with them.

Then, we have the National Organization of Women, another anti God, and anti family organization. This group, has as its goal, to be able to have abortions be as acceptable as going to the doctor for a 'cold.'

To date, there have been over 42 million abortions, each of these, are slaps in God's face. That makes it, worse than murder. They too, mock the family, and even go so far, as to get their Democratic gods, to pass laws, to allow your daughters, to have an abortion, without your consent. Thus, getting in to your family's affairs.

The role of the husband, as the 'head' of the house is scoffed at. Some women, are so much in to challenging men at every turn, that they are starting to look more like men, than the man does. They are pumping iron, and even wrestling men, on TV.

Gone, is the image of the virtuous woman, that is described in Proverbs 31, as far as they are concerned. If a woman is doing that, she is mocked and ridiculed to no end. But yet, you, my brothers and sisters, are right there, supporting them, [NOW].

Then, there are the children's rights, advocates, also a part of NOW, who, have started a crusade, to outlaw spanking children, because it is 'child abuse, in their eyes. They also have set up legal counselling, to help children, sue their parents, for just about anything. If you tell your child they are on punishment and can't go to the rock concert with their friends, the child can sue you for a form of child abuse, that supposedly damages their 'self esteem. These, and more, go in total opposition to God's word.

Environmentalists, and animal rights activists. These groups, have as their 'religion', and make no mistake about it, that is what it is, a religion, the worship of the earth, the sky, animals and everything that God told man, to be over [Gen. 1:26]. These people, have lowered man, to be no better than some little bug, crawling in some swamp, somewhere.

Because of them, this nation, is totally held hostage to foreign countries, for our oil, even though, we have all types of oil, underneath this country, but the Democrats, have sided with them, to protect, bugs, trees, birds, and who knows what else, at the cost of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of jobs, as many businesses have had to shut down, because they have no material to work with, because the government has stopped them. The environment, and animals, have become more important than man. Man, who is made in the image of God, is nothing, in their eyes. But you, once again are joining in with this blasphemous stupidity.

Then, we have, Hollywood [a.k.a. Hellywood], with all of their movies, steeped in violence, sex, attacks on the church, and families, promoting ungodliness, and tearing down, decency. They too, are setting the standards for our kids.

All of these, are just brief overviews of what is going on, on a scale that is 'unreal.' But, their main goal, is to get rid of any influence of the very One, that you, Christian, are supposed to be following, and that is Jesus Christ. And you, are getting in to 'bed with them, to attack other Christians, who have the audacity, to stand up for Christ, and the principles that He espoused.

Jesus asked, "Can two, walk together, except they be agreed??"[Amos 3:3] The answer, of course, is, No.

In order for you to support any candidate, that is backed by these emisaries of hell, you have to be part of them, no if's, ands, or buts, about it. Make no mistake about it, you are going to be held accountable, by God, for all of the abortions, broken families, lost lives, and every soul that ends up in hell, based on the policies of the Democratic party.

How would you like to be standing before God, thinking you were on the way in to Heaven, then Justice, reads off the list of all these things you were part of?? And you, try to plead ignorance. And He says, NO EXCUSE.' [Rom 1:20]

Jesus warned about a 'falling away' in the last days [2 Thess. 2:3]. Some of you, have fallen away, while others, have 'jumped.' And, in most instances, it is because of your leaders. Notice, I said, your leaders, not our. My leader is Jesus Christ, that's it.

This is the separation, that Jesus was talking about, among other things. While you might say, you are an African American, who is a Christian, I say, I am a Christian, who happens to be an African American. There is a big difference. even though, to you, it seems slight.

The name, or title you put first, is the one that is 'primary', in your life. You care more about it, than you do about the other. The same thing goes for other groups. Are you a union member that is a Christian, or a Christian, who is a union member??

The reason I put it like this, is that you are identifying, who has the most influence with you. If you say you are an African American first, means that your community, has primary influence over you. This influence usually is spearheaded, no pun intended, by, those, that supposedly speak for you, namely, civil rights organizations, unions, the AARP, and some others.

All of these, tend to announce what candidates you should vote for, based on what that candidate, will do for your particular group. No matter what their other agenda is, it's just what they promise to do for you, that matters. Well, Jesus said, "what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and lose his soul??"[Matt 16:26]. Many of you are voting for these people, to either save something, or gain something. And, you might end up losing that, and a lot more.